The reason that liberals hate Christianity, but ignore Islam

One of the things that’s frustrating for non-liberals and non-Progressives is Leftists’ refusal to look Islam in the face (so to speak).  Yes, there are crazy people who are Christians and there are entire Christian sects that are crazy (such as the Westboro Baptists or Warren Jeffs’ polygamist Mormon cult).  The fact remains, however, that Christians as a whole, whether they belong to big churches or small ones, do not embrace or practice terrorism to achieve their political or religious goals.

Muslims, by contrast, routinely practice terrorism to achieve goals that are simultaneously religious and political, owing to Islam’s fusion of God and state.  Even though it’s remarkably simple to tie Islam to terrorism (9/11, the underwear bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, the attempted Portland Christmas tree massacre, the Boston Marathon bombing), Leftists scurry around like cockroaches exposed to the light in their desperate attempt to avoid acknowledging Islam’s violent heart.

Today, I read one thing and wrote another, both of which address Leftist hatred for Christianity, even though modern Christianity and genuine Judaism (as opposed to the hard Leftism that masquerades as “reform Judaism”) are the most humane, civilizing forces the world has ever seen.  With their focus on justice and grace, they rid the world of slavery, ended child labor, advanced women’s status and, in Israel’s case, fought a 60-year war without sinking to the level of her enemies.  But the Left truly hates them and seeks to undermine them at every turn.

The article I read on this subject is Benjamin Wiker’s “Why aren’t liberals more critical of Islam?” In it, he posits that, because secularism arose within and in opposition to a Christian Europe and America, Christianity was its original enemy.  Giving proof, however, to my repeated claim that “Progressives” are actually profoundly “regressive,” secularists (i.e., Leftists) continue their battle with Christianity despite that particular war having ended long ago. Judaism and Christianity absorbed the better parts of secularism while holding on to their core religious principles.

Because they are locked forever in an ideological time warp, says Wiker, liberals (or Progressives or Leftists or whatever else they call themselves to avoid the taint their ideas leave behind) cannot contemplate the possibility that there is another enemy, greater than their old foe Christianity.  Which brings me to a post I did today for Mr. Conservative.  It concerns Michael ‘Mikey’ Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and one of the most rabid anti-Christians you will ever meet.

When I wrote the post this morning, it made me uncomfortable that such a venomous man is somehow Jewish, whether genetically or in actual practice.  I hate to see that kind of hatred emanate from a group with which I’m affiliated.  However, having read Wiker’s essay, I realize that my concern is unfounded.  Weinstein’s hostility to Christians isn’t because he’s Jewish, it’s because he’s a Leftist.   (Not all Jews are Leftists, and not all Leftists are Jews, but those Jews who are Leftists are amongst the most extreme Leftists.  Mikey’s in that category.)

Here’s my Mr. Conservative post.  See what you think:

SECNAV prayers with Marines and Sailors at Fallujah in 2006

The Obama government sure knows how to pick ‘em. Right now, the Pentagon is concerned about religious intolerance in the American military. When people who are neither Leftists nor career politicians in thrall to the White House think of intolerance in the military, they think of Major Nidal Malik Hasan who went on an “Allahu Akbar” shooting spree at Fort Hood, killing 13 people and injuring more than thirty. The Pentagon, though, isn’t fooled by these false trails. It knows who the really intolerant people in the military are: Christians.

To that end, the military has brought in Michael Weinstein, Esq., a “religious tolerance” specialist and the man who founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (“MRFF”). Michael knows all about tolerance. Or at least, he knows all about tolerance in the Obama era. To Michael (or “Mikey” as he likes to be known), a good way to express tolerance is to call Christians “monsters” or, even better “bloody monsters.”

According to Mikey’s tolerant world view, Christians who serve in the American military are “well-funded gangs of fundamentalist Christian monsters who terrorize their fellow Americans by forcing their weaponized and twisted version of Christianity upon their helpless subordinates in our nation’s armed forces.” And that’s just Mikey’s throat-clearing.

Troll through an article Mikey wrote in The Huffington Post to justify his tolerant attack on alleged Christian intolerance in the American military, and you’ll learn quickly that the people he’s out to destroy (tolerantly, of course) are “evil, fundamentalist Christian creatures.” They are “bandits” who “coagulate their stenchful substances” in religiously-based organizations that support traditional marriage and oppose abortion. Don’t be fooled by these old-fashioned values, though. In fact, says Mikey, “The basis of their ruinous unity is the bane of human existence and progress: horrific hatred and blinding bigotry.”

What inspired Weinstein’s apopletic rage is the fact that conservatives took offense when the military piggy-backed on a delusional Southern Poverty Law Center screed and identified conservative Christians as the greatest terrorist threat in America. Because these groups use hate-filled language, Mikey says, such as “God Hates Fags” or “Thank God for IEDs,” they’re obviously one step away from committing a bomb attack in a major American city. (It’s so magical. It’s as if 9/11, Fort Hood, and the Boston bombing never happened!)

If Mikey is correct, that toxic, hate-filled rhetoric is all one needs to prove that a person or organization constitutes an imminent danger, then Mikey better start looking over his shoulder. Considering the “evil, fundamentalist Christian creatures,” “bandits (who) coagulate their stenchful substances,” and “monsters” who inhabit his rhetorical world, he looks like he’s ready to blow.

