Learn about the world-wide sex trade and what you can do to help save its victims

MacG sent a notice to me that I would like to share with you.  If you live in the Marin area, his church is screening a movie that sounds important, although deeply saddening:

On Sunday the 24th, 5PM @ New George’s downtown San Rafael my church, Hillside Marin (based in Corte Madera), will be showing Trade of Innocents. We are doing so raise awareness of this devastating underage sex ‘trade’ and it is, as I understand it is also occurring right here in the USA.

If you don’t live near MacG’s church (which I’ve attended and can assure you is filled with very nice people), please keep your eye open for this film, or talk to your own church, synagogue, mosque, community center, parent group, etc. about screening this film.  Bad people have traded in sex since the dawn of time, but it seems worse lately.

Just today, I did a post at Mr. Conservative that sounds rather shrill — Ten Horrifying Stories of Muslims Gang Raping White Woman — but it’s actually not overblown.  If anything, it’s underblown. It took me less than 20 minutes to find those stories. I composed a Bing search: “gang rape muslims ______.” In the blank, I simply inserted country names (Germany, England, Sweden, Norway, Holland, etc.) and came up with hundreds of stories. Many of the stories involve gang rape as an instrument of power in the sex trade. In a world where sex is a commodity and where stable, two-parent homes are vanishing, young girls are easy prey for men who offer them compliments and drugs. And then the girls are gang-raped, demoralized, blackmailed, and trapped in brothels.

It’s not just Muslims, of course. Wherever there’s poverty and disenfranchisement — whether the former Soviet Union, Mexico, India, or Thailand — the sex trade flourishes. The world must stand against it as firmly as it did against racial slavery in the late 18th and first half of the 19th centuries.

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  • MacG

    Thank You book for sharing your valuable time and resources. It’s films like these that will make a few say “ENOUGH!” and get involved in some way to play a role in rescuing some of the victims from this vile evil.
    If the sex trade is too vile for someone reading this but is still interested in justice for the widows and poor then check out the International Justice Mission to help unleash the real scary people (if you’re a bad guy) – lawyers – on the world’s injustice.  
    Jesus said ‘the poor you will always have with you and you can help them any time you want”.  If you want, presented are two avenues to do so.
    Thanks again Book.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Leftist organizations and agents had their fingers this pie.

  • lee

    I read some time ago that looking the other way on illegal immigration helps sex-trafficking in the US. Many young people (not just girls, but boys as well are used in sex-trafficking) are brought in illegally. because they come in under the radar, it is easier to keep them under the radar. They are afraid to get help because they will get deported.
    Cracking down on illegal immigration, can help put a dent in sex-trafficking in the US.
    (And not all illegal immigrants are from Mexico. Sex-traffickers smuggle in people from ALL over the world.)

  • lee

    I read your column at Mr. Consersvative, and it was stomach churning. And it ties in with something that you brought up in your column about Ann Coulter. The soft racism that allows other groups, races, ethicities, to not be held accountable. If poor, white men were doing this sort of things in those countries, it would be SCREAMED about. Even German newspapers would’ve found a way around the privacy laws they claim keep them from reporting gange rapes of young girls. But the Progressive moral relativism is to give “the Other” on walk on bad, uh, behavior. If the sorts of horrendous crimes that the Mexian drug cartels pull along their country’s norther border were being mirrored by Canadian WASP gangs, we would not only hear and read about daily, but Congress would be DEMANIND the Canadian government and the FBI get their act together and MAKE IT STOP.
    Back to your column above: I recall very faintly a television show from the early to mid 70’s (like Columbo or Mannix or Cannon) in which a young woman had been kidnaped as a high school girl in the United States, and was found in some Middle Eastern country many years later as an adult. It was clear that she was a sex-slave, even in the more delicate period of 70’s TV. I wish I could remember what show… It might have even been a made for TV movie. The only thing I recall was a scene at a swimming pool… Well, my real point here was that SOMEONE about 45 years ago thought enough to include it as a topic in a cop show. Now, if they did, they would certainly stay away from the “owner” as a Middle Easterner.