Death by inbox

Not really death.  I exaggerate slightly.  How about — death of free time due to out-of-control in-boxes, both paper and electronic?  That pretty much sums up my morning.  I now hasten to read the day’s news stories.

I have to admit that, since the election, I’ve been feeling a little flat when it comes to blogging.  Before the election, even though my writing doesn’t penetrate much (or at all) beyond the conservative blogosphere bubble, I still feel as if I’m doing something.  Maybe I’ll write a post that gets emailed to someone who was on the fence and . . . voila! . . . another Romney voter.

Except that that dream didn’t work this year.  Indeed, if anything, I hope I wasn’t part of the conservative “depress the vote” movement.  It’s very hard to believe that 3,000,000 McCain voters sat this one out.  Did they decide that Obama wasn’t so bad?  Were they so demoralized by McCain’s defeat that they’ve given up on elections?  Or was Romney’s campaign too conservative to excite anyone but the base?  Or perhaps his campaign was too extreme?

I find the latter possibility hard to believe, given how unutterably prosaic Romney’s campaign was.  Could it really have frightened away some sort of lukewarm conservative to the point where he’d rather have Obama win than take a chance on Romney?  Still, this is the third primary in row that’s seen the voters hew to the bland man, not the conservative man.  Perhaps America’s Republicans have really become Tories, which means that they’re to the left of center, but not to the far left of center.  Maybe we in the rearguard failed to see that the center had shifted while we weren’t looking.

If the center has indeed shifted left, now what?  Do we drag it back?  Can we drag it back?  Or do we submit to our role as Tories, meaning that we exist to restrain the Left’s worst economic, national security, and border security excesses?

Good questions all, but in the absence of any answers I am, as I said, feeling strangely flat and disinclined to write.  Insulting Obama, while always vaguely pleasurable, seems rather pointless now.  My insults from the previous four years did nothing to stop his election.  My insults, if any, for the next four years will be pointless.  (Don’t worry.  I’ll still dig at him.  It’s kind of like scratching an itch — I just have to do it.)

Once I’ve gotten my day’s reading in, I’m sure I’ll be more energized than I am now.  Otherwise, you can assume that I am slumped over my computer keyboard, despairing and inert.  I will have a reasonably processed inbox, though, so that’s something.

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  • Ymarsakar

    The reason why people are sitting out the elections is simple. They have been demoralized by Democrats and Leftist agents in the GOP to no longer believe the political process has any meaning whatsoever.

    Whether you blame that on Democrat corruption and machine politics (100% of the vote for Obama in Chicago precincts, better than even Saddam)  or GOP going haywire is meaningless.

    The LEft doesn’t have to promote activity amongst voters. Because most of the Democrat voters are 1. slaves and 2. dead. They don’t have to do much to make slaves vote the way they are told. Just crack the whip a few times or threaten them that they’ll be sold to some white Republican that’ll get all the black women in his bedroom. They focused on demoralizing Republicans, not with Obama is better, but with simply the refrain that Republicans are just a weaker, almost as corrupt, version of the Dems, so why vote for them at all. Even FOREIGNERS say this a lot, from the internet connections I have. What makes you think it hasn’t penetrated to the depths of American conscious yet?

    Certain people on our side have the habit of navel gazing into themselves for introspection, trying to find fault with what they did wrong. America lost not because what you did was wrong, Book, but because right stands no chance against evil when good men let evil do whatever the Hell It Wants. That’s just how it is. And stopping evil has never been about “political elections”. Those, I remind you, happened in Iraq AFTER we killed a whole bunch of evil frackers.

  • Earl

    Only it turns out not to be true that Romney got 3,000,000 fewer votes than McCain (even if you think it was Palin and Ryan that turned out the base).
    Latest story I saw said that the continuing count of mailed-in ballots, plus recounts, etc has pulled the 2012 GOP vote up to about where it was in 2008.
    Still nothing to write home about….unless you’re kvetching!

  • Mike Devx

    Book says: I have to admit that, since the election, I’ve been feeling a little flat when it comes to blogging.

    Think of it as a time for a needed break.  Blog less.  Or be frivolous.  We have a lot of days of Obama left in front of us.  But every day that passes is one day less.

    I think it’s understandable to be down, to be less than enthusiastic at this time.  We thought we were about to see another Reagan vs Carter 1980 election, and it didn’t come close to happening. No massive repudiation of leftist Statism.  No energetic nationwide rebirth and embracing of conservatism.  It sure looked like it was about to happen, and it didn’t.  That is a downer.

    There are silver linings in these clouds.  Perhaps.  I admire Mitt Romney the man, but he was a technocrat politician merely trying to be conservative; he was no Reaganite happy conservative warrior.  How much of a difference might he have made?  A case can be made that the answer is, not much and not enough of a difference.  After four years we as a conservative movement might well have been worse off.  (In other words, be careful what you ask for…)    You never know what the future will bring.

    These are days to take it easier.  Take some deep breaths, relax, and enjoy the small things, while Obama screws up more of the big things.  This too shall pass.


  • notomarx

    Yes I guess -Take some time and relax – is the best medicine for now.  Still, the O did not win a mandate and there are bloggers like me who do not want to see my sources dry up.  Relax for now especially for the Holiday, which I find a great time for more research, but don’t get lost.
    Happy Holiday