What Mikey can’t comprehend is that, while mainstream Christians and conservatives routinely condemn and distance themselves from organizations such as the Westboro Baptist Church, Mikey gets to disseminate his particular brand of hate-filled, toxic intolerance at a major Progressive internet outlet.

Even worse than the applause he’s getting from the mainstream Left is the fact that he’s been taken on by the Pentagon as a consultant to help develop new policies on religious tolerance in the military. These new policies will include rules for court-martialing military chaplains who use the Christian gospel when they counsel the American troops under their care. Or, as MRFF Advisory Board member Larry Wilkerson told The Washington Post, they essentially sexually assaulting the troops with their God talk.

No kidding. Wilkerson says that “Sexual assault and proselytizing are absolutely destructive of the bonds that keep soldiers together.” Lest there be any misunderstanding, Mikey clarified to The Post what Wilkerson really meant:

This is a national security threat. What is happening [aside from sexual assault] is spiritual rape. And what the Pentagon needs is to understand is that it is sedition and treason. It should be punished.

Mikey hates everything. Or at least he hates everything that has to do with Christianity. He foams at the mouth, spittle flying, when he talks about Christians, imagining them guilty of the most heinous crimes. The problem is that it’s not Christians committing the crimes he imagines. The major terrorist crimes come from the Islamists, something that Mike and his friends on the Left refuse to acknowledge. It’s bad when even arch-liberal Bill Maher calls this denial “liberal bullshit.”

Speaking of committed, though, in a sane world Mikey’s delusions would have him being checked out by psychiatrists as a clear and present danger. In our insane world, psychiatrists are used to disarm our veterans and the delusional, hate-filled, spittle-flecked Mikey gets to work with the Pentagon to create a tolerance policy that ensures that military chaplains will be court martialed for doing their jobs.

If troops are indeed being punished or ostracized because they don’t embrace a particular form of Christianity, the military has to address that. But Mikey makes it clear that, for him, being Christian is the real problem. In that regard, he’s the typical Leftist who says that the First Amendment, rather than giving people the right to worship, means that the Christian religion must be erased from America.

(End of the Mr. Conservative article, beginning of my last comment on the subject.)

As for me, I think that people who are willing to fight and die for their country in a constitutionally-bound military run by civilians, in a nation controlled by the First Amendment, should be allowed to practice their religion without Leftists denying them the comfort of knowing that, as they go into battle, God walks at their side.

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  • David Foster

    I discussed the bigotry against Christians in my post The Phobia(s) That May Destroy America.


    Oh crap. The administration found a Jewish jackass that foams at the mouth with hate. Summarizing: Obama has divided the country by race, money, who has healthcare – who doesn’t.  Not satisfied with pitting one against the other – he throws lighter fluid onto Jews and Christians in one fell swoop. Well…we’ve all been rolodexed into nice 3×5 cards to be passed around, passed over and pissed on. Now, take a wild guess – you only get one, who is not being hung out to dry and raked over the coals. Hint: It begins with an “I” ends with “slam”.
    I slept poorly last night, so I’ll keep this brief. WTF is the Pentagon thinking!?! Has it been off-shored to a third world country, who is calling the shots. I make no bones about how I feel about Obama, but it has become apparent to me, that there are enablers by the hundreds who are making this much too easy in short order. Where is the outrage from our esteemed conservative reps who fund the new hate-mill.  

  • kali

    Has the Westboro Baptist Church ever shown signs of being a Christian Church? I know that they’re the poster church for Christianity in the media, but has anyone ever really looked into the accusations that they’re a family of scammers?

  • Jose

    Religious intolerance in the military? Complete nonsense.  Weinstein is projecting.  The prevailing attitude is religious apathy, as it is in our larger culture. 
    As an NCO I supervised a great number of younger troops.  Most of them were more interested in booze and parties than God, but they all got treated the same.  I never saw anyone whose religious beliefs affected their career.  On second thought, I did know one Christian who refused to bend the rules, and made himself unpopular.  It didn’t prevent him from finishing a career with his integrity and self respect intact.
    I gave top performance ratings to the Wiccan and the Satanist I supervised.  Since I was responsible for the work they did, I was mostly concerned with the quality of their output. The Wiccan was very detail oriented, a stickler for the rules, and successfully continued his career.  The Satanist left the military to rejoin his high school rock band and eventually self-destructed.
    The Muslim I worked with was a moderate and interesting guy who converted to the faith of his Filipino wife.  His problems stemmed from the fact that earlier in his career he had been involved in drug use.  Since his job required a security clearance, his chances of promotion were poor. 
    The point is that the military is drawn from almost all parts of civilian society.  It reflects the greater US population in makeup and attitudes.  And just like any other profession, one’s work ethic and  life choices are the overriding determination of success.

  • JKB

    Leftists hate Christianity because it is the only promoter of socialism that has had any success.  That is because it works to change men’s hearts rather then impose tyrannical rule.  Christianity did have its tyrannical period.  And when the church had a franchise on violence, the Leftists, of the day, were Christians and high church members.  But when the use of force waned, the Leftists had to find a new home for their desire to control men.  
    It is quite unsatisfying to those with Leftist tendencies to work through example and depend on that changing people.  They seek power and wealth for themselves with little patience for quiet effort.  They love protest instead of voluntary cooperation.  They “build” organization to take from others, now more often via government reallocation, rather than doing something useful for others.  
    In fact, doing something useful for others, helping them to succeed is antithesis to their purpose.  If their “constituents” succeed, they will no longer follow.  Note how blacks and Hispanics have been more seriously impacted by the Obama economy.  If it isn’t a handout, the Leftist isn’t interested as a person who can succeed through their own efforts, even a little bit, has no need for a master, has no use for a Leftist.

