What will the people of Boston do now? Get mugged by reality or rationalize Muslim violence?

The day the bombing took place, I looked at the MO and thought it more likely than not to be a Muslim attack.  I stated:

There are two ways Boston can go.  It can be a liberal mugged by reality and get over its delusional belief that, if America will just do whatever the Islamists want, they will leave us alone, or it can go the way it went with gun control — enacting liberty-limiting laws that do nothing to prevent future tragedies, and allowing its native son, John Kerry, to grovel apologetically before the authors of this bloodshed.

That question remains.

The Chechen angle, however, throws in a twist that ought to have Bostonians thinking even harder than before.  Liberals could explain away a Middle Eastern Islamic attack by focusing on Palestinians, Iraq, or Afghanistan.  But how do you explain away two boys raised, mostly, in America, attending good schools, and having no connection whatsoever to the Middle East?  Is this the moment when some liberals begin to realize that Islam has issues?  Or will they once again rationalize this away as two crazy, murderous people who just coincidentally happen to have been Muslims, and who just coincidentally filled their Facebook pages with violent Muslim propaganda?

Good questions, and ones that only Bostonians and their liberal ilk around America can answer.

I’ll say only that, between (a) Kermit Gosnell’s mass murder spree, which the MSM ignored because of its anti-abortion connotations, and (b) the MSM’s repeated missteps regarding the Boston bombing (including their instant “Tea Party murderer” narrative), this has not been a good week for the mainstream media.  They, of course, will forgive themselves.  I’m just wondering if the American people will be stupid enough to forgive them too.

There’s an old saying:  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  But what in the world is left to say after you’ve been fooled a thousand times and keep going back for more? That goes beyond shame into realms of Darwinian stupidity.  If Americans forgive again, we deserve what we get.

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  • Caped Crusader

    Frankly, I do not expect any change from the people in deep blue states, and have no sympathy for anything that happens to them. Terminal stupidity is terminal indeed. Have felt this way since the outpouring of (very temporary) patriotism in NY after 9/11. But within a few weeks it was back to business as usual and electing such libtards as Clinton, Schumer, Cuomo, Bloomberg, etc; learning nothing to make them change their PC and diversity at any cost frame of mind. Stupidity and the abandonment of reason at any cost mindset is it’s own reward.

  • MacG

    “how do you explain away two boys raised, mostly, in America, attending good schools, and having no connection whatsoever to the Middle East?”
    I think we know.
    THEY look like THEM. Our racism must run deeper than we know for these poor boys to have felt so ostracized that their only course of action was a desperate cry for help disguised in cookware, symbols for mom’s cooking and nourishment that THEY so desperately longed for. It is US who have failed THEM.
    Cut and paste into any liberal rag and it will pass for something of authority.

  • MacG

    OTOH I sent this link to a lib friend of mine with the subject line “Look like any UK men that you know?”
    The response was:

  • http://www.amazon.com/Occupy-Innsmouth-ebook/dp/B009WWJ44A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361504109&amp raymondjelli

    This is Boston.  Your question to them is literally an academic exercise.

  • Charles Martel

    No, Boston isn’t going to experience some great awakening. Try to see it from a proper liberal Bostonian’s point of view: “These nuts are willing to die for their cause. I, on the other hand, cannot think of anything that I am willing to die for. In that case, the nuts have the advantage. The prudent thing for me to do is to placate them in the hope that my niceness will become the music that soothes their misunderstood savage breasts.”

  • Libby

    The refrain on the news is that it is inexplicable how these young men could be so successful in America, both excellent athletes and having attended a prestigious high school, and then commit such an act of senseless violence. One  MSNBC reporter actually mentioned the older one’s FB comment about having no American friends and then in the next sentence stated that they had successfully assimilated. Uh, no, that’s not assimilation. The thing is, we’ve reviewed the personal history of terrorists for years and a lot of them are from middle-class backgrounds, are successful (doctors, etc.), and have benefited from America in some way, such as getting undergraduate & advanced degrees from American universities. The MSM is stuck in the old, false paradigm that poverty and alienation are what breed terrorism. It doesn’t. It’s the ideology. And I have no faith that this latest example will force them to reevaluate their view.

