I didn’t like Drudge Report this morning

I opened Drudge Report this morning and saw two disturbing things:

Tehran plans attack on U.S. embassy in Baghdad…


PUTIN: Russia Will Help Syria If USA Attacks…

Orders Pentagon to expand target list…


Actually, I saw a lot of disturbing things on Drudge, but those were the ones that made me most unhappy.

Obama kicked the hornet’s nest.  Obama did so without any evidence that he was kicking the right nest, and without any real plan for what would happen when the hornets came out angry, very, very angry.

Or, to switch metaphors, Obama got a heavily loaded truck going downhill with no brakes.

Nothing good can come of this.  This type of posturing has only two outcomes:  War or retreat, with the party retreating first having lost.  There is no middle ground.  Obama, a narcissist par excellence is a loose cannon.  He’s not a loose cannon the way George Bush was, which coolly calculated but giving his enemies the impression that he might blow.  Instead, Obama is a genuine loose cannon.  He’s an uncontrolled hodge-podge of ego, anger, grudges, panic, neuroses, inexperience, projection, and just about any other psychological failing you can shake a stick at.

Can I throw in another metaphor?  I’ll take that as a “yes.”  This guy just drove us at warp speed into quicksand, all the while assuring us that there’s really a little footbridge for us to walk on.  There isn’t.

A year ago, he let his ego rule when he made a throwaway line about a “red line.”  Then, he huffed and puffed because he had to defend his honor.  Now, he’s huffed and puffed us right into the middle of much badness.

I’m sitting here in the audience, helpless, waiting to hear that this was just a carefully staged performance, with everyone going through their choreographed routine.  Even as I sit here, the set is falling down around our heads and the actors are turning on the audience.  (Yes, another metaphor.)

I am not happy.  I am very, very not happy.

By the way, I feel as if I should add here that this is not happening because Obama is a socialist or even a closet Muslim.  This is happening because Barack Hussein Obama has a severe personality disorder.  The man is mentally ill, but we still put him in the White House and handed up the levers of power.  Just for those who need a little review about narcissistic personality disorder, here’s a great summary from, of all places, a very good junk novel:

A person with NPD was domineering, blaming, self-absorbed, intolerant of others’ needs . .  . and they used rage as a control tactic. They didn’t respect anyone else’s boundaries, which meant they felt entitled to bully and criticize until their victims were an absolute mess. Having a personality disorder was different from being crazy, as Susan explained, because unlike a crazy person, a narcissist could control when and where he lost his temper. He’d never beat up his boss at work, for example, because that would be against his own interests. Instead he would go home and beat up his wife and kick the dog. And he would never feel guilty about it, because he would justify it and make excuses for himself. No one’s pain but his own meant anything to him.  (Blue-Eyed Devil, Kindle Locations 1785-1791).

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  • Caped Crusader

    BUT, then have you not just described the vast majority of “progressives”? Congratulations once again. They are all basically just spoiled brats, and screaming children, desperate for attention and ego reinforcement.


    In the 2000 election, I marveled at how we had dodged a bullet, however messy the process.  It was obvious at the time that Gore was at least somewhat unstable and delusional.  Post election, this has become undeniable.  This time, the bullet found its mark.  About the only good news is a few on the left are beginning to realize this.  It is going be be a long 3+ years until January, 2017. 

  • Charles Martel

    TREGONSEE, the problem is that only a few on the left are beginning to realize just how bad Obama is. They will be overwhelmed and slandered by the very many who will not allow their dreams to die easy.
    Our real hope is that the connivers behind Obama—the Soroses, Ayerses, crony capitalists, MSM—will acquaint him with the old Alinsky adage, “He who throws others under the bus often himself gets thrown under.”

  • Mike Devx

    Ah, that’s good, Charles:  Their dreams that don’t die easily.
    But why, oh why, does that mean the rest of us have to live in their nightmare?

  • Oldflyer

    Don’t hold back Book.  Tell us what you really think.
    There has been speculation about whether Obama would go ahead with a strike if Congress denies him the authority.
    One would like to think that if he did, that would throw open the door to salvation–yes, I mean the “I” word.  One would like to think so, even while aware that the required  intestinal fortitude does not reside within the Congress.  Of course, one also has to be aware that the civil war that followed impeachment might make Syria look like a day in the park.
    More likely we can only hope that a chastened media will be inclined to vet all  Presidential candidates in the foreseeable future; and that the majority of the electorate will look past superficial attributes before casting its vote.  Oh, we must hope that we can avoid catastrophe for the next 3.5 years.

  • jj

    It isn’t that they’re intolerant of others’ needs – and feelings.  Such a person would just be an asshole.  The disease part of it comes in when you note that such people are unable to – literally cannot – process the idea that other people are capable of needs and emotions.  The ’empathy’ button is either just never pushed, or, depending on the level of illness, simply doesn’t exist.  They treat everybody else as insects because they see no distinction between everybody else and insects.  They’ll talk a pretty good game, they’re often wonderfully plausible, and give many of the indications that they care about other people, and their beliefs, feelings, etc. – but that’s a learned behavior: it isn’t supported by anything.  Where there should be a whole spectrum of emotion and empathy, within such people there just isn’t much.

  • Mike Devx

    Just remember, Book and all, that two days ago, when things were still somewhat in doubt, John Boehner went out of his way to say that he SUPPORTED Barack Obama in this drumbeats to war effort.
    There is no hope for the current GOP.  No hope at all.  They are thoroughly discredited as an opposition force to the liberals that rule our lives.   I hope that is clear.  We must abandon the GOP.  For it has abandoned us.

  • Charles Martel

    I agree with Mike. We’ve moved dangerously past the point where we can depend on the GOP to stand and fight. Not plea, cajole, or sweetly reason, but start fighting the bastards who’ve seized this country and go at it hammer and tong.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Remember what they said about Bush starting wars for oil?
    Yeah. As we always said, their criticisms aren’t so much about painting the truth as telling everyone what was only ever true of the Leftist alliance.

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    Some tidbits to nibble over, because they’re lookin’ out for you.
    Raytheon (Az. based) stock spiked from $58/share to $78/share between May and yesterday’s close.
    On average, a ‘yes’-voting senator received 83 per cent more money from defense contractors than one who voted ‘no.’
    The phenomenon crossed party lines. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, one of three Republicans to vote in the affirmative, collected the largest amount – $176,300 – for his campaigns. The next largest numbers belonged to Democrats, including $127,350 given to Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and $101,025 given to Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Oldflyer – you assume that the Left will be willing to surrender power in 3-5 years. I’m not so convinced of that.