Trying to understand the sequester

Obama is demagoguing the sequester like mad.  David Angelo provides a pleasant breath of common sense:

Incidentally, to the extent Obama says that the sequester will result in federal prosecutors having to abandon cases, that may be a very good thing. The news lately has too many stories about federal prosecutors run amok. Here are just a handful of links:

US attorney Carmen Ortiz strikes yet another sleazy deal.

Prosecutor aids DEA as it tries to seize a $1.5 million building over a $37 pot deal.

Oh!  Carmen Ortiz is in the headlines again for prosecutorial overreach.

And then there’s the corruption….

(Thanks to Earl for all these links.  He has been appropriately concerned for years about prosecutorial abuse.)

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  • Libby

    There’s also the recent incident reported by Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch. He bought a boat in Canada and then had it seized by a Customs agent when he pointed out a discrepancy is the paperwork he was required to sign. The good news is that the boat has now been returned. The interesting news is that after blogging about the seizure there were ugly comments left on the post by an apparent Customs agent (including details Arrington had not shared about the incident).

  • Mike Devx

    You know you’re in danger of losing control of the narrative when Bob Woodward pens Washington Post articles and then appears on MSNBC (!!!) ridiculing your Sequester propaganda demagoguery.

    I still think the Ray LaHood demagoguery over laying off air traffic controllers and shutting down control towers, to deliberately inconvenience air travelers, is when the Obama Propaganda Machine lost its way on the Sequester.  The Sequester allows them to keep the $600 million increase from the prior year… and they are STILL going to lay off air traffic controllers and shut down control towers???  NOT A CHANCE!!!  It’s a step too far in their vicious demagoguery and fakery on spending… and by now I think they know it.  
    These bastards never know where to draw the line.
    Now if only someone could take a page from the NRA and Wayne LaPierre’s wonderful gun control commercials, and take these mothers to the wall and NAIL THEM TO IT!  JUST F*#*#CKING NAIL THEM RIGHT TO IT!!!

  • Caped Crusader

    VIVA MIKE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • KellyM

    Well, knowing how Boston politics work – I lived there for 20 years – I’m not surprised. Every corner of state and local government is riddled with these sorts of things. Massachusetts is probably the only state where a long time do nothing state rep, running for re-election, gets broomed in despite the fact that his wife was caught laundering money for her brothers as part of an illegal offshore gambling scheme. His opponent? A hard working local guy with his own business who had spent his own money, stumped endlessly and seemed to understand the issues to a greater extent than the state rep. The guy’s fatal mistake was the (R) after his name on the ballot. 
    What happened to Aaron Swartz was disgraceful. While I don’t condone what Mr. Swartz did, it certainly didn’t rise to the level of actions similar to Mr. McLaughlin. But there’s probably more to that story than meets the eye, I’m certain of that.
    Makes me wonder if the fix will be in for Whitey Bulger, now sitting in federal custody in a MA prison. Some things never change.