The reason that liberals hate Christianity, but ignore Islam

One of the things that’s frustrating for non-liberals and non-Progressives is Leftists’ refusal to look Islam in the face (so to speak).  Yes, there are crazy people who are Christians and there are entire Christian sects that are crazy (such as the Westboro Baptists or Warren Jeffs’ polygamist Mormon cult).  The fact remains, however, that Christians as a whole, whether they belong to big churches or small ones, do not embrace or practice terrorism to achieve their political or religious goals.

Muslims, by contrast, routinely practice terrorism to achieve goals that are simultaneously religious and political, owing to Islam’s fusion of God and state.  Even though it’s remarkably simple to tie Islam to terrorism (9/11, the underwear bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, the attempted Portland Christmas tree massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing), Leftists scurry around like cockroaches exposed to the light in their desperate attempt to avoid acknowledging Islam’s violent heart.

Today, I read one thing and wrote another, both of which address Leftist hatred for Christianity, even though modern Christianity and genuine Judaism (as opposed to the hard Leftism that masquerades as “reform Judaism”) are the most humane, civilizing forces the world has ever seen.  With their focus on justice and grace, they rid the world of slavery, ended child labor, advanced women’s status and, in Israel’s case, fought a 60-year war without sinking to the level of her enemies.  But the Left truly hates them and seeks to undermine them at every turn.

The article I read on this subject is Benjamin Wiker’s “Why aren’t liberals more critical of Islam?” In it, he posits that, because secularism arose within and in opposition to a Christian Europe and America, Christianity was its original enemy.  Giving proof, however, to my repeated claim that “Progressives” are actually profoundly “regressive,” secularists (i.e., Leftists) continue their battle with Christianity despite that particular war having ended long ago. Judaism and Christianity absorbed the better parts of secularism while holding on to their core religious principles.

Because they are locked forever in an ideological time warp, says Wiker, liberals (or Progressives or Leftists or whatever else they call themselves to avoid the taint their ideas leave behind) cannot contemplate the possibility that there is another enemy, greater than their old foe Christianity.  Which brings me to a post I did today for Mr. Conservative.  It concerns Michael ‘Mikey’ Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and one of the most rabid anti-Christians you will ever meet.

When I wrote the post this morning, it made me uncomfortable that such a venomous man is somehow Jewish, whether genetically or in actual practice.  I hate to see that kind of hatred emanate from a group with which I’m affiliated.  However, having read Wiker’s essay, I realize that my concern is unfounded.  Weinstein’s hostility to Christians isn’t because he’s Jewish, it’s because he’s a Leftist.   (Not all Jews are Leftists, and not all Leftists are Jews, but those Jews who are Leftists are amongst the most extreme Leftists.  Mikey’s in that category.)

Here’s my Mr. Conservative post.  See what you think:

SECNAV prayers with Marines and Sailors at Fallujah in 2006

The Obama government sure knows how to pick ‘em. Right now, the Pentagon is concerned about religious intolerance in the American military. When people who are neither Leftists nor career politicians in thrall to the White House think of intolerance in the military, they think of Major Nidal Malik Hasan who went on an “Allahu Akbar” shooting spree at Fort Hood, killing 13 people and injuring more than thirty. The Pentagon, though, isn’t fooled by these false trails. It knows who the really intolerant people in the military are: Christians.

To that end, the military has brought in Michael Weinstein, Esq., a “religious tolerance” specialist and the man who founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (“MRFF”). Michael knows all about tolerance. Or at least, he knows all about tolerance in the Obama era. To Michael (or “Mikey” as he likes to be known), a good way to express tolerance is to call Christians “monsters” or, even better “bloody monsters.”

According to Mikey’s tolerant world view, Christians who serve in the American military are “well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.” And that’s just Mikey’s throat-clearing.

Troll through an article Mikey wrote in The Huffington Post to justify his tolerant attack on alleged Christian intolerance in the American military, and you’ll learn quickly that the people he’s out to destroy (tolerantly, of course) are “evil, fundamentalist Christian creatures.” They are “bandits” who “coagulate their stenchful substances” in religiously-based organizations that support traditional marriage and oppose abortion. Don’t be fooled by these old-fashioned values, though. In fact, says Mikey, “The basis of their ruinous unity is the bane of human existence and progress: horrific hatred and blinding bigotry.”

