At last! My inner diva is getting the recognition she deserves

You know how there are some people who never get nominated for things?  I am not one of those people.  When I was in junior high school, I was nominated “Most likely to be a librarian” (wrong!) and “Most likely to wear braces forever” (which seemed likely to be true for a while).  In high school, I was nominated “Most likely to spend her life with her nose stuck in a book” (how did they know)?

Children, especially teenagers, can be cruel, and I have to admit that, aside from being mildly grateful that my classmates even knew my name, I found those nominations a just a wee bit hurtful.  This latest nomination in my life, though, just thrills me:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were unable to hold the competition last year for the most coveted honor in the right-o-sphere, the title, Grande Conservative Blogress Diva.  As you know we here at GayPatriot define a diva as “a strong, confident woman who commands the respect of men.”

“A conservative blogress diva”, we noted in 2009, “need not be conservative  per se; all she must do command the respect (or have otherwise earned the admiration) of gay conservatives.”  In 2006, I observed that some nominees are are libertarian. And others, while more centrist, distinguish themselves by their iconoclasm and the manner in which they take on the silliness of certain leftists — and conservative pretenders, i.e., those who, in the words of one of our nominees, “drive . . . liberals nuts.”

Please indicate those blogresses, whom you feel, meet the criteria for Grande Conservative Blogress Diva.

Me!! A Grande Conservative Blogress Diva!  Except that I’m not yet.  If you read the post, you’ll see I’m among suggested nominees.  If you would be good enough to comment at the best moving from me from “suggested” to “actual,” I would be most grateful.  If the honoree of being a nominee for something flattering, rather than, well, yes, insulting, becomes mine, I will be sure to let you know when the vote rolls around!  Incidentally, I’m so impressed by my potential nominee competition that I don’t cherish any hopes of winning.  I’m just excited to be potentially nominated.

Meanwhile, I’m off humming to myself ‘Yeah, baby, I’m a suggested potential nominee for Grande Conservative Blogress Diva!  Woo-hoo!”


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  • NavyOne

    Alright, good luck! You deserve it. . .