A little of this and a little of that (and an Open Thread)

I’ve spent today being very productive in a non-blogging way, but there are still a few things I’d like to share with you.

If you’re feeling in a giving mood, the National Review needs help in its fight against the lawsuit Michael Mann (yes, climate change Michael Mann) filed against National Review and Mark Steyn.  It’s a laughable suit, but even laughable suits cost money.  I’ve seen a lot of laughable suits drive defendants to very costly settlements, simply because the plaintiff had free counsel and the defendant didn’t.

And while you’re at the National Review, check out Victor Davis Hanson’s look at Obama’s America — it’s not pretty.

Will there ever come a time when the same press that got Obama elected starts to take umbrage at the Obama administration’s manifest disrespect for the Fourth Estate?  I doubt it.  True believers can always rationalize away even the worst things.

Speaking of the media, when does a newspaper stop being a purveyor of something even remotely resembling news, and start being a sordid party rag, with every utterance suspect?  I can’t answer that question precisely, but I’m pretty sure that the New York Times (the self-proclaimed paper of record) has already reached the point of no return.  Whether because of institutional ignorance or dishonesty, its articles are so replete with falsehoods that they don’t deserve serious consideration.

I love it when someone takes something I wrote and makes it better.  At Villainous Company, Cassandra expands greatly on my post about gingerbread racism in Sweden.

Unions have long had a reputation for violence.  Today’s unions are no different.  The really big question, of course, is whether our union-supporting POTUS is going to call them on it.

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Do you guys have anything to add?  I can only survey a small fraction of the rich blogosphere, so I always appreciate your open thread contributions.

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  • Charles Martel

    I was listening to Steven Crowder telling Sean Hannity today about getting pummeled by what he called “a 240-pound gelatinous mass of lard” in describing the union thug who assaulted him. Later he said that in lieu of seeing his attacker go to jail he’d be content with challenging the punk to take him on in a game of racquet ball with cameras rolling.
    He’s on to something here. Most union guys I’ve run into over the years have not really been rank and file. They’ve been the muscle that the parasites who run the unions have hired to bodyguard them and intimidate the opposition. So most of these guys run from semi-obese to outright porker, bulked up from drinking too much and doing/thinking too little.
    The left should be very careful here: “He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind.” The wind in this case will be millions of fit, heavily armed men—and women—who have a low regard for beer-swilling savages who organize themselves into mobs and attack anybody who gets in their way. Do not pick a physical fight you cannot possibly win.

  • Danny Lemieux


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    True believers hold to the Cause no matter who gets killed or who is killing them. That is the essence and gold standard of the True Believer. To call those cowards that would kneel down to anyone that simply threatens to hurt them, “true believers” is a rather manifest distortion of reality. I will believe they are “true” when they truly believe in something worth killing or dying for. This so called “4th estate” however, hasn’t qualified and I don’t believe it ever will. But I’m willing to find out.
    When a thug gets in range of a true predator and killer, that thug’s life is already forfeit. All that remains is whether the predator wishes to expend the energy to take that worthless trash of a life or not.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Left uses verbal and physical violence because they think it won’t kill them or anyone else. There are many Ancient lost arts and applications that aren’t particularly difficult to use or learn. I can teach anyone, young, old, male, female, fast, slow, fat, or skinny, how to kill with nothing but bare hands. It is and never was, as hard as the masses thought.
    This “illusion of safety” where people get checked for “weapons” at air ports is worse than useless to my mind’s eye.
    If our allies, like S Crowder, don’t have the skills or bodyguards, it won’t be particularly hard to train them up once the war starts with external trainers. Although preferably before is better.