  • KellyM

    My husband and I were having a conversation over the weekend which started with a discussion of the Marathon bombings and somehow morphed into a discussion of the role of religion in the public square. My husband, who maintains he’s an atheist (I think he’s a cynical agnostic) tends to have the idea that one’s religion should not somehow be on display in the public square.  I’ve come to understand that he means one’s religion should have no influence upon the political. As a practicing Catholic, my faith serves as the backbone to all the decisions I make, including the political. And in that vein all faiths should be out there in the tussle, debating and arguing for the good of our civic life. 
    But I fear that will not be the case for much longer. Christians of all stripes, including Catholics, are going to begin to see pressure brought to bear; perhaps loose talk or slander, loss of a job opportunity or simply friends and acquaintances who will shift away, all because we choose – no, must – be Christian in all we do. Leftists, under the guise of “fairness” or “tolerance” will look to take those loud debates out of public life “for our own good”. Incidents like the Georgetown priest being shredded by his own university for being faithful to the Magisterium, will become more of the norm and not the exception. This violent, hate-filled man is attempting to hasten it. I feel sorry for him. It’s a shame that he has rejected his Jewishness to the point where he has, if you’ll forgive the imagery, taken on the mantle of those jackbooted thugs of 80 years ago. Am I the only one who sees that? That’s what frightens me. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    It should be of great comfort to all of us that every poll taken shows the majority of Americans to be people of faith, which largely means Judeo-Christian faith. There are simply too many of us for the Leftwing to overcome and I suspect that their anti-Christian efforts will founder on the rocks, leaving them totally discredited. 
    You put your finger on something very, very important, Book.
    If you read the media or talk with ordinary people, you will find they will use the term “crazy” to describe terrorists or monsters like Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, or the NoKo Kims. These people aren’t crazy – they are actually wicked smart people that know exactly what they are doing. What they are is “evil”, which is a concept the secularists are incapable of comprehending. “Sanity and insanity” and “good and evil” are two completely different value concepts
    This is what is crazy: people unable to deal with the realities of this world and thereby create and live in fictional realities in their minds. That includes all those people that you describe above, who are unable to conceive that Islam is inherently evil and that there are people who want to kill them simply for who they are and what they believe. That’s crazy! That’s insanity! It’s also suicidal. I suspect that ancient cavemen did not feel so compelled to live in fictional realities and, if they did, Darwinist realities helped to ensure that they did not reproduce.
    We need to recapture the language. Whenever somebody uses the “crazy people” descriptor for inherently evil people, I make a point of correcting them. No, they aren’t crazy. They are evil. 

  • Charles Martel

    Danny, I’m not quite as optimistic as you are. Before he checked out, Harold Bloom (pbuh), who wrote “The Closing of the American Mind,” wrote The American Religion: “The Emergence of the Post-Christian Nation.” In it, Bloom contended that American Christianity is basically a modern form of gnosticism. From Amazon’s capsule view:
    “Without knowing it, American worshipers have moved away from Christianity and now embrace pre-Christian Gnosticism, asserts Bloom ( The Book of J ). In his most controversial book to date, the Yale professor defines “the American Religion” as a Gnostic creed stressing knowledge of an inner self that leads to freedom from nature, time, history and other selves. Every American, he writes, assumes that God loves her or him in a personal, intimate way, and this trait is the bedrock of our national religion, a debased Gnosticism often tinged with selfishness. The core of this odd, ponderous book focuses on Pentecostals, Christian Scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh-Day Adventists and especially Mormons and Southern Baptists–the two denominations Bloom believes will dominate future American religious life. He argues that mainline Protestants, Jews, Roman Catholics and secularists are also much more Gnostic than they realize. He identifies African-American religion, mystical and emotionally immediate, as a key element in the birth of our home-grown Gnosticism around 1800.”
    I think Bloom was pretty much on the mark. In the case of what resistance orthodox Christians and believing Jews will be able to offer in the coming war on religion, I think that we will see a rapid thinning of the ranks as the high cost of discipleship becomes apparent. A large number of nominal Christians and Jews, like true Gnostics, will decide that it’s every man for himself. I’ll be disappointed when that happens, but not surprised. Unrewarded suffering has never really been part of the American Dream.
    Where I do agree with you is that whatever remnant remains will be something that the left cannot quite eradicate, no matter how many Bill Ayers-style “re-education” (death) camps it builds.

