Statism not only controls and, ultimately, kills people, it destroys their humanity

A few months ago, I read a wonderfully written, totally depressing book called, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. In it, author Timothy Snyder graphically described the way in which, during the 1930s and 1940s, the lands to the East of Berlin and West of Moscow were turned into killing fields the likes of which had never been seen.  Although Hitler is remembered for the bloodbath he made of these lands, it was Stalin who started these state-sp0nsored killing sprees when he decided to get rid of the independent farmers in the Ukraine, as their very existence was an affront to Stalin’s plan for a Marxist takeover of the farming economy.

Ukranian children

The book goes into dreadful, tragic detail about the mass starvation that resulted from Stalin’s policies — and please understand that starvation was a goal, not a byproduct, of the policies.  When Stalin talked about getting rid of these farmers, he meant it.  With this kind of famine occurring, cannibalism became inevitable.  Thus, Stalin not only stripped these Ukrainians of life, he stripped them of their basic humanity.  Once prosperous, moral, farming communities became feral.  The phrase that stayed with me after reading Bloodlands was (and I’m quoting from memory here) that “an orphan was a child whose parents hadn’t eaten it.”

The ugliest parts of history have a dreadful habit of repeating themselves, and that is the case with North Korea, a state that is the true heir to Stalin and Mao.  Reports are surfacing of a terrible famine in North and South Hwanghae.  The famine originated with a drought, which is terrible enough for people living in a government-run economy that keeps their farming to a medieval, subsistence level.

North Korean child

North Korea’s Marxist government, though, dramatically increased the drought’s effects.  Rather than behaving as a civilized capital city governed by Judeo-Christian values, which would have meant sending relief to these suffering people, Pyongyang worsened the famine by confiscating what little food remained in Hwanghae in order to feed the military and government class in Pyongyang itself.

In addition, rather than sending some form of financial relief to the drought-stricken region, Kim Jong Un’s government has been investing its small capital heavily in nuclear tests, presumably to shore up its reputation as a true nation among nations.  The result, of course, is mass starvation and, yes, cannibalism.

At the risk of getting redundant, let me remind everyone that a state unconstrained by religious morality does not love its people.  The people exist to serve the state, and not vice versa.  The Founders, of course, understood that the only healthy relationship between individuals and the state occurs when the state is the servant, not the master:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

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  • David Foster

    I read something by a Soviet officer of WWII…when he found out about the gas vans used by the Nazis for efficient killing and expressed horror to another Soviet officer….he was even more horrified when the other man remarked, “You know, they got them from us.”

  • b.

    Sorry to make this comment so long, but I’ve come to think that, with my husband working in the private sector, we are the wealthy peasants, we are modern-day kulaks.  Anybody else out there developing a class consciousness?
    Kulaks interfered with communist plans to feed the army and the cities.  After the disaster of war communism (1917-1921) in which all of a peasant’s surplus was requisitioned by the state, came the NEP period (1921-1928) in which private trade was made legal and only a tenth of peasant produce was taken by the state, followed by the Five Year Plan (1928-1933) in which private trade was again made illegal, the farms were collectivized, and produce was effectively requisitioned because it had to be sold to the state at one low, low price set by the state.
    From the Encyclopedia Britannica entry on Russia, written circa 1928,
    Theoretical control by the Communist Party has some practical limitations.  The peasant, though limited severely in voicing his opinions, not only by the disproportionate representation given to town workers, but also by the general illiteracy of the peasantry and the frequent remoteness of the villages from centres of political activity, yet has at his control the weapon of refusing to produce more grain or raw material than will suffice for his own needs.  Partly to prevent the peasants from uniting to take such action and partly for other political reasonas every effort is made to stir up strife between the kulaks, as the wealthier peasants are known, and the middle class and poorer peasants.  Yet even in this respect a certain amount of caution is perpetually called for, since it is obvious that the two latter classes can produce enough for their own needs only and it is on the former class that surplus for the towns and for export depends, and legislation shows a tendency to oscillate between attacks on the wealthier peasants and withdrawals when lessened sowing results from the attacks….
    [R]esentment is springing up on [the peasant’s] side against the present dominance of the industrialised population in the framing of legislation.  Thus the tradition of class hatred bequeathed from the old regime has taken another form which promises to be equally disastrous.  A peasantry divided against itself with an industrial population divided against the peasantry may prevent union for political purposes, but it also prevents union for progress.
    An additional entry circa 1941 well after collectivization and elimination of kulaks,
    A marked characteristic of Russia throughout the first Five Year Plan was the acute shortage of foodstuffs and of manufactured goods.  There were several reasons… The dispossessed kulaks, being the better farmers, had produced a larger than normal share of food and other crops.  Their elimination left a vaccum that was not immediately filled…
    The better farmers.  Get in the way.  Of the state.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    “he stripped them of their basic humanity.”
    This idea comes full circle for me with another essay I read today. How do people become capable of performing such atrocities in the first place? By dehumanizing the victims. This essay (I don’t mean to change this to an abortion thread, but I find it very much worth sharing) tells of a woman’s transition from supporting “choice,” and her explanation of how she (and society) was able to do so through complete dehumanization of babies, to supporting life (she also references her newly-found Catholic faith).
    Why my support for abortion was based on love…and lies

