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    Without the last five years of experience with this Administration – how they do things, and the impetus for those actions – I’d probably say something like “Good for them….recognizing reality, and moving to help.”
    Given the patterns we’ve seen, over and over again, not so much.
    The reaction to this will be interesting…..I’d really like some brave conservative to come out and praise the Admin for coming to grips with the pathologies of this particular subculture, and see what response S/HE gets!!

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    Here comes the ice cream man, here comes the ice cream. What oh what will he whisper in my ears now. Will it be as delightful as what Obama has told me every night these last few years?

  3. Charles Martel says

    Not to defend a moral wreck like Sebelius, she will simply point out that homosexuals’ mental instability is the result of the pervasive homophobia that they encounter every second of the day: The silence of the media in defending or sympathizing with them; the complicity of liberal Christianity in denying them their right to wed one another; the reluctance of the nation’s medical community to address the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases; the look-the-other-way approach of government whenever a merchant refuses to host a gay “wedding;” the mass arrests and police violence whenever gay street fairs feature open fellatio and sodomy; the inability of 8, 9, 10, and 11 year olds to declare openly to their fellow Boy Scouts that they dig male flesh.
    Yes, I would smoke and drink too much if I knew that every institution in American society is arrayed against me.
    (Wouldn’t it be funny if that were the case with us conservatives? Not that that could ever happen!)

  4. Spartacus says

    What the Frankish dude said… basically.
    Looking at the big picture, it’s hard to characterize this country as an intolerant place.  That said, being a human bean of any type isn’t easy, and causes a certain amount of stress.  We could all be plotted on a graph of stressed-outedness and we’d probably make a nice little bell curve.  Now, being quite different from the other 98% of society in any socially important way just can’t help one’s stress level, and I’ve seen references to studies that would seem to back this up.
    So, I think Planned Parenthood’s Golden Girl actually has a point for once.  What I don’t care for is the way she frames it, presenting it as correcting a longstanding injustice against one of the “tribes” in this country, instead of as a problem that afflicts some members of the American tribe, and therefore deserves attention.
    [Insert obligatory rant about health care not even being within the proper scope of the federal government here.]

  5. MacG says

    I predict no backlash as the correct people are saying it.  Same goes for her denying a request to suspend rules regarding a lung transplant for a 12 year old girl vs the meme that conservatives that want to kill babies.

  6. Danny Lemieux says

    Well, here is another example of how moronic we have become. I was at a professional meeting discussing nutritional and physiology issues and the question came up of why the black community is particularly prone to having high blood pressure.
    Now, there are some very sound nutritional and physiological theories for this, but one young lady posited that “it’s probably because they have to live under the stress of being black”. Other (very Liberal) people in the discussion group nodded their chins approvingly.
    We are truly in an intellectual meltdown.

  7. Jose says

    they have higher rates of tobacco use”
    Shouldn’t they have to pay some type of penalty for smoking, like increased health insurance, the way everyone else does?  Just sayin….

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    MacG: the girl was 10 and that was the problem.  Some time ago, a rule was put in place that under-12 kids would be on a special list, eligible only for juvenile lungs, not adult lungs.  12 and over went on the adult list.  There are LOTS more lungs from adults than juveniles (also lots more people waiting for lungs on that list), so it’s a problem for kids.
    I don’t know if the reason this was done was at the time adult lungs couldn’t be put into kids very successfully – it occurs to me that this is likely.  However, more recently, techniques have improved, and adult lungs can be transplanted into kids and the success rate isn’t that different than with juvenile lungs, or than adult lungs into adults.  To me, this would indicate that kids should be on BOTH lists, since adults can’t use juvenile lungs.  But, so far, that change hasn’t been made.
    We’re not talking about a lot of kids, here — someone said the number is less than 200 in the whole country, although I can’t vouch for that.  And there are thousands on the adult waiting list…. 
    I’m really torn at the abuse Sebelius is taking on this, because I do NOT want politicians making these life and death decisions, overruling the doctors on a case-by-case basis.  That’s one of my big fears with Obamacare…that we’ll get politically-determined medical care decisions.  HOWEVER, if I’m correct about the medical facts having changed since the “Juvenile-Adult rule” was put in place, she had the perfect opportunity to say:  “We need to revisit that rule, and in the meantime, any child of sufficient size to successfully receive adult lungs will be put on the adult list, as well as the juvenile one.”
    Note that I do not have enough information (news reports are TERRIBLE on this, and talk shows want to d**n or defend Sebelius) to know whether I’m correct or not.  And that matters – if the facts are different, my opinion might very well change. 
    Finally, some talk show hosts are all over Sebelius for being “cold” and “bureaucratic”, etc. because she said that “Some live and some die”, or words to that effect.  I listened to her statement, or answer to a question, in context, and I think the attacks on her for what she said are over the top.  In context, what she said was perfectly reasonable – that is, if someone moves to the head of the line and her life is saved, someone else is likely to die.  Absolutely true, and everyone involved knows it.

