Even in Marin, people are stocking up on ammo

Big 5 is a sporting chain that spreads across the 12 western states.  It has a couple of stores in Marin County.  I went into one a few days ago and saw this notice posted on the front door:

Sign re ammunition in window at Big 5 Sporting Goods

If you’re reading this on a small screen it says:

Due to unprecedented demand for ammunition, we are limiting sales to five (5) boxes of ammunition per SKU per customer, excluding Game and Target Shot Shells.

This limit will help us accommodate more customers with the limited amounts of ammunition currently available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Others have noticed the run on ammunition.  At Power Line, John Hinderaker calls Obama the “Ammo Salesman”.  Jokingly, he refers to Obama’s unlikely claim that he’s been shooting skeet like crazy up at Camp David to explain the ammo shortage.  More seriously, though, Hinderaker adds that “There is something seriously wrong when Americans have to stand in line to buy ammo.”

One of the things that goes with shortages is price increases.  It occurred to me, therefore, that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has suggested that banks refuse to loan money to gun manufacturers, has it (per usual) bass ackwards.  At this rate, those who manufacture guns and ammo are going to find themselves a whole lot richer than the banks — and more power to them.  (Although I hope that their civic spirit prevents them from price gouging and encourages them, instead, to use any excess profits to further support the Second Amendment.)