  • raymondjelli

    I think religion or history does not explain in the Left but corruption does.  The dominant organized religions provide the moral basis whereby dishonesty and lining your own pockets at other people’s expense can be fought.  They foam at the mouth about so-called hatred but what really gets them is the idea of a Creator that judges your personal actions and rewards and punishes and is never fooled. A person believing in such a being is a lot more prone to be honest than the Mikey Weinstein’s of the world.  That atheist sneer is also a sneer at those they can’t control for dishonest purposes.
    Radical Islam does not attack government corruption.  We know that its leaders are the most corrupt on the planet.  It also seeks to break down other governments and appropriate funds and run protection rackets against dhimmi populations.
    Leftists hate Islamic small businessmen as much as they hate anyone and in London riots or Occupy protests did not hesitate to attack them or vandalize their property. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    Charles Hammer, you just added another book to my reading list. 
    RaymondJelli, these are very interesting points that square with Book’s earlier posts on the appeal of Islam in penitentiaries.
    Because it legitimates violence. Given your comments, we should also add “corruption” to the list of acceptable behaviors promoted in Islam. 

  • MacG

    David Foster the link seems to be broken.  Even after I found the site the second page would not load.

  • David Foster

    MacG…sorry, not sure what’s going on..the link is working for me, at least right now.
    Try this path instead: The Phobia(s) that may Destroy America.

  • Spartacus

    ACLU, Gay Legal Groups Oppose ‘Religious Exemption’ In Job Discrimination Bill
    The ACLU (Anti-Christian Lawyers Union) stands firmly for freedom of religion and freedom of association, as always!  Guaranteed jobs for lefty agitators inside any conservative church, so that they can destroy it from within once hired, or from without, if the church is foolish enough to deny them employment.
    I’ve never understood why anyone who was both sane and sincere would want to work in any workplace where they were not wanted, whether due to poor work skills, breach of trust, general inability to “play well with others in the sandbox,” or a worldview in diametrical conflict with the goal of the organization.  How happy can anyone in that workplace be if the only reason you get to come to work every morning is because of a court order?
    The freedom of association guaranteed in the First Amendment includes not merely the right to associate with those of one’s choosing, but also the freedom not to associate with others… people forget that part.

  • Tim (Random Observations)

    I suspect the left hates both Judaism and Christianity because, deep down, they hate/fear the God who could be behind both religions… and because leftism actually shares some similarity with Islam.

    (1) Why are certain atheists angry, when others aren’t? Non-angry atheists (I tend to believe) are *actual* atheists: they’re sincere in their agnosticism/atheism, and they tend to end up further towards the right. (Examples: Krauthammer. Rove. John Jay Ray.) Angry atheists, on the other hand, tend to lean left — certainly socially left, but often economically too, as economic leftism becomes a kind of utopian substitute religion.

    And methinks they tend to protest a bit too much: Who gets *angry* at the Easter Bunny? If you’re angry about God, I suspect you probably fear he exists. And the secular left seems rather angry about the whole God thing, no? (The motivation here, I suspect, is fear of the possibility of judgement in the afterlife or other flavors of valid moral condemnation — not fear of violence.)

    In contrast, I think that most leftists *don’t* suspect the God of Islam exists. (Resorting to violence is a sign you’re holding a weak hand, argument-wise.) They view it as one of those quaint religions followed by minorities — no more likely than the ancient Incan or Egyptian gods. (Note that the flavor of Christianity the left fears least is African-American Christianity. PBS will cover that glowingly — isn’t it cute?) So there’s no *anger* about hearing or being exposed to Islamic beliefs — doesn’t get under their craw. (Note also that criminals seem to find Islam rather easy to adopt without other changes (e.g. James Holmes), suggesting there’s very little personal ego condemnation in certain strains.)

    (2) Islam is utopian. Leftism is utopian. Islam believes in having lots of rules for every aspect of your life, as does leftism. Islam constantly issues new fatwas; as does leftism. Islam is at war with Christianity & Judaism, so is leftism. Both place a lot of emphasis on physically dominating the world. Both promise a utopia if you just get rid of all competing voices. Both can be highly intolerant to disagreement. Both contain a religious *and* political component. Both place a high value on “team membership”, and tend to be somewhat morally flexible as long as the cause is advanced. (You can deceive infidels as part of jihad, leftists positions often flip, etc.) So I suspect they both tend to attract the same kinds of people, depending only on cultural context.

    Note also that Islam assures it’s followers they’re the best people on earth; not too different than the east/west coast mentality. (On the other hand, when I go to church, I hear that I’m a sinner like everyone else.)

    This much similarity might lead to either rivalry or cooperation, depending on…

    (3) The left doesn’t see Islam as direct political competition. Who really cares what happens in Egypt? (Or, if you’re Hillary, Benghazi…) Islamists in the US will probably vote Democrat (similar to what UK’s Labor calculated… correctly).
    Conversely, conservative Christians vote for… (gasp) Republicans!

    (I recently read a biography of Mao. During WWII, Chiang Kai-Shek & the Nationalists fought the Japanese and viewed them as the enemy — whereas Mao thought of the nationalists as the enemy, and avoided fighting the Japanese. You’ll note that Mao won. Conservatives think of North Korea as evil, or extremist Islam as a threat; leftists think of Mitt Romney or George Bush as evil, and view Ann Coulter or Fox News as a threat.)

    And if a Islamic extremist attacks someone in the west, well, that has presents a few problems — but also offers a chance for increased control. (You can’t closely investigate his Mosque, but you *can* put cameras on every street corner and toss out the need for search warrants in general…)

    (4) Bullies prefer weak targets. So it’s easier for the left to call young-earth creationists “stupid” than it is to say similar things about Muslims. Evangelicals will write them unhappy letters and say they’ll pray for them, whereas angry Islamists might threaten to separate their head from their shoulders, in one neat move.

