Watcher’s Council winners to close out November 2012

I wish I could get paid $100 for every time I’ve ended up in fourth place on the Watcher’s Council list.  I’d be a much richer woman today if those payments had happened.  As always, though, it’s all good and the top winners truly deserve the recognition they received from their fellow Council members:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  • Mike Devx

    My winner would have been the third one:
    In one sense it is still looking back at the last election, which makes it unworthy of a winning selection.
    But it also identifies what is currently wrong with the GOP, and explains nearly perfectly why I personally am very close to abandoning the GOP permanently.
    As it points out, you could seize ALL the income of the top 2%, 100%, and not come close to resolving the deficit for just that one year.  Then, having eliminated the top 2% as a source of revenue, what are you going to do about the NEXT year’s deficit?  First, it makes clear you cannot solve the debt problem solely by raising taxes on “the rich”.  Second, through all of this, the GOP message has been abysmal.  A complete and total failure, yet again.  And I am damned tired of their failures.  I keep hearing that I must support the GOP because the alternative is so much worse.  Frankly, after years and years of this, that argument is now beginning to fall on deaf ears.