An interesting theory about Obama’s birth certificate

I believe Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.  I also believe that there’s something in or about that birth certificate that he doesn’t want to acknowledge.  A reader who used to work in social services “back in the day,” has an interesting theory, and allowed me to reprint it here:

I just read your excellent piece about Obama’s selective defense of his “integrity.”

I worked in adoptions social work in both Maryland and Tennessee between 1964 and 1967. During that period, at the time of a child’s adoption, both states pulled the original birth certificate, sealed it, and issued a new birth certificate with all the data the same, but substituting the adoptive parent(s)’s name and the adopted child’s new name for the originals. All other birth records were also sealed. If Hawaii followed the same practice, this would have happened at the time of Obama’s adoption by the Indonesian step-father. There literally would be no original birth certificate available without all parties’ permission.

I have a good friend who was born in Washington State during this same time frame. She has traced her birth situation back to the hospital where she was born. That is still on her adoptive birth certificate. But because her birth mother has not given written permission, the docs are still sealed and my friend will never learn the identity of her birth mother or the circumstances around which she was surrendered for adoption.

I have long assumed that the available birth certificate for Obama is in his adoptive father’s name, and since that didn’t fit the narrative of his public persona, he wouldn’t sign for its release and he produced that computer generated phony when things got too hot.

Of course I could be wrong, but if I had to place a wager, that’s how I would wager.

If my reader is correct, this theory would explain a great deal.

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  • Book

    Actually, your reader is correct. I was born in PA, but three years after my birth, my biological father gave up all of his parental rights, and my Dad adopted me. (My mother had remarried when I was around 2) The way the state of PA worked this was to issue me a brand new birth certificate naming my Dad (not my biological father) as my father. It’s sort of a strange practice sure to confuse the heck out of genealogists in the years to come, but that’s what they did. (this was in the late 70’s mind you, and not in HI, but I tell you about it to confirm that I am aware of at least one state that operates that way.)
    Personally, I believe that President Obama was born in HI. The president’s problems surface, however, from the many, many accounts from friends, acquaintances- even his book publishers relaying stories of Obama making the claim that he was born in Kenya. I suspect that Obama was doing this because it gave him advantages, either socially or likely monetarily- as he may have gotten scholarship money or grants for being of duel nationality. It was only relatively recently that the president began to change his story.
    I STILL find it exceedingly weird that the media has not called him out on the fact that he used to claim to be born elsewhere. I mean, he even WROTE about it for Pete’s sake.

  • Ymarsakar

    I am less interested in understanding the enemy than I am in destroying the enemy.

  • notomarx

    I have my own theory about the O.  I think he is an US citizen, I don’t think the birth place is Hawaii, but as to the original birth certificate mystery with the added fact of his adoption.
    I was adopted by my step-mother that was my real father.  I was 13 at the time so do remember.  I was told the “original birth certificate would be destroyed and a new one issued making her my real mother. ”
    Well many years back, I needed a copy of my birth certificate or the original for business matters and I called and asked if she had the original she said yes.  She was in her 70’s then and us older folk take things a little literal.  Well in the mail came the original birth certificate with the original seal and my real mothers name which I never knew before.  I sat down and just stared at the “destroyed document”  I guess She had kept the copy weather anyone knew it or not. I still never found my real mother.
    I think from the very moment of O’s inception, it had to be hidden.  It was more than a black thing for it being the time when a white giving birth to a black was forbidden but it is much more than that.  I think his real parent’s name or at least father’s name had to be hidden.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    On the topic of adoptive birth certificates, my own story is a little odd. I was born in the late 80’s, adopted by my widower-father’s second wife two years later, and given a new birth certificate in her name. For all of growing up we used this birth certificate when needed (public school, school sports, state licensing, passport, etc). When I married and changed my name, however, the social security office had record only of my birth mother. Now I bring both certificates along whenever it is needed. I don’t think the system works as well as they think it does.

  • Bob Parks

    Because President Obama’s mother was a US citizen , he is a native born US citizen himself regardless of his place of birth.
    John McCain was born in Panama to a US Naval officer and his spouse.
    Bob Parks

  • dahozho

    Actually, this fits in very well with my own theory.
    It is *STILL* an issue of citizenship.  Sotoero, from what we do know/Barry’s own admissions, adopted Stanley Ann’s son.  Ok, fine. 
    However, when the family moved to Indonesia, Barry attended schools that REQUIRED Indonesian citizenship.  It would make sense, living in that country (and I don’t see Stanley Ann attaching much importance to maintaining US citizenship, and certainly from Barry’s statements he’s comfortable with the misguided “citizen of the world” idea), to make the children of the family Indonesian citizens.  Fine.
    The legal point is that Indonesia does NOT ALLOW dual-citizenship.  If Barry was indeed granted Indonesian citizenship status, and this was somehow reflected in the re-issued birth certificate– he HAD to do something like this faked BC.  Based on the faulty CT SSN, when he came back to HI, his family never bothered to go through re-acquiring US citizenship for him.  They did what plenty of other HI people have done– get a fictitous SSN and go from there.  There is the hook– I think there’s a good chance that we would see “Indonesian citizen” on any college/university records.  Why else deep-six them– the FIRST thing he did on arriving in office?
    Barry was quick on the draw to provide a picture of himself when conservatives scoffed as the idea of him shooting skeet (and based on that picture, I’ve gone from scoffing to laughing, as well as promising myself I will NEVER be on the same shooting range as this guy).  This is not something that was done for REALLY IMPORTANT issues– the birth certificate and say, ANY other records related to higher education or say, why he surrendered his law liscense.