What inspired Weinstein’s apopletic rage is the fact that conservatives took offense when the military piggy-backed on a delusional Southern Poverty Law Center screed and identified conservative Christians as the greatest terrorist threat in America. Because these groups use hate-filled language, Mikey says, such as “God Hates Fags” or “Thank God for IEDs,” they’re obviously one step away from committing a bomb attack in a major American city. (It’s so magical. It’s as if 9/11, Fort Hood, and the Boston bombing never happened!)

If Mikey is correct, that toxic, hate-filled rhetoric is all one needs to prove that a person or organization constitutes an imminent danger, then Mikey better start looking over his shoulder. Considering the “evil, fundamentalist Christian creatures,” “bandits (who) coagulate their stenchful substances,” and “monsters” who inhabit his rhetorical world, he looks like he’s ready to blow.

What Mikey can’t comprehend is that, while mainstream Christians and conservatives routinely condemn and distance themselves from organizations such as the Westboro Baptist Church, Mikey gets to disseminate his particular brand of hate-filled, toxic intolerance at a major Progressive internet outlet.

Even worse than the applause he’s getting from the mainstream Left is the fact that he’s been taken on by the Pentagon as a consultant to help develop new policies on religious tolerance in the military. These new policies will include rules for court-martialing military chaplains who use the Christian gospel when they counsel the American troops under their care. Or, as MRFF Advisory Board member Larry Wilkerson told The Washington Post, they essentially sexually assaulting the troops with their God talk.

No kidding. Wilkerson says that “Sexual assault and proselytizing are absolutely destructive of the bonds that keep soldiers together.” Lest there be any misunderstanding, Mikey clarified to The Post what Wilkerson really meant:

This is a national security threat. What is happening [aside from sexual assault] is spiritual rape. And what the Pentagon needs is to understand is that it is sedition and treason. It should be punished.

Mikey hates everything. Or at least he hates everything that has to do with Christianity. He foams at the mouth, spittle flying, when he talks about Christians, imagining them guilty of the most heinous crimes. The problem is that it’s not Christians committing the crimes he imagines. The major terrorist crimes come from the Islamists, something that Mike and his friends on the Left refuse to acknowledge. It’s bad when even arch-liberal Bill Maher calls this denial “liberal bullshit.”

Speaking of committed, though, in a sane world Mikey’s delusions would have him being checked out by psychiatrists as a clear and present danger. In our insane world, psychiatrists are used to disarm our veterans and the delusional, hate-filled, spittle-flecked Mikey gets to work with the Pentagon to create a tolerance policy that ensures that military chaplains will be court martialed for doing their jobs.

If troops are indeed being punished or ostracized because they don’t embrace a particular form of Christianity, the military has to address that. But Mikey makes it clear that, for him, being Christian is the real problem. In that regard, he’s the typical Leftist who says that the First Amendment, rather than giving people the right to worship, means that the Christian religion must be erased from America.

(End of the Mr. Conservative article, beginning of my last comment on the subject.)

As for me, I think that people who are willing to fight and die for their country in a constitutionally-bound military run by civilians, in a nation controlled by the First Amendment, should be allowed to practice their religion without Leftists denying them the comfort of knowing that, as they go into battle, God walks at their side.

  • Andrew Villone

    I think another reason is that we are, primarily, a Chritian nation. I don’t have to deal with now, nor have I ever had to deal with, Muslims. But I do have to deal with Christian zealots putting crap on my door, knocking on my door, accosting me in airports and otherwise trying to shove their fictitious propaganda down my throat in order to be a brainwashed member of their cult. As much as I despise Muslims, at this point, no member of their cult has ever tried to shove their propaganda my way. Just saying. Religion should be like your penis. It’s great to have one, but don’t pull it out and wave it in everyone’s face.

    • beyond partisan

      Oh cry me a river, someone gave you a pamphlet! Oh the humanity! I just have to wonder where you live or what airports you frequent, because I can’t remember the last time I was “accosted” by a Christian at an airport and I fly at least a few times per year. I also do not have any “crap” on my door either. BTW, if Muslims start forcing people to convert in America, they won’t shove a flyer in your face – they’ll put a literal gun to your head. Wake up!

