A French military victory in Mali — and a dismal American record

The Malians are thrilled, as they should be, and the French should be pretty darn proud themselves:

French troops headed to Mali

Residents of Mali’s northern town of Gao, captured from sharia-observing Islamist rebels by French and Malian troops, danced in the streets to drums and music on Sunday as the French-led offensive also drove the rebels from Timbuktu.

The weekend gains made at Gao and Timbuktu by the French and Malian troops capped a two-week whirlwind intervention by France in its former Sahel colony, which has driven al Qaeda-allied militant fighters northwards into the desert and mountains.

So, let’s see what we have here:

Another hanging in Iran

Another hanging in Iran

On the US side, President Obama, without consent from Congress, brings US forces to Libya to destroy a nominal US ally, creating a power vacuum that al Qaeda fills, with disastrous results for four Americans serving their country in Benghazi.  Also, President Obama uses the full force of diplomatic pressure in Egypt to force out a nominal US ally, creating a power vacuum that the Muslim Brother fills, with disastrous results for the Egyptian people, who are now rioting in the streets, and quite possibly creates an existential threat Israel.  When it comes to Syria, whose tyrannical leader Obama and his political friends had praises, Obama does nothing at all, leading to mass murders throughout the country, and another major Middle Eastern refugee crisis.  Likewise, in Iran, when the people rose to challenge a tyrannical government that had abandoned even the pretense of democratic procedures, Obama stood by silently.

Obama's bitch is Egyptian dictator

Meanwhile, on the French side, in two weeks the French destroyed al Qaeda’s tightening group on a moderate Muslim nation, leading historically moderate Muslims to celebrate and to beg the French to stick around.

Obama, in common with all Progressives, tends to believe that there’s a “right side to history.”  Perhaps he ought to revisit the notion, because he seems to be on the wrong side every time.

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  • JKB

    When we were talking of tyranny, I argued that it starts with the extra-governmental forces that kill or come in the night illegally but have little to fear from the “government”.  Well, the Muslim Brotherhood snipers are killing people in Egypt.  thegatewaypundit…shock-video-muslim-brotherhood-snipers-shoot-people-from-rooftops/  The people of Egypt have a bit of time but the tyranny is in progress.  They need firearms to fight back.

  • JohnC

    Upon reading the statement “he seems to be on the wrong side every time” a thought immediately came to mind: Well, that’s because he’s always against whatever America’s natural response would be.
    Which got me to wondering…
    Is there anything in America’s past of which he truly approves?
    Is there any American decision pre-Obama of which he is genuinely proud?
    I had to admit I can’t think of anything. Not a single thing.
    Which lead me off on another tangent-
    I don’t think my president likes me.
    No, of course not me specifically.
    I don’t think my president likes people like me.
    By any measure- race, education, politics, religion, culture, income…
    He doesn’t have to say anything.
    It’s in the attitudes of the people with whom he surrounds himself.
    It’s in the policies his political appointees implement.
    Whatever I’m for, he’s against. Whatever I value, he detests.

    I’ve never felt this way before about any president.
    People say his speeches are so grand, so inspiring. His voice doesn’t seem to work on me. I must not be able to hear the same frequencies as those who love him. I just hear a man reading words written in someone else’s hand.
    Interesting times, these.

  • Spartacus

    JohnC — I think b. nailed it in this comment on a previous thread:  We are the kulaks.  It’s not a coincidence, and it’s not your imagination.  Being the dispassionate president of all the people is a thought so remote to him that he barely even pays it lip service.

  • Freddie Sykes

    RE: Another hanging in Iran..

    In the West, hangings are death by a broken neck which severs communication between the brain and the body.

    In Iran, hanging is placing a rope around one’s throat and using a crane to slowly lift that person into the air where they slowly die, in great agony, of oxygen deprivation.

  • weathtd

    A French military victory?  WOW!  That’s a first.

  • weathtd

    Oh!  That’s right—with help from the American military–again!

  • NancyB

    The French seem to be finding their lost courage – see also recent demonstrations against the rise of radical Islam in their country.  

  • Danny Lemieux

    I wouldn’t be so hard on the French, weathtd. The (nominally American) Democrats have had a unique ability to snack defeat from the jaws of victory, of late: Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt…

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Freddie, that’s no different than US Democrat backed health care systems starving and dehydrating people in hospital beds to death. Iran may actually be more merciful in this sense.

  • 11B40

    Most evenings, I see a bit of the France 24 news broadcast.  It’s interesting to see the usual bunch of Euro-lefties getting in touch with their forsaken manhoods.  
    My perspective is not so optimistic.  This is the cockroach phase.  The bigger, badder guys show up and the terrorists  scatter to their something approximating sanctuaries.  If the French don’t pursue them the way the Texas Ranger pursued the Comanches, that is, to the death, the bad guys will be back.
    A while back, I read a biography, entitled “Bad Hand” about Ranald Slidell MacKenzie who dealt with the Amerindan wars in our Southwest in the 1870s and that is how these terrorists need to be handled.  That General understood how people of “no fixed abode” need to be handled.