Monday already? Well, there’s good stuff out there.

William Kristol and Peter Wehner, even though using the polite language of statesmen, have delivered a scathing indictment against our absent commander in chief.  Considering that Obama is indeed the CIC, court-martial for dereliction of duty doesn’t seem unreasonable.  Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll even get impeachment.

I know that, for many, the Constitution these days is just passé.  (I mean, if the leader of the House Dems can’t understand it, who can?)  David Rivkin and Andrew Grossman try to resuscitate that vital document in the context of the Left attack on the right to bear arms.

Roger Simon deftly ties together Dr. Benjamin Carson and the racism that still poisons the heart of the Democrat party.

Upon hearing the Pope Benedict is retiring, CNN has leaped into the fray with inchoate conspiracy theories and claims that the child abuse scandal is driving Benedict out.  I have absolutely no doubt, though, that the Pope spoke the truth when he said his health, mental and physical, is the reason he is retiring.  One of the things I’ve seen watching my Mom and her friends age is that, just as the first 18 or so years of a person’s life are a time of incredibly rapid change, so too are the years after 80 for most people (and Benedict is 85).  For my mother, her 80th birthday was like stepping off a cliff — within months, she went from vital elderly, to decrepit old. And it’s not just my Mom.  It’s the norm at her retirement home.  Just as the very young grow up at warp speed, the very old age at warp speed.  I think that Benedict is wise to arrange for an orderly transition and, even more important in these times, is making sure to have a say in the Papacy’s future direction.

Had it been an injured Israel, the Palestinians would have ripped him to shreds and bathed their hands in his blood.  Because it was an injured Palestinian, the Israeli Defense Force acted rapidly to save his life.

If Wolf Howling writes it, it’s good.  So when he turns his eye to the subject of the Obama administration’s war on children and family, with ammunition supplied by ObamaCare, you know it’s a post you’ll want to read.

Have you guys come across anything interesting?  This is an Open Thread.

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  • pst314

    “Upon hearing the Pope Benedict is retiring, CNN has leaped into the fray with inchoate conspiracy theories and claims that the child abuse scandal is driving Benedict out.”
    The left-dominated news media use the child abuse scandal as a bludgeon to attack the Catholic Church, but they ignore important root causes of the scandal, such as the infiltration of the church by leftists and gays who them systematically worked to exclude traditional Catholics and chaste men from the seminaries, while encouraging gays and even gays who sexually assaulted seminarians.

  • JKB

    My aunt hit a rough spot that has caused her decline just a few months ago at 83.  She’s probably got a while but it is definitely started to impact her.  Same for my grandmother some 18 years ago.  
    Here is a very good warning to college profs from a retiring high school teacher about what they are about to receive.  after 10 years of teaching to the test under No child left behind.
    A warning to college profs from a high school teacher 


    NEVER AGAIN and Never-ever John Brennan!

    “Aside from his hippy past, and his horrible, obsequious Arabic, the thing that made me most uncomfortable about Brennan’s whole paean to Islam is the fact that he said “Palestine” twice and never said Israel, and when he finally felt compelled to say Jerusalem, after saying “Al Quds” twice he sounded like he was either going to spit or apologize for mentioning the word Jerusalem in the presence of his audience. So does it matter if this man is a Muslim or not? Not in the least. He’s just as dangerous either way.”

  • Ymarsakar

    The Leftist alliance is more powerful than many people realize. Many people think of Republicans as heartless, cruel, and despotic robber barons doing evil for profit. If only they knew the true face of the Leftist alliance they served.

  • Ron19

    The article that announced to me the retirement notice of the Pope was America’s Newspaper of Record, with all the news that’s fit to print, The New York Times.
    In the article, written by a team of not one but two NYT reporters, I noticed several mistakes, ignorances, etc., each about Pope Benedict XIV, Pope John-Paul II, the Catholic Church, and Catholicism.  They demonstrated the abilities of low-information reporters writing for low-information readers.
    When they come up for sale for a buck, maybe Breitbart News, or America’s First Sgt., can buy them and clean house.