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    Danny:  You DID say “nutritional and physiological reasons” for black susceptibility to hypertension, and that may cover both these causes separately.  On the other hand, it might mean that nutritional factors have physiological consequences, which is also true, but not the whole story.
    As I understand it, there are physiological (perhaps based on detailed anatomy, perhaps just on biochemistry) differences between certain people groups and others that entail a different physiological response to precisely the same diet.  In the current case, black people (on average) will end up with higher blood pressure than will white people (on average), given exactly the same intake of fat, salt, fried chicken, whatever.  
    While “being black” may result in increased stress – not least because a black person’s chance of being shot by a black criminal is astronomically higher than a white person’s – I’m not aware of ANY research showing that this effect overwhelms the inherent physiological reactions to diet/exercise.  Until I see the results of such research, I’d no more credit the stress theory for the average black guy than I would a similar theory for me, because I’m both conservative and religious, and these created significant stress for me while teaching in higher education.

  10. MacG says

    Earl,  As I understand it the age rule can be overturned only Sebellius and the rule is written for extenuating circumstances which it was medically verified that the 10 year old would be a viable candidate.
    As to the radio guys having turned up the squelch on her coldness I agree with you.  I hate it when they do crap like this. Sussmann today was recounting how her father’s business was a funeral home.  Now I think t supports her tone versus his.  To survive in that industry you come to grips with the reality of death.  In an accident, some live some die same goes for waiting lists. Now that I know this am I supposed to go into professional mourning mode?  Now as you fear a judge has stepped in and overruled her.  WASS (We Are So Screwed). 
    Agree as well on the comment to Danny.  Federal stats show that blacks are killed by blacks at the rate of 2% of the 14% demographic they make up over all whereas whites are at the 1% rate.  Hispanics are somewhere in the middle.  I think though that libs think that it is all of those whites not like the libs that are causing the the stress but unlike hte noise makers being unaware of how loud they really are they cannot see that their helping hand is the one oppressing the blacks.  They get just enough to squeek by on but don;t make too much now or we’ll take it away so they end up working for nothing a net zero gain – save for the pride of making it on my own which is being lost in the Borg Collective mentality of the Libs.

  11. MacG says

    Regarding hypertension is blacks, I did see the Dr OZ and Oprah claim at one time that it is an evolutionary type of thing.  As they told it many slaves died on the ships due to dehydration and the ones that did not had higher salt concentrations allowing them to survive those drastic conditions. I have also heard that slaves that were DOA cut into the profit margins so it is unlikely that many died along the way.  This is all hear say mind you, probably just above gossip.  Perhaps someone with links to documented journals would chime in here.

  12. says

    MacG: Yeah…I don’t know the specifics of the rules.  If that rule specifically empowers Sebelius to overrule it in certain cases (I would oppose this, and it seems unlikely to me), then she deserves everything she’s getting.  In any case, given the facts on the ground, the rule stinks, and following it slavishly is just bovine!  Because she COULD HAVE done what I suggested above – something that anyone can see is compassionate AND makes sense.  What she did is exactly the kind of bureaucratic “decision-making by rule rather than by thinking” that I’m afraid of when our medical care is governed by regulation.
    AND, thanks for reminding me about the “slave-ship explanation” of blacks’ susceptibility to high blood pressure.  I remember when this was first suggested – and in Darwinian terms it makes sense.  It may not be true, of course….but the guys who formulated it checked records and apparently a LOT of the “passengers” on the slave ships DID die of sea-sickness and other illnesses involving vomiting and diarrhea.

  13. says

    The slave markets of the South were engaged in a sort of amateur Sanger like eugenics project. Breeding slaves to be better at working the fields, or better house slaves.
    Genetically, they are different enough to make a note of.
    Africans from Somalia or Ghana, are much more physically similar to Caucasians than blacks born and bred from US stock is to the Africans.
    Leftist ideas have been percolating in the US for awhile. It isn’t tied just to the Democrat party.
    When people join the Leftist alliance, they don’t do so because they like the other factions in it. In fact you may find even contradictory ideals at play, with feminists working with Black Panther patriarchs, who work with homosexual activist groups that Black Panthers hate. People generally gravitate towards one end of the room, to be with people who have similar ideals to them. Assuming their fanaticism doesn’t lead them to kill each other, that is. But that’s where conservatives and American patriots are for: to vent the rage and hate on fully, to allow for true universal multicultural tolerance and peace.
    All it needs is some human sacrifices.


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