Pro-Life versus Get-A-Life

If you’d like to see a wonderful, fascinating compare-and-contrast photo essay, you’ve got to read Zombie’s Walk for Life vs. Roe v. Wade birthday party: Abortion showdown SF. To begin with, I love Zombie’s writing style, which is an invigorating blend of erudition, true humanism, and snark.  Additionally, the post is a very useful reminder that, while most pro-Abortion people believe abortion is a personal issue, the Left fully understands that it is yet another way to break familial bonds in favor of state control.

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  • Libby

    Zombie’s posts are always entertaining & insightful. What always amazes me when viewing them is how utterly ridiculous these Lefties are, and how transparent their selfishness, hypocrisy, and insanity are when not conveniently cropped & edited out by the media. That and the unabashed prevalence of the communist organizations.

  • Ymarsakar

    The way the Left creates flash mobs is pretty simple. They just pay them and shuttle them via Communist organizations and their rented buses.
    However, not even the Left has the funding (without Soviet wire transfers) of keeping up the charade, so they often times have to limit their sugar supplies. This seems to result in far fewer members in attendance of such rallies, since the Left reserves most of their funding for their own political campaigns and power plays. Leaving the media up to massage public perception of the numbers.
    Thus, the Leftist alliance acts a single united body, without any actual unity.

  • Charles Martel

    Zombie’s photo essays are some of the best you can find these days on the Internet. When you combine wicked good framing and compositional skills with incisive commentary, it creates (for me) a must-see thing. Thanks for linking to it, Book.
    The photo that got to me the most wasn’t of the dismembered children or the usual repulsive, self-uglified leftists that show up at pro-death rallies, it was the line of young, fresh, beautiful women leading the pro-life march. Whoever was in charge to organizing the march knew what a powerful statement having what Zombie called “wholesome adolescent estrogen energy” leading the ranks would make.
    Comparing those vibrant young women with the sullen-eyed, unwashed, asexual harridans that always show up at “Look, Ma, I Have a Vajayjay” rallies really hit home with me. Zombie is the master/mistress of show, don’t tell.  
    PS: Best snark commentary is the one which dryly notes, “Rare Sighting of Sandra Fluke with Her Legs Together.”

  • Ymarsakar

    Reading the comment section at the zombie thon, I notice that there are people who are curiously close to accepting the nature of the Left’s evil. As well as those who find the idea that a Leftist alliance for the goal of furthering evil even exists, to be preposterous on the face of it.
    As much as the Left is an expert at conducting deception and mass hallucination propaganda campaigns against us, the people they have the most success deluding is still themselves.

  • Book

    Zombie is the best. And here’s the kicker- s/he is prochoice.
    The media could do itself a huge favor by learning how to be TRULY neutral and report on things they way Zombie does. As a whole, the media consistently fails in that area.