  • MacG

    “The refrain on the news is that it is inexplicable how these young men could be so successful in America, both excellent athletes and having attended a prestigious high school, and then commit such an act of senseless violence. ”
    It is only senseless from a particular point of view.  To the bombers it makes all the sense in the world-they are on a mission.  When one dismisses another’s view without due respect it only solidifies the dismissed’s feelings of separation, discrimination and being an outcast – so these guys sought solace of their rage in a god who mandates the infidels destruction.
    Which is of course is what the ‘educated’ ‘sophisticated’ and ‘civilized’ elites do to those they deem intellectually irrelevant i.e. think differently than they do.  What will hopefully cause a short circuit of their neurons is that this has nothing to do with the TEA Party or Sarah Palin. 

  • JKB

    Well, as Instapundit posted many commenters had emailed him, a lot of people in Boston right now are wishing they had a gun.  
    Now, Ann Althouse picked that up and went, for some reason, looney tune Lefty on it speculating about vigilantes.  
    Seems few some just can comprehend that when told this:
    Warning: Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis tells the media that there is a terrorist on the loose who wants to kill people and tells people not to open their doors

    And after locking the doors and checking the windows that a person might survey the situation and go, you know, that door isn’t going to stop the terrorist if he wants in, I might NEED a gun to keep my family safe in my home.  
    The calculus is simple, outside its a police matter but once the terrorist is intent on getting in a house and seconds count, even with hundreds of police inundating the area, the police will still be minutes away.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Mark Steyn is in for Rush this morning (now afternoon, even on the Left Coast), and he reported that these kids’ auntie in Toronto is saying that it’s all about faked photos supporting a setup to pin the bombing on her poor nephews.  Apparently no one asked her about the older boy having enough firepower to shoot it out with the cops, but is that really unexpected?
    The uncle, on the other hand, says that this has nothing to do with Islam, and that these two boys are just “losers”.  Some “losers”!!
    I expect that the same culture that produced (or allowed) the deep disenchantment with the liberty found in our country will find a way to blame themselves (or better, the rest of us) for what happened, and continue on their blinkered way.  They are veal calves to those who have a belief system they’re willing to die for…just waiting to be slaughtered.  If you live in MA and aren’t in the mood for that, best move to TN….TX….or somewhere else that most folks see themselves as free human beings, citizens of the greatest and free-est country in the world – while it lasts, anyhow.
    Someone remind me why I’m living in California…..?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Book, I suspect that, in your haste, you left out some critical points that you wanted to make in the following sentence. Here, let me take a stab at fixing that sentence for your:
    “how do you explain away two boys raised, mostly, in America’s Liberal/Left community, indoctrinated at Liberal/Left America-hating schools saturated with Liberal/Left media and Islamophilic values, and having no connection whatsoever to the Middle East Western values, doing what they were taught would count as “community service” that would lead to  tenured careers in Liberal /Left academia while generating enormous sympathy and support for their righteousness of their cause?”

  • MacG


    “Someone remind me why I’m living in California…..?”

    For the Aura? :)  
    I’m in NorCal living among the granola lifestylers if it’s not fruits and nuts it’s flakes.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    For me, it’s family….tradition….and the amenities.
    Dad and I both born in (a VERY different) S.F., back in the first half of the 20th century.  Entire family here in NorCal, except for a few back in Denmark. 
    Now, it’s me, my brother and one cousin….but the pull remains.  And the better half’s entire immediate family is here, enough so that when we gather, it’s 30+ people, from the old (the two of us) to the young – great grandchildren of the originals (now passed) down to age 1 year old.
    Even without that, it’s a powerful pull to sit here in April, listening to the birds sing and looking at the flowers blooming through the screen of an open door.  VERY nice!!
    So THAT’s why……despite the insane political situation.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Occupy-Innsmouth-ebook/dp/B009WWJ44A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361504109&amp raymondjelli

    How long until people say the same thing about apologists for terror that they now say for apologists for North Vietnam and the Viet Cong namely that they weren’t pro-peace.  They were hawks for the other side.

