Dean Cain politely, even charmingly, keeps his gun

When my first was born, I had a lot of sleepless nights, not to mention a lot of sitting around during the day during feeding times.  It was during these first few months that I discovered Lois & Clark – The New Adventures of Superman.  Or more accurately, I discovered Dean Cain as Clark Kent.  He was just the right gorgeous, caring package to appeal to an overweight, under-slept, over-whelmed new mother.

Because of his superb portrayal of Superman as both an Alpha and a Beta male (gee, the guy really was super), I’ve always had a soft spot for Dean Cain.  Now that he’s politely, and charmingly, come out in support of the Second Amendment, my soft spot has escalated to admiration.  You go, guy!

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  • BombthePeasants

    It is so weird that you mentioned that show. I loved L&C as a very young 20’s single guy, it was the only show I would watch on network TV, but I loved that show. Just a month ago some backwater channel on our cable service called “HUB” or something or other, started showing 3 episodes in a row on Sunday nights. I happened to find it by accident, so I started watching it again. I fell in love with L&C all over again, but this time my just-turned 4 year old daughter LOVED it, too! so now she’s hooked. It is so fun to watch something orders of magnitude less sleazy than the rest of the TV world…

  • jj

    BombthePeasants – you loved the show, or Teri Hatcher’s legs?  Be honest, now the survey results are already in from people who watched as young, single 20s guys!

  • BombthePeasants

    No doubt she was finer than frog hair split four ways. But, every TV show has/had a resident pretty face. This show was more about the good guy actually BEING a good guy. That’s what sticks with me, and that’s why it’s the only show on TV that I’ll let my daughter watch with us that isn’t a crappy cartoon on Disney Junior.

  • Charles Martel

    I loved Hatcher’s legs. Also her Mary Tyler Moore-type spunk. Dean Cain’s alpha and beta characteristics, as Book describes them, were endearing, too. You could tell the series was shot on a tight budget, so the characters had to be all that much more well drawn. Not to mention Teri Hatcher’s legs.
    My wife and I, idiots that we are, watched Smallville over most of its run, waiting and waiting, forlornly it appears, for its mishmash of a plot to make sense (it was obviously written by public school graduates) and for Clark to FINALLY DON THE FRICKIN’ SUIT AND GO SMASH BAD GUYS YOU PATHETIC METROSEXUAL HAMLET WANNABE.
    Otherwise we enjoyed it.

  • Ellen

    Count me in as a fan of Lois and Clark.  Dean Cain was a decent Superman, but he was a wonderful Clark Kent.  I could believe he was a reporter and a good one.  Christopher Reeve was a decent Superman, but a horrible cartoonish Clark Kent.

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