Sweden fiddles while Stockholm burns

When multiple people send me a link to the same story, it’s obvious that I must talk about it.  The story, which seems impossible to believe but is in fact true, concerns the Swede’s creative approach to dealing with those “youths” who are currently entering their sixth (or is it seventh) day of rioting in Stockholm.

Before I focus on the Swedes, I should say here that it seems downright cavalier for me to remind anyone that these “youths” are Muslims who refuse to assimilate.  After all, Sweden doesn’t want to talk about it, and those of us with a few non-PC brain cells left have figured it out anyway.

In this regard, the PC crowd has managed to turn Muslim “youths” into the Victorian equivalent of piano legs.  Victorians, horrified by the crude honesty of the word “leg,” are reputed to have referred to these piano appendages as “limbs” when they referred to them at all, and some are believed to have gone so far as to cover them with skirts.  Some realities are just too dreadful to contemplate.

As with those piano “limbs,” we know that Muslim rioters are there, but the reality is so devastating for delicate sensibilities that the fine minds on the PC side of the spectrum have concluded that we must refer to them as “youths,” if we have to refer to them at all.  They understand that those with dirty (or racist) minds will know what lurks beneath these gauzy, veiled allusions,  while the pure will be protected from ugly truths.

Now back to Sweden’s creative approach to these euphemistically named “youths”:  Swedish law enforcement is doing nothing at all.  Rather like the Londoners who just milled about aimlessly when the Woolwich murderers slaughtered and then butchered Drummer Lee Rigby, and then trolled the streets for attention and applause, the Swedish police are merely “monitoring” the riots:

But while the Stockholm riots keep spreading and intensifying, Swedish police have adopted a tactic of non-interference. ”Our ambition is really to do as little as possible,” Stockholm Chief of Police Mats Löfving explained to the Swedish newspaper Expressen on Tuesday.

”We go to the crime scenes, but when we get there we stand and wait,” elaborated Lars Byström, the media relations officer of the Stockholm Police Department. ”If we see a burning car, we let it burn if there is no risk of the fire spreading to other cars or buildings nearby. By doing so we minimize the risk of having rocks thrown at us.”

The Swedes seem to operate under the peculiar belief that Muslim rage will burn itself out.  In fact, Muslim rage may be the one thing that can refute those who rely upon the non-Prophet-approved laws of physics to claim that there is no such thing as “perpetual motion.”  We now know that there is definitely such a thing as “perpetual emotion,” with the laws of physics falling before the reality of Muslim rage.

Muslim rage is a perpetual fire that has burned untamed for more than 1,500 years.  The closest analogy is probably to those burning mountains of tires one reads about periodically.  They, by the mere act of burning, release ever more fuel to stoke their own perpetual flames.

However, even as the Muslim rage caravans passes by, once the dogs of war stop barking, life go on.  In Sweden, while the rioters get a pass, law-abiding Swedes are still in the line of fire.  The Swedish equivalent of “lovely Rita, meter maid” is undeterred by snow, sleet, rain, dark of night, or riot in the streets.  Car owners who were unlucky enough to see their cars go up in flames are getting one more grain of salt rubbed into their still smoldering wounds:

Photo by Fria Tider of Swedish meter maid at work

Swedish parking laws, however, continue to be rigidly enforced despite the increasingly chaotic situation. Early Wednesday, while documenting the destruction after a night of rioting in the Stockholm suburb of Alby, a reporter from Fria Tider observed a parking enforcement officer writing a ticket for a burnt-out Ford.

When questioned, the officer explained that the ticket was issued because the vehicle lacked a tag showing its time of arrival. The fact that the vehicle had been effectively destroyed – its windshield smashed and the interior heavily damaged by fire – was irrelevant according to the meter maid, who asked Fria Tider’s photographer to destroy the photos he had taken.

Everyone who sent me an email telling me about this story alluded in some way or another to Nero, who was widely reputed to have set Rome on fire so that he could rebuild it as a city worthy of his magnificence, and then to have serenaded himself with the fiddle as the city burned around him.  While that story is almost certainly untrue (the city probably burned because it had a lot of wood, a lot of refuse, and a lot of open flames, and Nero couldn’t have “fiddled” because fiddles didn’t exist), Sweden’s feckless behavior is a reality.

