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No Forgiveness of Anheuser-Busch Without Scalps

Anheuser-Busch wants forgiveness without consequence for their embrace of Dylan Mulvaney.  Inexplicably, Donald Trump Jr. wants to give it to them. Ms. BWR wrote about the Bud Light Rebellion yesterday over the brand’s decision to partner with the fantasy-gendered obscenity that is Dylan Mulvaney. @dylanmulvaney Childhood dream unlocked ✔️ #eloise

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Politicians must speak up about how to avoid another Tyre Nichols situation

There is a hue and cry going out from politicians today for some sort of police reform after Tyre Nichols’s death. Every single politician is condemning the police; not a single politician defending the police. And there is not a single politician with the guts to say the truth; namely, that

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Tyre Nichols, Race Baiting & The War on Police (Update II)

The death of Tyre Nichols was horrid and unnecessary, but racial and anti-police politics, not justice, appear to be front and center in this case. Tyre Nichols’ death was likely caused by a single rogue officer who used excessive force. Part of the problem is societal — why do so

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