      • Andrew Villone

        I fought for our country as a US Marine so I have knowledge pertaining to their methods that most likely, far outweigh your limited arm chair quarterback mentality. I was not siding with them, only being a devils advocate and stating when you are exposed to only one side of the fence the other side can appear greener. As for me, I despise all religion and If I could go back in the corps and add to my body count I gladly would. To me they are sub human scum. We’ll leave it at that because I do believe we’re on the same side of this discussion. Well, with the exception of the distribution of ficticious literature… LOL..

    • ymarsakar

      Some of us are strong enough that talking to Christian true believers don’t bother us. Obviously Andrew Villone isn’t one of us.

      ” As much as I despise Muslims, at this point, no member of their cult has ever tried to shove their propaganda my way.”

      That’s because they know that they can abduct every child on your street for sexual slavery and nobody, including you, will be allowed to do anything about it. And if that isn’t true now, it will be true after they come to power. As is the case in Rot England, France, and Scandinavia.

      It’s normal for weaklings not to be able to see the decade and century long strategy of Islam. After all, nobody expected Normals to be strategic and logistical geniuses. You can have as many marks on your rifle against the sub humans even though tactics don’t overshadow strategy/logistics, but what’ll you do when humanity and society betrays you, then there shall be some “new orders” to obey by then.

    • JJ truth

      Rant to the families who lost members in the WTC and Pentagon 911 attacks. Tell it to the families & the victims of The Boston Marathon bombings, the Fort Hood massacre and the passengers of the downed plane that was hijacked by 911 terrorists and all those families of journalist whose heads were cut, chopped & sawed off by terrorist. Tell it to all those person around the world who endure violence & death from Islamic terror.

  • Mike Arienti

    This is Obama’s America, folks. Everything has to be fair and nobody is evil. ISIS is just “the JV team,” and disagreeing makes you a racist.

  • Tim Casey

    It is always good to know that all who call them selves Christians are not and most are in name only. Only those who are truly Born Again are actually Christians and that is in the Bible.

  • Blondebomber

    God Bless YOU for standing up for your Christian beliefs…I just posted your article.

  • Jo Bless

    They defend it because they are evil. That is all

  • Melody Szabo

    I’m a Liberal. I hate all religions equally: they’re all detestable vile awful stone age cults of rape and murder. Christianity in the past was just as awful as Islam is today. And given time radical Judaism in Israel will become equally awful. A culture of ignorance is not the answer. Educate women and children everywhere, and enforce human rights for everyone and NO ONE will WANT to remain religious. Albert Einstein said “Evil exists because good people do nothing.”

    • Melody, your do realize that your hate-filled rant puts the lie to your claim that the problem is religion?

      • ymarsakar

        Zombies have no self awareness.

    • ymarsakar

      “NO ONE will WANT to remain religious”

      Melody’s already in a religion. As for rights, there are only two authorities from which the right to loot other people’s property can come from. The government or a religious hierarchy.

      One guess which one wealth redistribution is.

    • JJ truth

      You are a liberal. You only hate Christianity your uninformed rant proves it. You aren’t fit to rule over people and play God. There’s a heavy price to pay for holding such a tyrannical attitude. All tyrants are rejected and destroyed by the people.

    • MacG

      I could agree with much of your disdain for religion especially of pseudo Christianity ’15“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16“You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? 17“So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18“A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. 19“Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20“So then, you will know them by their fruits.

      21“Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. 22“Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ 23“And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’” Mattew 7

      With this in mind can it be said that those who commit murder and rape as proponents of Christianity be rightfully called followers of Christ?

  • Steve

    Great article gets to the mindset of the liberal. I blame a lot of it on the fantasy brainwashing of the largely liberal media including schools, hollywood and even books that pander to the market. This has been changing with new sources of republican media, documentaries and blogs. The liberal in a sense is a sort of cult that attempts to immerse and control its audiences that see themselves as enlightened and free though if you have 5 choices and 4 are liberal the chances are that the odds will be in favor of liberal selections. Once this pattern is reinforced especially in formative years its hard to teach people to break them and to learn critical thinking.