Nero is a cute analogy, but not a useful one.  I find Sydney Smith’s tale of Dame Partington’s battle with the Atlantic a little more on point, except that Sweden, rather than doing battle against the jihadist storm gathering against her, is issuing citations against those who aren’t wearing proper swim attire:

In the midst of this sublime and terrible storm [at Sidmouth], Dame Partington, who lived upon the beach, was seen at the door of her house with mop and pattens, trundling her mop, squeezing out the sea-water, and vigorously pushing away the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic was roused; Mrs. Partington’s spirit was up. But I need not tell you that the contest was unequal; the Atlantic Ocean beat Mrs. Partington.

At the end of the day, Sweden (and the rest of Europe) lacking Dame Partington’s fighting spirit, will be inundated more quickly even than she was, and will discover that the real problem was never the missing swimsuits.

One more thing.  On the subject of “youths”:


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  • Danny Lemieux

    Arne there no men left in Sweden?


    Fiddlesticks Danny, I am sure there are many, but they’re just dead wood and ready for kindling.
    Bookworm: “While that story is almost certainly untrue (the city probably burned because it had a lot of wood, a lot of refuse…”
    Euro trash? 😉

  • Oldflyer

    Although the Swedes are generally known for their neutrality in WWII, and refusal to joint NATO in the post-war containment of the USSR, the country was, in fact, quite resolute and militarily strong.  As with Switzerland, they maintained their neutrality in two ways.   First, they were useful to potential attackers, as they were; but  second, it was  obvious that an attack on them would be costly.  For instance, every straight stretch of highway in Sweden was in fact a runway for fighter planes, which were dispersed throughout the country.  In Switzerland, one never knew whether a barn housed cows, or an artfully constructed and hardened artillery emplacement.  One did know that every able bodied man was an armed militiaman.
    Well, times have certainly changed. 
    It remains to be seen how this will play out.  Every European country, Sweden included, has a bloody history.   They did not evolve into their present form peacefully.  The fighting spirit has been sublimated, but one has to think that it could possibly be rekindled in defense of their very culture.  I understand that there has already been some ad hoc reaction in Sweden; quelled by the jelly bellied authorities.  I watch with interest to see if the citizens meekly submit, or if they rise up and reclaim their society.

  • Charles Martel

    The thing to remember is that for all of us, civilization is a veneer. Rub at it long enough and hard enough, and the savage beneath will breach its thin containment. Is Swedish culture done, decayed beyond saving? Probably. But individual and small groups of Swedes may well return to their Viking roots and show Muslim punks how real barbarism is practiced. Islam could be awakening atavistic Europe, which sad experience has taught us glories in blood lust.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    The problem, sadly, is that when Europeans finally get their blood lust up, they have a terrible habit of going all Nazi and, instead of simply returning to sane assimilation and respect for their culture, dive head first into racial purity and all sorts of other ugly things.  They don’t have a middle.  Either they’re prostrate before the Muslims, or they’re resting in neo-Nazi arms. 

  • JKB

    You are so right about their extremes.  When they do decide to arm up due to civilian violence, they send out troops and cops with assault weapons when simple sidearms would suffice.  


    Good point Bookworm. Maybe Europe is bipolar.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    If they don’t reclaim their country in Europe or at least delay Islam, by the time our civil war with the Left ends, we will be weak, defenseless, and constantly bombarded by European nukes launched at the behest of the Jihad.
    That’ll be Strategic End 1.

  • Oldflyer

    Book, I am not sure that I agree.  For every Germany, Russia or Italy in the mid-20th century, there were others; e.g., Norway, Netherlands, Denmark that valiantly resisted occupation by Despotic forces and yet retained, or returned, to Democratic principles.  There are wonderful examples such as the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and the Baltic states who persevered through  long and painful  USSR occupation following the Nazi scourge, then embraced freedom at the first opportunity.
    Much of Europe is a mess.  Parts of Europe–especially those who have been through the crucible–are pretty resilient. 
    I do believe that it remains to be seen how the societies that have embraced Democratic-Socialist principles, and leftist passivism respond to the challenges they have constructed for themselves through those misguided policies.

