Just Because Music: I’d rather be blue….

As you’ve probably gathered, I’d been a bit blue lately about conservatives’ (or conservativism’s) recent dismal showings, both in D.C. and amongst ordinary Americans.  I don’t have any yen, though, to return to my Democrat roots.  I may be on board a sinking ship, but it’s still the right ship for me.

In honor of my willingness to cling to a possibly lost cause, I offer Barbra Streisand (when she was a talented performer rather than a foolish talking-head) reminding us that it’s sometimes better to be blue over the right thing, than happy with the wrong:

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  • Mike Devx

    Yep.  Stick to your principles!  You can accept compromise, but never accept it when it violates your principles.
    Sticking to your principles is life-affirming, even when you’re on the losing end, as conservatism seems to be, most of the time these days.
    The good part about that is, that the political environment, like the weather, can change suddenly and without warning.  The 2010 elections were surprisingly good for conservatism.  Let’s see what 2014 brings.