  • Bookworm

    Tim (Random Observations):  I couldn’t agree more, especially with your distinction between genuine atheists and angry atheists, who really aren’t.  I’ve always considered Satanists to be God believers — in a horrible, perverse negative way, of course — but they could only worship Satan if they first acknowledged that there is a God. 

  • Charles Martel

    Tim (Random Observations), that was a great analysis and a damned good read. Thanks.

  • Beth

    Tim (Random Observations):  explains why it kinda feels like we’re in a vice.  Stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

  • shirleyelizabeth

    So, is it not considered “spiritual rape” to have Planned Parenthood and gay activists come into your children’s classrooms?

  • lee

    A lot of people on the right hailed the Tabor decision, but it made me nervous. The thing about the Tabor decision is that the plaintiff fell under the “ministerial exception.” Now the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has what they call “rostered ministers” that include roles besides pastors.
    I am not entirely clear what is involved in becoming a “rostered minister” for the ELCA, but I DO know that if you are, oh, let’s say, a Conservative Jew, it is SIX LONG EXPENSIVE YEARS in the Seminary to become a rabbi, which, for the Supreme Court, is a “minister.” That means that the average ELCA hometown church has a LOT more employees that are “ministers”–teachers, youth leaders, etc., than the average hometown Conservative synagogue. So, to me, the Hosanna Tabor decision means the potential for open season on “churches”( and religions organizations*) by the Government, when it comes to NON-MINSTER employees. So if a religious organization wants to maintain its protection against the instrusion of the state, they better take a hard look at “ordination” and maybe consider implementing what the ELCA does.
    * And let’s not forget that the Feds now define what constitutes a “religious organization”:
    1.  “Has the inculcation of religious values as its purpose”;
    2. “Primarily employs persons who share its religious tenets”;
    3. “Primarily serves persons who share its religious tenets”;\
    4. “Is a nonprofit organization”
    Which all smacks to me of a violation of the Establishment Clause…

  • Ymarsakar

    The war against evil has never stopped. People merely assume “old fights” are in the past, because they themselves have not seen the terrors of the frontline. These days, the front line is just one state away.
    The Pentagon will be taken over by Leftists sooner or later. The John Kerries were already doing that in Vietnam. They will be able to give orders, soon, concerning suppressing various “right wing terrorist” groups in the US, aided by drones.
    The reason why the Left is against Christianity, Iraq, and the military gaining experience in war is pretty simple. People just like to refuse to accept it. The Left is against all of that because all of those things benefited humanity in one form or another and continues to do so. The Left cannot tolerate anything that benefits human progress. They are in a war against humanity itself.

  • Ymarsakar

    The concept that the Left and the Democrats are just doing things for partisan reasons, to get a leg up on politics, by massaging the view about liberating Iraq, is naive, soft, and weak.
    They didn’t do it because it would hurt Bush. They did it because they were pissed scared that someone would figure out how to use counter-insurgency to liberate their slaves: the Jews, the gays, the blacks, and anyone else in their thrall. A Fallujah in Iraq is one thing. A Chicago in the US… quite another. Their rage against Bush was merely their escape into fantasy, to prevent having to think about ultimate defeat.
    The things learned in Iraq to free a foreign people… could never and will never be brought back home to free an oppressed American people.

  • Gringo

    The reason that liberals hate Christianity, but ignore Islam.
    A simple explanation: the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

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  • Tim (Random Observations)

    Bookworm, re Satanism: That question’s always intrigued me.

    Forget, for a moment, any question of whether something like “Satan” actually exists. I’ve always puzzled: what’s behind the apparent psychological need to *identify* with a symbol like that? If your culture picks out a symbol of evil — why be drawn to “rehabilitate” or glorify that particular image? What are you saying about yourself? (“Whatever’s bad… that’s what I’m into… and oh, it’s really good?”)

    You see this a lot in recent left-leaning adaptations of the Easter story: Whereas, in the biblical text, Judas has zero redeeming characteristics (side note: he’s the first documented leftist: read John 12:1-6) — in recent performances of (say) Godspell, he’s suddenly co-hero with Jesus.

    Again, what’s the motivation: “Oh, is X the traitor? He must be the good guy…” Aren’t you saying you believe *yourself* to be a traitor?

    (Another example, perhaps: Wicked, the Broadway play. Haven’t seen it, though.)

    When I was a kid, I thought Satanism must involve pentacles, animal sacrifice, puffs of smoke — spectacular and/or obviously-evil stuff. Today, I muse that if devil exists and custom-designed a religion for the US, it couldn’t possibly look too different from progressivism. As John Ray notes, pithily (don’t always agree with him, but he’s often thought provoking) — leftist policies are candy-coated rat poison.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Tim, I think that you are right on! 

  • Ymarsakar

    Satanism is based around the rebellion of Lucifer, thus it is a symbol for rebellion or taking out your own tyrannical government, even though it may be treason. Conceptually, it considers Lucifer’s rebellion to have just causes or at least misinterpretations of the human scribed biblical accounts.

