Quick links to start the morning

Yesterday, I asked you what you thought of Bret Stephens’ belief that the risks of letting the Syrians fight it out amongst themselves are too great.  Reading your responses, I have the sense that most of you feel, as I do, that containment, not intervention, is the way to go.  Regarding the poor innocents who have suffered and died, and will continue to do so, I can only point to this.  I’d also like to alert you to two other posts that examine Syria and conclude, as most of us did, that there’s nothing to be done at this point, and we certainly shouldn’t expend American blood.  The first is from Jonah Goldberg and the second from Daniel Pipes, who writes a direct rebuttal to Stephens (h/t Sadie).

This cartoon made me think of John Kerry.

Serial killers/mass murderers are usually men.  So are late-term abortionists, and this is true despite the fact that medical schools graduate more women than men.  I think it’s one more indicator that abortion, especially late-term abortion, isn’t about women’s rights, it’s about killing.

Patrick Poole’s long (very long) article about the U.S.’s disastrous Muslim outreach program, and the blinders it creates, is definitely worth taking the time to read.

Have you seen anything interesting that you’d like to tell the rest of us about?