  • Ron19

    Oldflyer #9:
    …Norway, Netherlands, Denmark that valiantly resisted occupation by Despotic forces and yet retained, or returned, to Democratic principles.  There are wonderful examples such as the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians and the Baltic states who persevered through  long and painful  USSR occupation following the Nazi scourge, then embraced freedom at the first opportunity.
    I am glad that they did that.
    However, I’m still waiting to see if Mexico can do the same.  And what about China, Vietnam, Cuba?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    What about the US?
    Americans seem to have this light and subtle belief that totalitarianism always ends up in Europe. Russia and Germany’s turn to the side of evil was often by a hair, not an ocean, and the triggering mechanism was often economic and political conditions that happened generations ago.
    Political and economic conditions very similar to modern day US.
    If things had gone slightly different for the Russians and Germans, evil would have taken root somewhere else entirely.

  • Tonestaple

    From the moment I read about this at GatesOfVienna.net and realized it had been going on for days, I was convinced that the Muslims of Sweden are finally making their move and will soon have their first real foothold in Europe, their first Islamic republic.  God help us all because I do not believe there are any Swedes left who are brave enough to resist.


    It’s worse than I thought in Sweden – Three men suspected of committing an act of terror receive financial Compensation
    One of the suspects asked for half a million Swedish krones (75 thousand US dollars) in compensation, the other two demanded over a million Swedish krones (150 thosand US dollars) each in compensation for their suffering.
    Now, the Attorney General has decided that one of the three men to wil be awarded SEK 135 000 (20 thousand US dollars). The two other two gets close to 130 000 (19,5 thousand US Dollars.

  • http://www.amazon.com/Occupy-Innsmouth-ebook/dp/B009WWJ44A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361504109&amp raymondjelli

    This is an old municipal trick.  By deflecting anger towards the parking tickets etc. they are slowly diffusing anger towards those responsible for the riots and keeping the taxpayer in remembrance that he is a little guy and owes his taxes first and has ideas of his freedom second.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I was recently in communication with a friend who is married to a Swede and living in Stockholm. She assures me that news coverage of these riots will way overblown.
    Our exchange recalled a previous discussion whereby we discussed her trials and tribulations on trying to adapt to Swedish culture. I shared my view that Scandinavian cultures are intensely tribal. They are small countries (Sweden has only about 9 million people, less-than the population of Chicago) that emphasize tribal conformity. This is one reason why their institutions are so intrusive into every aspect of their lives. But this intrusiveness is there with a purpose: to mold conformity to the tribe’s norms. Of course, ask a Swede about their tribal values and they would be offended: they are “enlightened” values and they are (obviously) how everyone should lead their lives.
    Swedes (and Norwegians and Danes), you see, tend to believe that they live in model societies (tribes), espousing model tribal values that are far more civilized and developed than other peoples’ values (especially Americans). This works for them because they are intensely homogenous societies. They also try to deny their tribal identity by proclaiming the universality of their values (“If only the rest of the world could appreciate how enlightened we are and be like us!”), which is another pretty common trait of tribal societies.
    Thus, when they opened their arms to welcome all these immigrants from foreign lands, it was a form of bragging about how “good” and “open minded” they are as a people and society (tribe). The self-affirming Swedes were convinced that these immigrants would quickly recognize the wonders and benefits Swedens’ tribal values, which were (obviously) so much better than the primitive values that these immigrants brought with them. By golly, said the Swedes, these camel jockeys and rag merchants would conform quickly to Sweden’s enlightened way of looking at the world while shedding their own misbegotten tribal values (yes, they retain a very strong bwana sahib attitude toward 3rd worlders…they really can’t help themselves). In fact, lets give them lots of material goods and welfare benefits (Jizyah) to show them just how wonderful we are.
    Now, some Swedes may be learning, to their shock, that these Muslim immigrants don’t really at all share the Swedes’ sense of their own awesomeness.
    In fact, intensely Muslim immigrants may have come to Sweden to obtain a materially rich life, denied to them by Americans and Jooos, at the price of living in a society whose values they despise…one that comes with empowered women, a strong emphasis on education, weak family bonds, atheism, promiscuity, rampant alcohol abuse, protections against wife beating and the sexual exploitation of children…all the things that your normal everyday Swedish immigrant and Jihadi wannabee may find rather offensive. Plus, there is that rather quaint belief that Mohammed’s promised his followers was the good things in life in return for their faith, so (obviously) the only way that these Swedes could live so well materially is by being in league with old Beelzebub himself. All these good things in life that they used to plunder from camel caravans (cars, for example) should be the rightful property of Muslims, not infidels.
    Friedrich Hayek had a wonderful term to describe this self-delusion that has led Swedes to their fork in the road: fatal conceit.
    I’m not so sure that this is a conceit that plagues only Swedes, however.

