1. JKB says

    I understand the need to motivate, but, I do wish they would specify that any student that builds the computer system that become self-aware and enslaves mankind will have their degree withdrawn.  

  2. lee says

    One of the STUPIDEST things I came across on the internet about this video was some left-wing writer’s attack of it. He (or she–I really don’t recall who the writer was) came across it via some CONSERVATIVE site, and because, GASP, a CONSERVATIVE thought it was just a lot of fun, the LWNJ writer had to, of course, find all sorts of things wrong with it.
    Can’t those people JUST HAVE FUN?!
    (I came across it when I googled “Georgia Tech Convocation” yesterday afternoon. As this has gotten more covereage since then, the link I found is probably buried pretty deep. If not deleted, once the writer realized what an idiot he–the writer–was.)

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