Madison Rising’s “Star Spangled Banner” *UPDATED*

I’m quite the traditionalist when it comes to renditions of the Star Spangled Banner, but I really, really like the passion behind Madison Rising’s version.  They’re looking to reach 5,000,000 hits this July 4th, so please watch it and, if you like it, spread the love:

By the way, you can contrast this heartfelt version, with its deep and abiding respect for America, with Lady Gaga’s gay-themed version.

UPDATE:  One more thing to add here is that Madison Rising is a conservative band, dedicated to using the gospel of rock to sell conservative beliefs and American patriotism.  I like that in a rock band.

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  • Ron19

    Sorry, Bookworm.
    I’m older than you, and you are not traditionalist enough.
    The era before you was the era when everybody from 8 to 88 could stand up and sing The Star Spangled Banner together, with or without musical instruments, and without a soloist to do anything more than indicate the start.
    That’s because everybody was singing the same song, and everybody “owned” it.  It did not belong to an entertainer who re-wrote the words or the music to show off their style.
    I’ve been in a few venues in recent years where it still belongs to the people of the United States, and it still brings tears to the eyes.  But when I hear somebody’s private version (can they copyright or trademark it?), I weep a different kind of tear.

    And yes, the great cheer at the end is part of the tradition.

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