  • lighthousea

    I think a large portion of left women and gay don’t have to be democrats, it is the Christine believes that pushed them away (especially if their withholding of critics to Islam comes from safety concerns). Why can’t republicans just compromise a little and then getting more, by stop applying Christine doctrines on non-believers’ private life? Then the republican candidate may actually beat Hillary and you will have a republican president who is willing to dirty his/her hands and quickly deal with the more urgent, Islamic problem, avoid wasting another four years.

    As to double standard, if you don’t like Muslims to intervene secular life with their “religious” doctrines, you should notice that it is similar for Christians to be against gay marriage, although of cause, less brutal. Gay marriage does not hurt your freedom, except your religious believes (which should not be cast on non-believers).

    And if you really blame Islam for slavery of women, and if you do not guarantee considerable help with raising children by a single mother, you should not deny that abortion is more responsible for the society and sympathetic & respectful for women who unluckily trusted some men that were not responsible or capable at all.

    As an agnostic foreigner visiting the united states, cannot help to say something. Sorry if any misunderstanding happened.

    • ymarsakar

      A person that is part of the Leftist death cult doesn’t have to be a Demoncrat. They’re just a Leftist and Obedient to their Orders. The excuse is that they are making individual decisions. Their individuality doesn’t exist at all in the Left’s Totalitarian Sphere. It’s a mirage and also a lie.

      Europe is already putting the face to the lie concerning Islam vs the Left. It’s an alliance, not a versus situation.

      • lighthousea

        Yes the recent Muslim divers case, that is about the same question of this discussion: why liberals only let off Islam.
        The most probable explanation as I see, is just like some people here said, they are too coward that they are unable to defend themselves in front of evil that is lethal. The further reason for that, I think maybe is because they also vote for gun control and unconditional no-war, which leave them with no weapons at all to say no to barbarians.
        Otherwise I cannot think out a reasonable way to explain why some well-educated people are so numb to “contain” any violations to human rights as severe as Islam does. Simply being stupid is not a satisfying answer too, better to think in a cost-benefit direction.

        • ymarsakar

          It’s the same cost benefit analysis that a woman being abused in a relationship does to decide to stay in it.

          Except in this sense, that woman lets the boyfriend abuse and kill the rest of her family and her children, in order to save herself.

    • JJ truth

      Why don’t you return to your foreign land where Islamist abound in blowing your country apart. Gay marriage is shooting down pastors, expelling Christian students from schools & universities, banning Christians from employment, suing Christians who don’t agree with it putting Christians in jail. In regard to this absurd statement “If you don’t like Muslims to intervene in secular life with their religious doctrines on non-believers private life.” Dumbo: America was founded by Christians who were escaping religious persecution. So they created a nation where all Christians would be free do worship GOD as they pleased. America isn’t like your God forsaken nation. So if you hate Christianity in American life leave. The church isn’t the one making laws intruding into private lives the govt. is doing that. If atheists, secularists and devil worshippers don’t like it leave and find another nation.

  • Laurada Gerbracht

    I said it years ago and I will repeat it here: democrats, liberals in particular and the pro-atheist ACLU as well as the entire state of California has always been anti-Christian anti-American pro-communist heathen or pagan whores trying to use foreign political sabotage and extortion to destroy American independence because we refuse to conform to the world’s satanic butt kissing politics and domination. as an evangelical VIRGIN ADULT patriotic woman I am still unashamed to declare my loyalty to my God who gives me freedom to enjoy the nation he formed for me out of a wilderness to enjoy being free. I am an American virgin evangelical protestant Christian and I am only obligated to support my fellow LEGAL Americans and my God HAS given me the freedom from all other nations and their people. that imcludes freedom from atheist liberal demonrat communist asses.