  • Jose

    Tim, my exposure to Satanism was limited to a single individual who was influenced by Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, and his books.  I read a couple of them but didn’t find them all that interesting or sensational.
    The thing that sticks with me was that LaVey’s writings did not encourage a religious or supernatural outlook, but a secular one.  His basic philosophy was to turn the Golden Rule (treat others the way you would like to be treated) on it’s head, and make self interest one’s primary goal in life.  He advocated a complete disregard for the well being of others, and placing one’s personal gain above all other considerations.
    This is an interesting contrast with the stereotypical Hollywood depiction of Satan worshipers.  They are usually portrayed as subordinate creatures suffering and enduring various degradations for the “master”.  LaVey’s message, which my acquaintance embraced, was to look for a way to have the best of  everything, while investing the absolute minimum of effort, and taking advantage of others whenever possible.
    When you think about it, this attitude really is the exact opposite of Judeo/Christian beliefs.  And it is the default lifestyle for many who reject those religions.

  • Wolf Howling

    I truly despair at what the left is doing to our military – from using the military as fundamental tool of their crony capitalism to further the use of vastly more expensive green fuels to using it as a tool to further social policies potentially damaging to our war fighting ability (openly gay soldiers, women in combat units), to defunding the military to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars since Obama came into office.  Under Obama, the left is intent on pushing their social-political agenda through our military.  Is anyone surprised by this.  Obama was bequeathed the greatest war fighting machine our world has seen since the Roman Empire.  He has been intent not on keeping it so, but on using the military to further his political and social agenda.  And since the the penultimate enemy of the left is Christianity, why should Book’s post come as any surprise at all.
    As to why despise Christianity but ignore Islam, the answer is threefold.  At least up until the mid-1700’s, the history of Christianity and the history of Western Civilization were completely intertwined.  One could not understand one without the other, nor separate the two.  Virtually all of the laws, institutions and culture of Western civilization can be traced back to Judeo-Christian religious roots.  The left wants to remake society, and thus religion must be the first to go from the public square.  The left, since the French Revolution, has been open about it – or at least up until modern times, when you have lefties claiming nominal Christian affiliation while warring on Christianity in the public square – i.e,. Pelosi, Obama, pick a Kennedy.  Islam has no hold on Western culture at the moment, so it is no immediate threat.
    Two, Islamists and the left share the same basic goal of driving Christianity from the Western world.  Much like how the West embraced “Uncle Joe” Stalin in WWII, there is no question that the left views the enemy of their enemy as their friend.  Closely related thereto, but on a more practical note, because of this shared affinity, Muslims make utterly reliable left wing voters.
    Lastly, I wonder how much of this affinity for Islam is ultimately a refusal of those on the left to countenance any facts that do not support their world view?  How can Muslims be seen as the font of evil when the greatest threat to the world are the religious right?  How can Muslim culture be criticized when it is Western culture that is evil?  One can think of countless variations on that theme, but it all boils down to a suicidal world view where the left simply refuses to acknowledge any reality that challenges what they want to believe.        

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  • Troll Feeder

    “even though modern Christianity and genuine Judaism (as opposed to the hard Leftism that masquerades as “reform Judaism”) are the most humane, civilizing forces the world has ever seen”
    Modern Christianity and genuine Judaism are the most humane and civilizing ideas the world has ever seen.   The most humane and civilizing force, however, is the United States Marine Corps.

    • Bookworm

      You won’t hear me arguing with that one, Troll Feeder. I love the Marines.

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  • tennvols87

    Yea you are confusing Allan with Harold Bloom. Harold Bloom was a notorious hater of Christianity and Ameican Gospel reflects that animus. Harold is also still alive and wrote a cheap shot article about Romney’s Mormonism. Allan is indeed dead but he died a good deal before American Gospel came out and taught at Chicago not Yale.

  • gdi4ever

    I think Mickey Weinstein needs to set up a one on one meeting with ISIS, ISIL, and el Qaeda to learn more about Islam. He will learn that they have much in common and share many core values.

  • ymarsakar

    Islamic Jihad is allied with the Leftist alliance.

    West boro are Leftists first and foremost. It’s not Christianity, but Christian heresy, like much of the Left’s death cult dogma.

    • D_Smith2020

      Stop and think why they have to single out a deviant sect of 40 people to project upon 2 billion? It’s because Christianity is the most civilized worldview on the planet and they’re reduced to hunting and pecking for those 40 to “prove” otherwise which is, of course, disingenuous without a shred of integrity.

      • ymarsakar

        They didn’t have to single out anyone. The Left knows the Westboro faction is their own. Just as they knew the KKK were Democrats first and always.

        They don’t need to hunt for deviants because the Leftist operatives know who is guilty because they are responsible for most of it, including the Catholic Church’s infestation of homosexuals and child rapists.

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  • Michael Hiteshew

    I think Mikey is insane. My opinion.

  • Ken Skaggs

    Everything liberals do is the exact opposite of what they say it is, and this is another example of it. In the name of tolerance and bullying, they have become intolerant bullies.

  • eaglestalon

    Long article to state the obvious. Liberals are abject COWARDS and never criticize Islam because they FEAR the consequences.

    It is but one of the things which makes them so pathetic.

  • Alias Darker

    because they are cowards , they know christians will not threaten their lives if they insult them . easy question, easy answer . they have no dignity , they would prefer to collaborate with an oppressor to save their lives rather than fight them .

