A brief time-out for shameless commercialism

I have to admit that, while I enjoyed the first Indiana Jones movie back in the day (making it the only Steven Spielberg movie I’ve ever liked), the sequels didn’t thrill me, and none of them are movies I watch now with any pleasure.  My kids, however, do enjoy the movies and I understand why.  Steven Spielberg’s approach to movies is to turn everything into a broad-brush caricature.  Because Indiana Jones is fact a broad-brush caricature (a 30s cartoon character brought to life), Spielberg’s technique is just right.

Which gets me to my point:  If there’s someone in your family who would enjoy what is, in essence, a series of flashy Saturday-morning matinée style movies, you can get the complete Indiana Jones set on Amazon for 60% off the regular price (the set was $99.98 and is now $39.99), including free shipping.

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  • Jose

    My feelings about Indiana Jones mirror yours, but I did go through your link and order the first two seasons of Downton Abbey on Blu Ray.  Haven’t seen any of it, but I do enjoy an occasional viewing of Gosford Park, which I understand had the same writer.

  • http://bkivey.wordpress.com/ bkivey

    You didn’t like Jaws?

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I’m sorry to say, bkivey, that I laughed myself sick at Jaws.  I don’t seem to have the Spielberg gene.

  • http://castrapraetoria1.blogspot.com/ Americas SgtMaj

    Ha! I was just thinking about ordering Raiders, and only that one. I might be persuaded to order the set though.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Speaking of Spielberg….we just got back from Lincoln, and I think the man has done us all a favor making that movie.
    We liked it a LOT.  Plenty of good acting, and I think he was fair to the historical record and the characters he portrays. 
    Worth the money…at least at the senior price!  :-)