Obama is selective when it comes to challenging attacks against his integrity

Obama said that he shoots skeet all the time at Camp David.  Conservatives laughed.  Obama couldn’t let conservative deniers impugn his veracity, so he authorized the White House to release a photo purporting to show him shooting at some very low-flying skeet at Camp David this past August:

Obama shooting

There you have it:  Obama was so upset about accusations that he lied about skeet shooting that he immediately released evidence supporting his statement.  This sensitivity to his reputation for truthfulness doesn’t square with Obama’s ongoing refusal to release his original birth certificate.  Wouldn’t you think that Obama would be more even intent upon proving his veracity when it comes to his constitutional bona fides than he would be about whether he shoots little flying saucers?

Likewise, Obama has never seemed interested in refuting conservative sneers when it comes to his much vaunted, but completely unproven, academic record.  Obama and his friends say it’s good, but conservatives say that his spoken fund of knowledge is inconsistent with good high school and college grades.  Wouldn’t you think that Obama would want to refute this conservative smear against his integrity?

Given the peculiar absence of evidence about the circumstances of Obama’s birth and his academic qualifications, especially when compared with his immediate and triumphant proof that he’s handled a gun, one might be inclined to think that Obama hasn’t defended himself in those areas because he can’t.  That is, he cannot prove that his birth certificate comports with his statements about his life history (whether it shows he was illegitimate, another man’s child, or born outside of the US) nor can he prove that his academic records do not support his, and his supporter’s, claims about his intellectual acumen and accomplishments.

I know that, with Obama’s reelection, the time for harping on his birth (never mind its possible constitutional implications) and his schooling (which really is irrelevant by now) has long passed.  Still, his differing responses to these different attacks on his integrity are thought-provoking, if nothing else.