Corgis on their backs

When I got my first corgi, back in 1974, few Americans had ever seen the dog that was the Queen of England’s favorite breed.  People would often come up to me and ask if my dog was a Sheltie with a genetic defect.  One excited little girl thought I had a rabbit on a leash.

How times have changed, as this corgi homage video shows:

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  • Oldflyer

    It is easy to see why people love Corgis.  I have only known a few, but those were delightful little fellows.  Very friendly,  Very curious about the world around them. 
    Oh, and comical.

  • Indigo Red

    Love corgis! Have ever since I was a kid when I saw a newsreel about the Queen and her corgis.

  • Wolf Howling

    Ohhhh, that’s too cute.  A professional dog trainer told me years ago that dogs will only sleep on their backs when they feel they are in a very safe environment.  But . . . . when my huge lab does it, I find it hard to call it cute.  He’s the most gentle animal on God’s green earth, but his lips fall back from those fangs and he looks like an “attack lab” (two words that simply do not belong in the same sentence).  Then he invariably makes high pitched snoring noises like something out of an old Three Stooges short – it really completes the picture.