Watcher’s Council winners for June 7, 2013

I had a heckuva time casting a vote in last week’s Watcher’s Council competition because it was a week of exceptional submissions.  The winners are now in, and I highly approve.  (Also, check out the forum in which Council members give their opinions about the likelihood of Obama finishing his second term.)

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  • Gringo

    Off topic. There is still hope for Marin.
     ABBA  music on accordions in Mill Valley!  :)

  • Ymarsakar

    In 2008, I knew the Left had gained something really valuable. Enough to take the war to its final phase. But I didn’t know who or what I would see that would signify the end. All I knew was that Obama, politicians, and elections… didn’t matter. None of those things mattered. Because what was really important was what the Leftist ALliance was doing that nobody knew about. If Obama was evil and corrupt, that wasn’t because of Obama. That was because of the Left. Everyone kept getting distracted by squirrels and other stuff, which I knew didn’t matter.
    I had looked at the war making potential the Leftist alliance and it was far more powerful than I would ever have expected or imagined of a domestic organization in 2004 or 2002. I compared it to US military operations and I compared it to historical Russian/Soviet/Japanese regimes and I compared it to current Islamic Jihad capabilities. In many ways, the fervency of the belief in the Leftist cause outstripped ALL of the above. In other ways, they were inferior, but pregnant with potential for growth and power.
    And now here we are. And people are starting to realize, finally, what the Left had been doing.
    But is that enough?
    Do they really know anything more than 10 years ago?
    My view of America and the Left has not changed for the past 5 years.
    Civil war is inevitable. The Leftist alliance is evil. From those two premises, all else becomes logical and predictable.
    But none of it means that anybody else is “good” or “just” or “will win”. There is no guarantee of victory. There is no guarantee of liberty. There is no guarantee that history will even remember what happened in these days.