Keith Koffler offers an absolutely scathing indictment about Congress’s silence regarding Syria

Keith Koffler has been around Washington, D.C., for a very long time, and he has a theory about Congress’s remarkable silence regarding both events in Syria and Obama’s huffery and puffery regarding events in Syria.  Let me just say that his theory is not pretty.  Indeed, it’s disgusting, and embarrassing, and really supports what many feel which is that, when it comes to Congress, we should dump anyone who’s been there more than one term in the Senate and more than two terms in the House.

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    Way back in the early SNL days, the one-liner was: “I am Chevy Chase and you’re not.” Fast forward and the one-liner is: “We’re from Chevy Chase and you’re not.”
    I am wondering if any of the readers here have been to a Town Hall meeting this summer. The only one I’ve read about was the McCain/Flake one in Az. and that was by invitation only. You ever get the feeling that they don’t give a rat’s ass what you think!

  • shirleyelizabeth

    I was recently (after hearing of the closed “town hall” in my city) trying to think through a new system that would actually work. As it is, no one really knows much about the turnout from their (senators and congressmen) work and few care. It’s all so far away and so far from our every day and on such a big scale that it doesn’t matter much from week to week….until you get notices saying you’ve violated such and such, or see your new tax bill, or see companies all around you failing, etc. We elect these men and women to represent us – but how can they represent a place and people they’ve only briefly seen in the past however many years?
    The idea I started thinking on is based around a quarterly time schedule. The representatives spend two or three weeks in D.C. at the beginning of each quarter doing their stuff, then return to their districts to meet with their constituencies. This would start a series of town hall type meetings within each of a set of designated areas within the district. They would impart knowledge of the latest bills, amendments, whatever else, and receive feedback from the people. The schedule and location would be the same each quarter, so I could expect a town hall for my community on the third Thursday of the second month of each quarter (I imagine outside small businesses selling food, trinkets, kids running fundraisers, etc). After the town halls, and maybe a bit of vacation in there to recoup, they return to D.C. to express the will of their constituents. Really, there shouldn’t be all that much that needs to be handled on a national scale. …in my mind anyway. And if it’s super uber important (like health care apparently was)? Giving it time and receiving feedback is the best way to handle it. Should emergencies arise, then they should be free to handle them, and with the blessing of the people they know and are familiar with.
    Anyway, just a late-night fantasy. I actually got there after reading about the new pope and how he actually knows the people he is serving, those he works with, and his call for modesty within the ranks of church leadership.

  • bizcor

    No town halls here in NH this month but we did get visits from Colonel Alan Wesr and Senator Ted Cruz. I met Colonel West but was not availble to meet Senator Cruz. I can tell you Alan West is the real deal. My friends who met Senator Cruz said the same thing about him.


    Speaking about the “real deal” … there is one to be made right after the kids in the hall get back from their summer break.
    Obama and Holder have spent the greater part of the past 4 years plus doing “an end run around Congress”. What the hell did they need Congress for when they could manipulate, tweak and give out ACA waivers like candy at Halloween.
    Well..well..well, all of sudden he wants to consult Congress on Syria, how thoughtful. They should feel like a used condom after all this time, having been thrown to the gutter after being screwed dozens of times. Obama is a pimp, who recognizes that Congress is a cheap whore. It will be interesting to see, how much they charge for their “curb service”. The duly elected are not going to do ‘it’ gratis. Stay tuned, I wouldn’t put it past any of them to wear a red dress, fish net stockings and 6″ stilettoes to get what they want. 

  • Ymarsakar

    The theory sounds nice about the dump, but I fail to see where the practical plan to make it into reality is.
    Even the US First Civil War didn’t get rid of most Democrats in the South or the North.