  • wonkywizzard

    This written by a man in a country that only exists because whites exterminated the natives. Then there was the slaughter in Vietnam, Iran Contra, the terror wars in S America to keep US sponsored murderers in charge. Those so called Muslims that the west hates so much were sponsored by the US. The Middle East has no indigenous arms industry, so why is the US supplying weapons and cash to those it claims as it enemy – ISL was on the list of friendlies only a year ago. The west gets what it pays for, if it went home and stopped claiming the rest of the world as its sphere of influence and stopped arming everyone and making sure fellow psychopaths were in charge, the world would be a safer place

    • Danny Lemieux

      “Whites exterminated the natives”. Really? What natives? What tribes? This comment is so full of absolute drivel it is difficult to know where to let the fisking begin.

      • Charles Martel

        Danny, bear in mind that a semi-literate drive-by rant like that that would be considered a scholarly dissertation on HuffPo.

        • Danny Lemieux

          We will see more of this as we approach the next election cycle and the paid trolls emerge from under their rocks. But, we whacked them before, Hammer, and we will whack them again.

    • ymarsakar

      The Left likes to take control of US policy then sacrifice the goat by saying it’s the US’s fault. Which is true only in the partial truth that the Left allows. It’s engineered collapse. They engineered the collapse of the bridge, and then use the collapse of the bridge to get more power to government and crush their enemies.

      If Americans are responsible, they are responsible only in the sense that anyone shares the guilt of allowing murderers and Leftist rapists to be loose in civilization without putting them down like the mad zombies that they are.

  • SAJP

    I don’t think I’ve ever read a more stupid, hate-filled load of garbage in my life.

    • MacG

      You are talking about your comment? Try anger management.

    • ymarsakar

      The Left’s emotional torture can only be fought by truly strong emotions like hate and faith. The Left, after all, is fueled by very negative emotions, you all being zombies and cannonfodder of your Hussein Obola masters. The herd must be culled and when everyone is afraid of your Islamic Jihad allies and your government IRS/ATF super goons, they won’t do anything to stop your totalitarian obedience to orders.

      When the people are filled with hate for Hollywood rapist directors and Democrats, however, then things change. And not in your favor.

  • SAJP

    So the Westboro Church members and the KKK are all “Lefties” who voted for Obama? LOL!!!

    • Danny Lemieux

      Uh, yes. SAJP. In fact, a former-but-never-recanted Klansmen headed up the Democrat Senate until 2010. And it’s easy enough to wiki “KKK” and “Fred Phelps” to document their ties to the Democrats and (in Phelps’ case) Al Gore. Many people don’t know that about 20% of the 5,000 people or so lynched between 1865 and 1965 were white Republicans lynched by Democrats.

      • SAJP

        LOL!!! Oh I see now–you’re too young to understand that those “Dixiecrats” you mention are today’s Republicans. You should protest to your teachers and tell them to be honest with you–to teach you proper history–that the racist Dixiecrats fled the democratic party during the Nixon era and the left-leaning Lincoln republicans fled to the democratic side. Make sure you tell your teacher to be honest and explain why in the last 50 years the republicans have suddenly become the racist, bible-thumping apartheid party in America that in no way resembles the original party of Lincoln, but have simply hijacked the name. This garbage isn’t even a ‘nice try’, since it only ever fooled the very young, the stupid and the brain-dead.

        • Bookworm

          Since it’s inception, the Democrat party has been obsessed with subordinating blacks. Since it’s inception, it’s been a magnet for Americans obsessed with subordinating blacks. Everything else, as Hillel says, is just commentary.

          • SAJP

            …and that’s why we voted for, and support, Obama–our twice-elected Black president.
            That makes total sense to you, in your strange, perverse little world, no doubt.

          • ymarsakar

            Sacrificing white goats isn’t going to remove the blood from you or your family’s hands, S.

          • Danny Lemieux

            Nice try, SAJP, but very poor grasp of history. Unsurprisingly, basis your comments, you apparently get your history lessons from Dem-Prog bumper-sticker mythology. The Dixiecrat Democrats never switched to Republicanism, as witnessed by the fact that Dixiecrat racists like Fulbright, Gore (Sr.), Lib-Prog icon Robert Byrd (the KKK recruiter) and others held on to their racist view and their elected Democrat seats even as the Republican party built its southern base. But, for a quick history lesson …

          • SAJP

            LOL!! I rest my case–your ‘White-Right’ propaganda is a joke–and the joke is on you because no one with an IQ north of 60 is buying.

            Enjoy your cheap racism, your hate-filled Liberal/Minority/LGBT-bashing, your arrogant insistence on rewriting history while you wallow in your vacuum-encapsulated little white goober world, and take comfort in the fact that you will always be losers no matter how hard you try to twist the truth. I just feel sorry for your children, who you’re obviously programming to believe in a reality that doesn’t exist–to their inevitable failure and your undying shame.


          • Danny Lemieux

            LOL! I detect the normal Lib-Prog pattern when confronted by existential threats to their imaginarium bubble: a hissy-fit, followed by a primal scream, followed by a Tourette-like bout of name calling, soon to be followed by a long, extended pout. No doubt. Learn to love truth, SAJP, no matter where the facts take you. As the Good Book said, all else is vanity.

        • MacG

          “that the racist Dixiecrats fled the democratic party during the Nixon era and the left-leaning Lincoln republicans fled to the democratic side.”
          Can you cite your sources please?