  • MacG

    “So THAT’s why……despite the insane political situation.”
    Copy that.  My dad was born in SF’21 my mom in Fairfax’31, me and the wife, San Rafael, late 50’s.  The wife has Denmark ties through her father. Both of our fathers are first born Americans.  Spent two summers in the Ozarks and a few years in Seattle area and climate wise, glad to be back.  Marin is not the Marin of my father when Republicans were still on the ticket and IIRC, the elected were part time :) 
    Here’s to NorCal, may she be liberated so that we will not be lib-be-rated any longer :)

  • Gringo

    This incident doesn’t exactly make one warm and fuzzy for Open Borders, does it? Boston Bombers- poster children for passing Obama’s Immigration “Reform” bill! :)
    No. this won’t change many people in Boston. Boston and environs are too far gone. After all, Ted Kennedy  kept getting reelected. As my sister has lived in the Boston area  for over 40 years, I know the area well. My sister and her husband both survived Massachusetts and turned wingnut.
    I suspect that the Obama Administration’s response to the Boston Bombers will be to register all pressure cookers, and require a background check for purchasing a pressure cooker.

  • Gringo

    …this has not been a good week for the mainstream media.  They, of course, will forgive themselves.  I’m just wondering if the American people will be stupid enough to forgive them too.
    If you didn’t catch on to the MSM by now, will this week make any difference?
    I hope the MSM’s disgraces this week will change a lot of minds, but I doubt it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    “The prudent thing for me to do is to placate them in the hope that my niceness will become the music that soothes their misunderstood savage breasts.”
    The prudent thing would be to find Americans that are willing to die for a cause, send them to the frontlines and have them die fighting Muslims, while at the same time getting rid of a bunch of enemy votes to pave the way for a New Leftist Utopia at home.
    When we run out of patriotic American bodies, then we’ll think about placating our Islamic allies.
    “And I have no faith that this latest example will force them to reevaluate their view.”
    Almost the entire Leftist alliance qualifies as a terrorist ideology. They don’t need to re-evaluate their view when their view is almost the same as the Muslim bombers’.
    I don’t particularly care where people live, California included. When the Revolution comes around and Civil War becomes a reality, they will have a choice to make: which side they will be on, for there will be no neutrals allowed.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Most of the reasons for Islamic insecurities breeding into hate is due to the Leftist Hollywood influence on international culture and media. The Left controls women by turning them into whores that can’t keep a man in marriage by dent of market manipulations where most of the value and money associated with sex goes into porn to pay for Leftist Hollywood rapist directors. Islam controls women by controlling them like cattle, being owned by one particular family or patriarch at a time, parceled out as the future of the tribe.
    Those two ideologies can’t really co-exist. It’s about the same reason why fascism hates communism and vice a versa. They are TOO CLOSE TOGETHER.
    The fact that Democrat sex slavery also takes away our vitality and military spines, just makes things worse.
    If the West was united in any kind of non-totalitarian sane political stance, things might be different. But it isn’t different.
    In a fashion, if we were really going to take over the Islamic system of sharia and replace it with rights for women, as they fear, things would be better than they are. As the local Muslims would have a future they could work towards, albeit one originally sourced from Western ideas. Empowered by such backing, Muslims could overthrow their religious masters and theocracies. However, because the Left likes totalitarian systems, they go out of their way to crush dissent, as seen in Liberia and Iran. Whenever some community gets together and tries to fight against the armed Islamic militant factions, they get crushed by US/NATO airpower or are just ignored in favor of maintaining the status quo.
    In this circumstance, with the rebels crushed in Islamic countries, only the organized Islamic theocracies can take and maintain power/security. Leaving the US’s cultural imperialism to be hated. Meanwhile, Leftists outsource their responsibility on the rest of you, and get you to do the dying for their sins and excesses.