  • Ymarsakar

    Humans are born so weak they are easily manipulated by deception and propaganda. The techniques and methods to accomplish such feats don’t require 10 years of education either. Any old con man on the streets can perform such magic tricks on the masses.
    Dehumanizing one group in order to get a bunch of humans on the slaughter mobile, isn’t particularly hard either. It just requires time.
    One of the reasons why it is hard to get humans to kill other humans is because of the natural inclination of human instincts to incline towards mutual cooperation and social rapport. Killing another human, one who provides you resources and security in terms of manpower and stability, is akin to killing yourself. It’s no coincidence that those who plan on killing themselves, also have an easier time of killing others before then. It’s much harder to kill in order to protect or to guard your own life. The Japanese know this very well, given their cultural history. When the human instinct for self preservation is shaped by society’s conditioned demands for mutual cooperation, it results in what we call sane conduct. Pure instinct alone is merely feral animal behavior.
    Every socialized human is raised with the social conditioning to not harm themselves, and thus not harm others that contribute to their welfare. By rendering a certain group of humans into demons, they lose their humanity in the eyes of the target propaganda audience, and become easier to kill or witness killed. As demons and enemies of humanity have no benefit to me or my society, thus killing them is merely exterminating a threat. We may feel guilt at getting rid of disease spreading rodents and bacteria, but we don’t stop what we do because of it. Not if we wish to survive.
    However, because this is not instinct but conditioning applied externally from human society, it can be de-engineered and wiped clean. When a baby elephant is growing up, shackle his leg so he only hurts himself by pulling against it. So that even when he grows up to adult size and has the physical strength to pull out steel and wooden beams from the ground several feet deep, he won’t do it, because he was raised with the pure conditioning that attempting to escape only caused pain. Thus you break the spirit of the slave, and keep him as a slave through the shackles of the mind and heart, and not the shackles on the body.
    Killers either lack this social conditioning or have become capable of turning it off via desire or will. The former is represented in serial killers and mass murderers. The latter is represented in defenders and protectors, who contrary to public opinion, only gets rid of killers by killing them. There is no rehabilitation of those who cannot live according to society’s rules. The risk to a defender of civilization is that once they disable the social limiters preventing them from using their full power, they may in the future lack the intent to turn on those same limiters. A person that can no longer peacefully live amongst the civilization they killed to protect, is either a rogue sheepdog that must be put down, a PTSD nut case, or a sociopath. Thus it has always been the case that some fight for their country and lose their lives. Whereas others fight for their country and lose their souls.
    What many people may never have heard of is that those who act with no doubt as to their righteous intent, suffer no PTSD at all when executing their targets. They sleep very well at night. They receive no traumatic shock, because whomever they killed, they had no doubt whatsoever, on the instinctual or social level, that what they did was wrong or harmful to themselves or humanity. This applies to the good guys as well as to the not so good zealots. You cannot fool yourself, especially when it is only your logic arguing against your instincts and emotions. You may deceive others and you may deceive your conscious mind, but the other parts of your brain know the truth. If you have a single doubt in any fiber of your being, you will feel internal stress, a conscience if you will. When suppressed and not accepted by the conscious mind, it only festers and rots.
    In most current modern cases, the Left does not particularly train their troops to be able to kill with conscious intent. That requires a training quality and a training program light years ahead of just “give me bennies for votes”. Instead, it is far easier to kill out of neglect, or to allow a machine to kill while the operator sits safely at HQ sipping tea. Out of sight, out of mind. Their sub branch, Planned Parenthood, merely has to convince the woman to pay money to PP’s abortion profiting doctors once. Whatever traumatic experiences happen afterwards, is no longer their responsibility. Those that get paid and rich off abortions, can say that they didn’t hurt humanity, nobody has a grudge against them, because the woman made the decision. The woman can say to herself that she didn’t kill her baby, the doctor did. And the doctor can say that he didn’t use his own personal hands, the nurse did with the needle and clamp. Like a never ending labyrinth of a bureaucracy, somebody else is always responsible, whether a human soul truly believes that or not.
    It is quite easy for normal humans to ignore the part of themselves that generate the intent to kill life. Since it’s very easy for people to say that they don’t have the power to kill. Only a tool, a gun, has the power to kill. They don’t have the intent or the capability to do so, so their ideas and intent means nothing bad will happen. They are shocked whenever an accident involves someone dying as a result of fist fights or pushing people into pools happen. They are surprised. I have found that it is not so easy to ignore such matters when they are staring me in the face. There is something to the fact that holding the power to end a life in one hand, forces the conscious mind to control one’s intent and desire beyond merely being a tool of somebody else’s propaganda and persuasion. While fear may stay our hand at stabbing a blade into our heart, or forcing us to not attack a cat for fear the cat will attack back, fear is not a conscious decision. It is a result of one’s instinct for self preservation, not an ethical and logical decision of the mind. When humans become aware that they have the power to kill, right now, that pet cat of theirs, yet realize that the only thing stopping them is their will and desire alone, something changes. Humanity ascends to the next level in awareness, closer to divine enlightenment. When a person is forced to look within themselves and see themselves as they truly are, without emotions clouding their sight, they realize a higher truth.
    To qualify as a human, you must have free will and be capable of exercising that will in a way acknowledged both by yourself and others. Those who prefer to live in self deception and be the robots controlled by sociopaths and other enemies of humanity, are not human. They are inferior even to animals at that. As puppets, humans can kill and die, but only for evil will they serve. It takes someone being aware of their own power and capabilities, and making a decision based upon that awareness, to go beyond merely self preservation. Many people considered those comatose not to be alive or living. I consider those humans who refuse to acknowledge their power to hurt others and to steal the life away from all living beings due to their actions, in a similar vein. Those who are comatose, to me, are more alive than the tools living today.