  • Spartacus

    Bloody inspired post, Mrs. Bookworm.
    Coupla thoughts:
    1) Wearing an American uniform around in a foreign country, one realizes that the quickest way to determine how the locals in any given village feel about Americans is through the kids.  Young kids inherit their parents’ views on Americans, but demonstrate their feelings instead of hiding them.  Now, are these yoots in Stockholm like young kids in that sense, a few years later?  Same lifelong biases as the folks, but less reserve?
    2) Not to excuse their behavior in any way, but these yoots must feel caught between two incompatible worlds, in addition to all the usual joys of the zit-popping years.  Their folks were a self-selected group who willfully accepted lives as outcasts in return for material comfort, but the kids may not be so happy with the results of that decision.
    Good fences help make good neighbors.  Not moving to the wrong neighborhood in the first place helps even more.

  • Charles Martel

    Great observations, Danny. Given what you say about Swedish society, and Spartacus’s description of the rioting Muslim yoots as outcasts who know they’ll never get in, you have to wonder what the hell the Swedes were thinking.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Sheesh! Did I really write that?
    I really wish that I was better at on-line editing, esp. in the wee hours of the morning.

  • Spartacus

    Sorry, I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before.  The solution to this problem is shockingly simple: switch the upper management of the Stockholm Police with the meter maids.
    On the one hand, you’ve got these Peter Principle Poster Children running the show.  Friendly advice to the chief: when your last name sounds suspiciously like “Loafing,” don’t get quoted in the newspaper about how your goal is to do as little as possible.  (He was halfway through a donut when he said that, wasn’t he?  But the reporter took pity on him and ignored that part.)  And to the the spokesman: when your last name sounds suspiciously like “Bystander,” don’t get quoted in the newspaper talking about the benefits of just standing there and watching.  As parking tickets, like mosquitoes, are petty annoyances that no one really likes, these two fellows would be great candidates for executing the duties of that very important department.
    Rita the Meter Maid, on the other hand, displays an attitude of, “I don’t care what your d*** excuse is!  The law will be enforced!”  Give her and her sisters helmets, hoplite shields, fire extinguishers, batons, and permission to knock some heads together, and this whole thing would be cleared up very quickly.
    Stockholm… where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are Muslim.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I heard from an American that Swedish immigration crime was overblown and that the place is in fact peaceful.
    I wonder if he lived in the immigrant quarter or the Swedish quarter.
    Just how great must be Sweden’s socialist party’s power, for them to be able to convince people to regurgitate that story.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Swedish party originally imported the Muslims in in order to work at jobs Swedes didn’t want to take. But that was perhaps only a side benefit. The primary benefit was that Muslims could form a core of votes that would allow socialism to rise supreme. It’s also why they have all these benefits. That was the trade. Vote for Swedish socialist parties, in return you get the dole and it increases every year.
    The Leftist alliance is composed of members in all the world’s nations. Although the only ones I am confident in knowing are in the US.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    When I first read this story elsewhere (of the parking tickets and police quotes) I thought it something written up by an Onion type website. I’m still having a hard time believing it.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I guess that another way of looking at it is that, in Sweden, the police are there to impose the will of the State, not to serve and protect.

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