Paul Weston — “I am a racist”

Defending what is good about your country is racist.  So is describing Islam and its cultural and political practices.

Regarding Islam, let me be clear that this is not the same as the antisemites making things up about Jews, as they have since time immemorial.  Instead, what we know about Islam comes from the Muslim world itself:  from their concrete (and bloody) acts, from their media, from their speeches, and from their houses of worship.  They are open about what they are.  It is we who bury their true nature under platitudes and lies.

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  • Spartacus

    One cannot hope to understand the world today without a proper background in the social sciences: history and geometry.  History teaches us all about what stuff has already happened, and geometry teaches us where that stuff was.
    For example, the present trouble in the UK arises from the immigration thither of different groups.  One of the most prominent groups, historically, were the Angles.  That’s what we know from history.  From geometry, we know that there are three types of Angles:
    * Gordon Brown is an example of an obtuse Angle
    * Keira Knightley is an example of acute Angle
    * Paul Weston is an example of a right Angle
    So we see that the fundamental problem with the UK today is an historical / geometrical trend from right Angles to obtuse Angles.
    This is why it is important to study social sciences such as history and geometry.

  • Gringo

    Spartacus, in addition to the  conflicts between the  obtuse, acute, and right Angles, England has had troubles with the Sexy Jews [Saxons, Jutes] for the last 1500 years or so.  :)

  • Spartacus

    Yes, and speaking of Jews, don’t forget the era of raids by the VI Kings from Norway, the first II of which are chronicled in the Old Testament.

  • Gringo

    Sadie, Sadie, wherefore art thou, Sadie?

  • Kevin_B

    Regarding Jews and antisemitism, Bookworm…
    Muslims are amongst the worst, if not the very worst antisemites out there. In terms of antisemitism, many muslims rival or even surpass your average German nazi or even modern-day neonazi scumbag. Despite all the talk and accussations by some muslims of nazism and fascism in the West, especially amongst those who criticize or oppose islam, or of muslims being discriminated and repressed, or of muslims as the new Jews, and despite all their comparisons of ‘right wingers’ with nazis, the fact remains muslims are gigantic antisemites. The islamic texts are extremely harsh on Jews, and so it is no surprise antisemitic rhetoric and hatred of Jews (and Israel) abound in the islamic world. Whatever they say, muslims bear striking resemblances to the nazis.
    In spite of all their ‘fascism’ claptrap, muslims  just love to avail themselves of many of the things they unjustly and incorrectly accuse others of doing vis-à-vis islam. Muslims use inflammatory and hateful speech a lot. Also, as far as antisemitism is concerned, they love vile, sickening and many times outright false antisemitic rhetoric to ramp up the levels of Jew hatred (many examples exisit, amongst others from Palestine, MEMRI TV probably has examples). Spreading all kinds of disgusting falsehoods about Jews is very common in islam. The nazis did similar things. Muslims even love to avail themselves of many of the same accussations and resources Western antisemites used and use. For example, many muslims love to accuse Jews of spreading porn and corrupting materials amongst muslims, similar to what nazis did. Also, a vile antisemitic pamphlet known as “The protocols of the elders of Zion” is used by muslims. For all their claptrap, Muslims are suprinsingly similar to nazis.