Obama: it’s not just what he says, it’s what he doesn’t say

A friend forwarded me this Facebook page:

Obama's deafening silence

Perhaps, though, we should be grateful. You just know that Obama would have wanted to say something along the lines of Ron Paul’s execrable statement about living and dying by the sword. (And we know how stupid that is in this context.) Given half a moment and a bully pulpit, Obama would have dressed up Chris Kyle, the ultimate warrior, as the poster child for draconian gun control.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Obama’s comments about Chris Kyle would just have been all about Obama.

  • Beth

    Actually, I think it’s silly for a President to speak publicly about an individual death.  Although I realize the CINC has historically communicated with ‘the people’ especially with the military and their families, but singers, actors, families of victims of natural disasters and/or mass murderers?  Were I a family member of the deceased, why should I care what the President had to say?  It seems shallow and nothing more than a show.  Especially irks me when the President says things like ….the nation is praying for you, holding you in this difficult time…. bleck, bleck, bleck.  Get back to your job!

  • Old Buckeye

    Beth, I agree, and to take it further, why does he weigh in on ANY topic that isn’t part of his job? He sticks his nose in all sorts of places it doesn’t belong and has tarnished the office of president with undignified, gratuitous remarks and actions (in addition to all the extra-Constitutional actions) that have nothing to do with what a president SHOULD be doing. It’s no wonder the US has become a laughingstock in the eyes of foreigners.

  • 11B40

    My favorite recent Obama inanity had to do with our President’s call for the Boy Scouts of America to admit homosexuals to its organization.  In a comment to the article, I offered:
    “Did our Pied Piping President mention anything about whether the Muslims should admit homosexuals ???”
    And in further explanation:
    “I was trying to make a point about the willingness of our President to undermine aspects of our American culture while “Hearing no evil, Seeing no evil, Speaking no evil” about the religion with which we are at war, and with which he has had more than a passing acquaintance, and which prescribes not shunning but death for homosexuals.
    Such is the time in which we live.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Bush made individual personal visits, and whatever he said you knew came from him as an individual, without the public office getting in the way. With Obama, one never knows whether you’re the next patsie or just some faction he wants to hang in public, since Obama only uses public discourse, since private discourse requires too much work on his part.
    Obama’s too lazy and incompetent to confiscate guns. That’s what Eric Holder is for. With the Left, the evil never necessarily comes from the stupid or the work a holics. It’s just that they can always hire more storm troopers when they need to, the lazier the leadership gets.


    FINALLY, he heard me scream, “Why don’t you just STFU”.