Elbert Guillory starts a PAC to fund black conservatives

I liked Elbert Guillory from the first time he crossed my radar, when he was still a Democrat.  I continue to like him, as you can see in his video introducing the Free at Last PAC, aimed at introducing blacks to conservative principles.

He’s remarkably good at explaining free market principles and explaining why they should matter to American blacks.  I also love the way he attacks Republicans for allowing themselves to be cowed by Democrats, especially when it comes to blacks.

Please consider contributing to the PAC.

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  • johnfromcolumbus

    Elbert Guillory need to run for President.  

  • Charles Martel

    If Guillory ran for president, he would be slimed with vicious, racist attacks that would make the media gang rape of Sarah Palin look like a picnic scene from “Oklahoma.”
    But he is the kind of man I wish the GOP (RIP) had the balls to run.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Dangerous territory.
    We’ve all seen what happens to “Tea Party” fund raisers, have’t we.
    People might have thought the Tea Party just disappeared off the map because they got complacent when a few candidates were put into office.
    But we know the “real Truth” now don’t we. The IRS did a little something, didn’t they. The ATF, The FBI, the ABCs, did a little something.