The Progressive version of Martin Niemoeller’s famous “First they came” poem

Can I do some serious boasting about the quality people who come to this site?  Yes, yes I can .  (Or as Obama’s fans say, Si, se puede!)  With every post I write, I get the ball rolling and you all take off, combining your erudition, humor, and insights into a fabulous melange of intellectual wonderfulness.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  I’m always honored that you chose Bookworm Room as an intellectual hang-out.

So, a little more boasting about my readers?  I’ve been referencing Pastor Martin Niemoeller lately, he of “First they came” fame.  This is because I believe that the IRS attack on political groups that Democrats don’t like is the first link in that chain.  We have to stand up and fight now, even if we weren’t specifically a conservative organization applying for tax-exempt status or a conservative millionaire demonized by Obama’s campaign machine.

One of my wonderful readers wrote a satirical version of Niemoeller’s poem, straight out of the mouth’s of Progressives.  As with all good satires, it works perfectly because it exposes an ugly truth about an ideology that drapes itself in hypocritical piety.

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  1. shirleyelizabeth says

    ‘Then they came for the “preppers”‘
    Speaking of which…Government Regulations Cause LDS Canning Facilities to Shut Down
    I will preface the link with a personal explanation: I live in AZ and grew up volunteering at the cannery and church farms. I also grew up learning how to cook with the goods that came from the cannery and lined the shelves of our garage and pantries. The canneries and farms/orchards not only can food for buyers, but also to stock the shelves of Bishop’s Storehouses, where poor in the community/stake, after meeting with the bishop or Relief Society President to determine need, are given vouchers to go “shop” for food. You have to meet with the Bishop or RS Pres to receive another voucher (really just a food order), and they need to see that you are sincerely trying to better your situation, or see how you use what you do have to contribute to the community/ward (for example, a widow in my ward with young children that contributes her talents as a seamstress whenever called on).
    My husband and I came to a time of severe underemployment, with a house payment and tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills to keep up with. We canceled all extras, subscriptions and internet, but still had nothing left to buy food. What we did have was a stocked pantry and food storage under our bed and in our closets. Because of this, and my ability to use it, we were able to stay off public assistance for the long months that passed before real unemployment came (and it was at the very end of that time when things were looking really bleak that we did show our faces at a DES office – and then things turned up and we were so happy to shake off the shame of the assistance). We do regret, though, that our pride kept us from going to our Bishop much earlier in the trial. Part of it was we didn’t really understand what kind of help would have been offered, but when we look back now we think of how many of the struggles we didn’t need to deal with (like wheat biscuits with a bullion gravy…every night).
    So to me, this isn’t just “them” coming for the Mormons. It’s attacking the self-sufficient. Our preparations kept us off food stamps and always working towards something better.
    Also, the cannery pasta sauce is THE BEST.

  2. says

    The Leftist alliance was a far more powerful and detailed organization than most people ever imagined. The concept that one can get white guy hating Black Panthers together with homosexual advocacy groups as well as white class lawyers and Southern gentlemen Democrats, plus white middle and high class aristos, is like a story out of Cuba, Iran, or the Honorverse.
    Those people don’t get along. They have 180% opposite ideological stances to each other. There’s no way they would cooperate together for a common cause. You conspiracy nuts need to sit down and shut up with that non sense.
    What people don’t realize is that totalitarian systems naturally force people who don’t want to get along, to get along. They get something in return. Sex slaves, money, wealth, class recognition, respect… something. Do Islamic CAIR get the same thing as the Black Panthers? No. Do Planned Parenthood get the same thing as PETA? No. Does SEIU get the same thing as teacher unions and police unions? Maybe. Do women hating Islamic organizations get enough to tolerate working with feminist man hating organizations? Apparently so. Just as Saddam could somehow combine Kurdish north with Sunni center and Shia south together, so the same could be said for when Khomeini combined freedom loving “modern” Iranian activists with hard line conservative Sharia dominated Shia followers. In the end, one faction wiped out the rest. There goes that trash… but only after both of them took out the Shah, the old Guard of traditional order that had been able to make people cooperate before. They said he used too much force with his secret police. That must be why Khomeini was able to wipe out all the dissenters when the Shah on the other hand couldn’t wipe out Khomeini. Khomeini knew that the Shah didn’t use “enough force”.
    Normal people couldn’t get this to work if they tried. Primarily because you, a hypothetical example of “normal” America, have no knowledge or experience utilizing psychological torture, human manipulation tools, and totalitarian force doctrines. But it works. Oh it works. It definitely works. Maybe not forever, eventually they’ll have to fight over who gets the rest of the girls, children, and slave fodder left over, like Stalin and Hitler fought after dividing up Poland. But the time is not yet.
    The point is, totalitarian systems look like a system that is mutually in contradiction with itself. That’s why they need internal and external enemies of the state to purge. That’s why they need to keep people in line for the good of the Regime. If they didn’t, they would blow up.
    Then again, that’s one of the weaknesses of the Left. They don’t cooperate out of any love for their fellows. They cooperate only because of fear and the recognition of force/violence. Which means, if you get more violence/force than their allies…. you now control the Left.

  3. says

    The reason why America has never been able to defeat the evil of the Left, is simple. All the delaying actions in US history, has only amounted to a metaphor to UN sanctions done to Saddam and North Korea.
    That is the kind of thing you’re dealing with here in the US. Why does talking and politics not work against the Left? Well, why didn’t it work against North Korea and Saddam? And what did Republicans did needed to be done to and about Saddam again? Yet they think they can go cheap and not have to pay an equal or greater cost for change in the US? This isn’t closure sales at the mall. Even though there’s a war on, keep the shopping at the mall to a minimum.
    So, the Left’s power must be broken. And the only way it can be broken, is by killing them. The solution is simple, but hard to accept. Had the Left been “reasonable” and not “ruthless”, things would never have come about to this.
    Of course, those who disagree are free to continue their attempts to “convince” the Left of whatever it is they think will make them stop doing… things to Americans, of course. I’ll quietly wait for the “results”, in due time.

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