  • Texan99

    I’ve had a copy of “Bloodlands” on my nightstand for a year or more, but can’t make myself read it, though I know I should.
    A liberal friend remarked casually this morning that her grandmother brought back charming photographs of Havana, taken “when they were living large down there, before the embargo.”  For her, it’s quite clear that Cuba’s communist system could have produced wonderful prosperity if not for the embargo.  Like Venezuela’s, I suppose.

  • Texan99

    PS to b.:  what an incredible encyclopedia entry.  Not like anything you’d find today.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ha! I once had an excitable Lefty explain to me that the only reason Cuba was so far behind was because of the U.S. embargo.
    She had to bite her lip and acknowledge my point that that the embargo left the entire rest of the world available to Cuba for trade.

  • Texan99

    Left the rest of the whole world to trade with!  Just the sort of cruel tactic you’d expect from running-dog capitalists.  Everyone knows the rest of the world isn’t worth trading with, only the running-dog capitalists.  How could we expect the brave socialists of Cuba to make a living that way?
    So we heartlessly destroyed the beautiful Cuba visited by my friend’s grandmother, constructed 100% under the auspices of the evil pre-Castro era.  I’m pretty sure none of the photographs featured the lovely architectural accomplishments of the Castro regime.

  • Ymarsakar

    Cuba would have made a better country to invade than Iraq, but only if Iraq and Cuba became the next state in the US. Then we’ll be close to Obama’s mythical 57 state program.