          • SAJP

            Well, apart from obvious history virtually everyone over 30 knows, here’s just one example–out of thousands–from one of your own–the GOP Lifer:

            “In 1989, a young Democratic State Legislator named Rick Perry switched to the GOP to run for Texas Agriculture Commissioner. He was riding a fresh wave that would gain momentum over the next few years reaching much deeper into the Dixiecrat ranks. These younger politicians were taking advantage of a new political cover and institutional groundwork created by religious fundamentalists.”



            But, let me add–I am totally happy for you folks to hold your views–no matter how contrary to truth they might be–because at the end of the day, they don’t really matter very much.

          • Charles Martel

            “But, let me add–I am totally happy for you folks to hold your views–no matter how contrary to truth they might be–because at the end of the day, they don’t really matter very much.”

            Glad to help your happiness quotient, SJAP. Now if we could only help you with your sneering, snarky onscreen personality!

          • MacG

            By cites I meant something other than opinion sites. When you mentioned the Dixiecrats I assumed that you were talking about the Democrat political sect who largely in 1948, went back into the house which they helped build,


            40 years after the disbanding of the Dixiercrats (2 years before Rick Perry was born), Rick Perry changed parties and 65 years after so did Elbert Guillory as someone who would know something about the racial divide.

  • Dusquene Whistler

    Al Gore and Fred Phelps(of the Westboro Baptist Church) go way back. Gore even invited him to both Clinton inaugurations.

  • ymarsakar

    Looks like you hit a critical spot, Book. Keep on hitting the same point in their armor and it will collapse.

    Most of the things the Left blames on the US, were really done by Leftists, Leftist agent provocateurs, and Leftist allies like Islamic Jihad. We all know it’s true by now, and even the zombies find it difficult to deal with ISIL, the Left and Hussein Obola’s friends.

  • Barry Cole

    Only one note, and a suggested addition, from me, in your last statement – IMHO “…. battle, their God, walks by their side.”

    That is the meaning of religious freedom, and religious tolerance, and American principles. That is the fundamental right of all persons in America. Allah can walk beside or in the heart of a Muslim soldier, and G-d can be along for the journey of a Jewish soldier whether he thinks he’s on his shoulder, alongside him, in his heart or in his knapsack!

    A Military pastor or minister or chaplain can and should use any resource that is ministerial to his charges. If humpty dumpty is soothing, or meaningful, he can use that, and if the bible is meaningful (NOT to the Chaplain, but to the person whom he is ministering to), then he can and should use it. If the military wants to help with religion and intolerance and tolerance in the military, it should first respect the right of a minister and the soldier to be able to have total privacy, and total confidentiality, if that is what the soldier wants. Second, they can and should allow the minister (Father, Brother, Rabbi, Shaman, Guru, Reverend, or otherwise – by any name, rank, or denomination, I mean, here), to be and serve his charges (soldiers to whom he ministers), in any way that is meaningful to the soldiers. By that I mean that he must be sensitive to their needs, and not dictate what they must believe or not believe. If he is giving a sermon to a mixed group, or starting a meeting or a meal with a prayer, he can use general references to God, Jesus, and other biblical references, and ask for blessings upon all the people, not just those that have the same beliefs as he.We see it all the time in invocations to start races, and meals shared by people of all walks. He can speak about spiritual things and Godly concepts without condemning anyone’s beliefs, and even allowing for people in the audience that might be atheist or agnostic. Weinstein certainly is no model citizen for determining good or bad of anyone, since he has a bias as big as the sky, its obvious. That he has a Jewish heritage is of no use to even bring up, since we don’t own all the Jews’ bad acts, anymore than we own all the Christians’ bad acts. But neither do the millions of Muslims own all the terrorists bad acts. My Muslim friends are all as kind and generous and warm as my Christian and Jewish friends, and as embarrassed of the terrorists claiming that they are the true Islamics, as are my Jewish friends are of the violent bigoted minority of the Jews that claim that they are the voice of true Judaism. The bottom line is that anyone that is against anyone due to their private belief of their religion, is guilty of bigotry and discrimination. And defending any Christian’s right to any freedoms, must be coupled with a defense of all peoples’ rights to their freedoms, too.

    As for the controls and guidance the Military is putting on Chaplains, and Rabbis, and Ministers of all faiths in the military, they had best be moderately cautious, and insure that the soldiers get what they need, are not forced or compelled to listen, see or hear any dogma or religious messages they do not want to participate in, and be responsive to soldiers that wish to have something different for their spiritual needs, and respect each and every different belief to the extent possible. Any duress placed on any soldier for any aspect of his spirituality is by definition illegal and wrong. That is our American creed outside the military, and should be inside.

    Above all, if any minister is subjected to harassment for what he preaches, or what he uses in ministering – the only measure is whether it is useful to the people he’s ministering to. Not whether someone above him, or in political positions, think one way or another about it.

    -Reverend Barry A. Cole -

  • American Patriot

    New name for Liberals: THUGS.

  • Coolcat

    This thread is still open?

    • Bookworm

      It is if you have something interesting to add? ;)

  • Sabertooth

    Why do they denounce Christianity but ignore or embrace Islam? Probably 2 main reason: Christians are the majority and they’re not near as militant and assertive as Muslims on average. Many Christians today are way to nice and allow people to walk all over them and so they will.