  • HumansNeedToWakeUp

    False headline statement! As a liberal myself, I hate both religions equally and I hate any hypocritical Christian who denounces Allah in Islam as Satan but yet ignores Yahweh in the OT as Satan himself as well! If you call Allah the Satan of the Bible, you are hatemongering and expect to have hatred received back at you..Political correctness is something you guys are also guilty of! If you refer to Allah as Satan in Bible, then Yahweh in Bible is Satan in Koran! I hate both equally, but I also hate religious hypocrisy and when you conservatives attack other religious beliefs, not expecting to be attacked for your beliefs as well.. I am agnostic but I am willing to believe in a God who is not the one you describe. I have my reasons for saying what I did, including the fact I own both a CEV Bible and a Revised Edition Koran. They both have similar things in them, but I acknowledge the differences as well, and the problem with you guys is you focus on the differences when debating with Muslims or atheists. I can be tolerant of you guys if you guys would stop with the religious hypocrisy..Hatred breeds hatred and that saying applies here!

    • JJ truth

      Your rant proves you hate Christianity much more than Islam proving you know nothing about either. You’re a buffoon.

  • confused

    I am a 7th generation American veteran who has been terrorized by anti-gay “Christian” terrorists in every aspect of my life for 53 years. I survived, but not everyone does. I dont demand that hetro “Christians” become gay Buddhists so why do these “Christians” go out of their way to create such a hostile country full of hateful, rageful, gun-toting gay bashers? From what I know, those are not the teachings of Jesus. Im sure more of the world would love Christianity (and America) if these “Christians” would follow the teachings of Jesus instead of big box televangelists or preachers for power. But Hate seems to be the driving force of American “Christianity”… that is what I feel needs to change.

    • JJ truth

      What a narrow, closed minded, exceedingly, selfish and bigoted opinion you offer about Christianity. It is based upon nothing concrete beyond your feelings of resentment which is based upon your guilt that your life doesn’t meet with Christian approval. Nonetheless, it doesn’t meet with approval from many people atheist, secular, Muslim, Buddhist, Tao, Confucianism or Hinduism. Why you believe Christianity should conform to pleasing the popular opinions of the world and everyone in it is infantilism. You either accept to join a faith or you don’t. No one has held a gun to your head to convert you to Christianity as with Islam. Your view is without merit or tangible worth because it comes from a place of deep hatred.

    • Nel Nel

      sorry to hear what happened to you but you should know that disliking homosexuality has nothing to do with religion , i mean , look at china and japan . .

  • Red Cricket

    If you want to understand why liberals are the way they are read Owells 1984. In the mean time you can play Flappy Trump! Its FREE and FUN and available on android. Also for a good laugh at Hillary’s expense download Flappy Hiltery also fun and free and FUNNY!

  • Bob Jones

    I wonder what this nitwit Weinstein will think when the Islamist’s he supports come for him to remove his head from his shoulders? News flash: Islamist’s hate Jews and with the name Weinstein, I;m thinking you’re 1st on their list. Useful Idiot.

    • JJ truth

      Then Islam can actually claim for once it did something “Good” if it took off Weinstein’s head–ending the insanity that it continually spews.

  • JJ truth

    Say what you will that mikey guy is a Satanist a,k.a an Anti-Christ.

  • Bill Hoover

    If you think Leftists are hateful towards Christians generally, you should research their almost palpable hatred for Black Christians. A quick internet search reveals multiple videos by wild-eyed, hateful, white, atheist men OPENLY calling Black Christians things like “house n*****” The comments on the threads that follow are generally supportive of the racist, anti-Christian bigots.

  • subjeffrey


  • ridesdressage

    Please be aware that the greatest Atheists of all time are Jewish: Dawkins, Sagan, Maher, Marx, Freud, Russell, Sanger.

    • Roger

      you forgot hitchins.

  • darkchaos

    Definition of Bigot: A person who rejects a belief of a certain group such as race or religious faith. definition: rejection of belief
    Merriam-webster definition: rejection of ‘opinion’.

    Fact: Christians are against homosexuality as a behavior, not as a belief.

    Christians are therefore called by liberal/leftist logic, bigots for rejecting opinions/beliefs.

    For many certain Liberals/Leftists, they state they support the ‘free practice of religion’ but call out Christians in their own beliefs as bigots.

    Fact Ultimately what the above certain liberals/leftists reject is NOT the Christian behavior but their morals that speak out against homosexuality. Ergo, the focus in the liberal/leftist mind is not the ‘actions’ they disagree with foremost, but the morals that clashes with theirs.

