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There’s an element of truth to the frequently voiced concern that Obama is engaged in some sleight of hand when he keeps guns as the front story in the news.  By doing so, he keeps people distracted from the real news, which is our spendthrift government’s debt.  With that in mind, I’m going to taper off on the gun posts, limiting myself today to these three links:

You can see here Obama’s just-announced list of 23 “executive actions” on guns, which range from inconvenient to stupid to impossible.  This is grand standing.  Even Obama concedes that the ones that require actual legislative action won’t go anywhere.  This is more evidence, if you needed it, that Obama’s playing games.  This demagoguery feeds the masturbatory frenzy on the Left while directing the nation’s attention away from his dramatic economic failures.

With regard to these executive orders — orders that Democrat Legislators begged for — my friend Lulu commented that one should ask Dems how they’d feel if a Republican president issued a slew of executive orders limiting abortion (which isn’t even an explicitly stated Constitutional right).  After all, when the next Republican gets into office, there’s now precedent for executive order over reach outside of the realm of enforcing existing laws or carrying out military goals consistent with the President’s role as Commander-in-Chief.

In today’s Wall Street Journal, Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, a former prosecutor in Washington, D.C., provides solid evidence that gun bans mostly benefit criminals.  Since reading it this morning, every time one of my liberal Facebook friends has linked to some gun control initiative (i.e., New York’s new bans or the President’s executive orders), I’ve commented as follows:  “Americans really have to decide if we want to limit guns or limit violence.  The two ends have different means.  This article (which I link to in the comment) indicates that, if your goal is to limit violence, limiting guns is, paradoxically, the wrong way to go about it.”  I enjoy the mental image of eyeballs exploding.

Lastly, Wolf Howling looks to Mexico, a country with unusually stringent gun controls and unusually widely distributed and extreme gun violence, and uses it as an object lesson showing that leaving guns solely in the hands of criminals (who don’t care that arms are illegal) is a very bad idea.

Gun control and the Nazis

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  • Ymarsakar

    The whole point of the impeachment process was to get rid of bad leaders. But somehow, that safety valve has been corrupted into some charade by Leftist antics. It’s one of the first signs that American exceptionalism will only be recoverable through the blood of tyrants and patriots. And given how long it has been coming, it’ll take quite a bit to restore any exceptional glory back to the nation. Normally a nation functions much like a well oiled engineering system. If it breaks down, there are ways to fix it, to control the damage, or to bypass the blocks. When the Left has destroyed all such pressure valves and what not, then pressure and destructive energies build up. TO be released… perhaps not even currently imaginable.
    There’s a limit to what the Left can do relying on Republicans to play the soft ball when it comes around the circle. They may not realize it, but there’s sufficient pressure down below to conduct a coup not only aimed at Democrats, but also at Republicans, for the Leftist alliance was never an alliance built upon common political agreements.