    Christians have been showing intolerance towards the homosexuals because they are exercising their freedom of speech in voicing their beliefs and morals, and some show hateful messages and unwelcoming (to say the least) attitudes towards those with different morals or lifestyle.

    Fact: Christianity is called out by the left as a ‘behavior’. Christianity is seen as the ‘chosen’ path and therefore, ‘lifestyle’ of following a belief system.

    If a Christian acts hateful or ‘intolerant’, they are automatically bigots and haters.

    If a Christian gives up their morals only to advocate and encourage the very behavior that is defined as sinful, evil, and/or immoral, they are no longer a bigot but ‘normal’.

    Sounds like these leftists are passive Islamic terrorists attacking Christians in their front by trying to win verbal arguments and winning every argument involving politics, law, and ethics by twisting science and logic to their liking with every small technicality pebbles shifted towards their agenda.

    Conform or you will die – Islam extremist

    Conform or you will be punished by State/Government law, whether by jail, fines, speech gag, reformation and re-education (aka brainwashing and forcing Christians against their beliefs to ‘accept’ what they deem as moral or immoral)

    Christians, not the left or democrats, are the ones who are fighting a two sided war. In their front are the intolerant bigoted leftists. At their rear creeping behind the Christians are the terrorists.

    It’s laughable how leftists throw words like “taliban” and “sharia” to describe Christians when both act completely the opposite and so are their morals. They will then cherry pick old laws from the Moses Laws when they fail to understand the cultural meaning and intention behind the words that simply cannot be taken at face value due to difference in meaning of words that mean differently in terms of culture and time era.

    They claim Christians want to promote Sharia. What they mean is Sharia promotes the fusion of state and religion when nowhere in the Bible or any action from Chrisitans has there been an attempt to ‘force’ or fuse religion with state. Having a 10 commandments slab threatens the liberals because it simply is unfair to put “Obey God the only true God” as if you’re forcing God on them. Aside from the first few commands, the rest is about how to treat others as one should be treated, in which case Jesus summarized the latter commands after the first few that concerns only of God being the only and one true God, as “love thy neighbor”

    But as mother angelica has said, these churches today have become corrupted as their values and morals have become lax with too much emphasis on “love thy neighbor” that they have become friends with sin and the (sinful) world, that they forgot they had to put God first. In the same token there is no reason to be an American if you did not believe in the values that made America great and prosperous that clearly incorporated judeo-christian values.

    It’s ironic how majority of Americans admit there is a dramatic increase than ever before in moral decay and just like the global warming and CO2 charts, the decay has peaked just as liberalism has been skyrocketing. And people still can’t make the connection.

    • Perry

      noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries
      intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

      Describes progressives.

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  • daveme7

    Because Islam hates Christianity too and do not want to be killed or murdered from an IED or with machete to be aired on you tube for the rest of our lives.

  • Sam Cru

    Progressivism is an anti-white agenda that sometimes masquerades as an anti-Christian agenda.

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  • Lipstick Lesbian

    I am fairly liberal and I think both Christianity and Islam are both disgusting. Islam I would say is probably the worst of them.

  • I think all religions are medevil and obsurd for believing in magical men in the sky, ghosts, astology or miracles of prayer. But I’m not an aethist. I’m a logical person. Everyone knows that musims are just as peace loving as Christians, Jews, etc. EVERY RELIGION HAS PRACTICED TERROR! LOOK AT YOUR HISTORY! Inquisition, Crucades, Cortes and the Mayans, etc. This artlice is so biased, it’s silly. Replace a few words and the entire article can speak of how oppressive and rediculious organized religion is and how it controls our lives.

  • Pat

    Why do they ignore Islam ? Because they are cowards.
    The very same cowardice that happened before WW2 with the “Appeasement” politics with nazi Germany.

  • derfelcadarn

    “The fact remains that Christians as a whole, whether they belong to big churches or small ones, do not embrace terrorism to achieve their political or religious goals.” A fact also is that sadly in the past this precise mechanism was a go to for Christianity, and no doubt would be on the table if the return was there. Leopards do not change their spots.