Andrew Sullivan’s marvelously misguided theory about how Obama played Putin when it came to Syria

If you’re a true believer, it’s very hard to admit that your idol has feet of clay. For some, it may be impossible. Andrew Sullivan currently falls into the latter category. He has written an almost pathetic post assuring his followers that Obama cleverly baited a trap for Putin and Putin, that preening fool, fell into it.

According to Sullivan, everything we think we know about Obama’s apparently feckless Syria policy is wrong. Sullivan is willing to concede that Obama was careless when, a year ago, he mentioned a “red line” about Syria. Once Obama had done that, however, Sullivan assures us that Obama instantly knew that he had the perfect bait with which to hook his fish.

In Sullivan’s world, Obama wasn’t flailing when he said that he intended, on his own executive initiative, to bomb Syria. He wasn’t being a rank amateur when he announced the intended date, time, and location of his “muscular,” yet delicate, attack.

Obama wasn’t backtracking when he abruptly announced that, despite the urgent need to bomb Syria, he would wait until Congress convened, deliberated, and voted on an attack. Obama also wasn’t prevaricating (some might say “lying”) when he explained that he hadn’t drawn a red line; the world had drawn a red line, and he was simply helping the world enforce it.

Likewise, Obama wasn’t guilty of rank hiring malpractice when he put before the world a Secretary of State who announced that any US attack against Syria would be so infinitesimally small that a toddler could withstand its impact. That same potential malpractice was inapplicable when that same Secretary of State remarked, to the administration’s explicitly expressed surprise, that Bashar al Assad could make everything good by turning over his weapons which, said Secretary of State hastened to add, could never actually be done.

And of course, no one in the administration was made to look like a fool when Russian President Vladimir Putin instantly announced that he had brokered an agreement with Assad by which Assad agreed that he’d be pleased to turn over all his nasty weapons, at a date, time, and location of his and Putin’s determining. In the same vein, Obama didn’t look like a fool when he went before the American people on Tuesday night and said that war was the only answer, except that he’d be happy to wait on Putin’s proposed peace plan.

Finally, says Sullivan, there was no humiliating slap in Obama’s face when Putin hired a PR firm that wrote an opinion piece for the New York Times in which Putin threw all of Obama’s words back into his face, including Obama’s 2009 statement that there was nothing exceptional about America.

Instead, according to Sullivan, everything went according to Obama’s carefully laid scheme. America hasn’t bowed out of being the top power broker in the Middle East, and Putin hasn’t leveraged his Third World nuclear power into being the Big Dog in a region that responds well to loud barks. Obama won! We’re just too stupid to recognize victory when it’s clothed in such subtle garb.

Here’s what Sullivan says really happened: Obama engaged in a strategic game that would have made Machiavelli proud. He’d cleverly figured out that Syria is unsalvageable, so he’s now foisted responsibility for it onto Putin. You heard me. That’s what Sullivan says:

If the end-result is that Putin effectively gains responsibility and control over the civil war in Syria, then we should be willing to praise him to the skies. Praise him, just as the far right praises him, for his mastery of power politics – compared with that ninny weakling Obama. Encourage him to think this is a personal and national triumph even more than he does today. Don’t just allow him to seize the limelight – keep that light focused directly on him. If that also requires dumping all over the American president, calling him weak and useless and incapable of matching the chess master from Russia, so be it. Obama can take it. He’s gotten used to being a pinata.

All this apparent national humiliation is worth it. The price Russia will pay for this triumph is ownership of the problem. At some point, it may dawn on him that he hasn’t played Obama. Obama has played him.

It’s now all so clear. The Great and Powerful Obama willingly put his credibility and America’s stature on the line in order to lure Putin closer and closer to the Middle Eastern tar baby. Obama understood that it was never in America’s interest to go in. Being wise beyond all mortal recognition, however, he also understood that America, because she’s got the best military in the world, was always expected to go in. The only way Obama could avoid that horrible fate (a fate, incidentally, that the vast majority of American people think is a lousy idea), was to appear like a bumbling, incompetent idiot, thereby inveigling Putin to step in. Well played, Obama! Well played!

Sullivan’s theory about Obama’s wonderfulness is really quite perfect, until one realizes that he’s wrong about a central fact: Putin’s and America’s goals are different. Unlike Obama, with his anti-American “responsibility 2 protect” doctrine (America can only step into another nation’s war if it’s not in America’s interest to do so), and unlike the American people, who have soft hearts, and hate to see innocents massacred, Putin doesn’t care at all if Syrians engage in a slaughter that leads every man, woman, and child to the grave.

What Putin cares about is (a) humiliating Obama, which he did magnificently; (b) humiliating America, which I’m sorry to say he also did magnificently; (c) becoming a player in the Middle East for the first time since the Cold War, another magnificent accomplishment; and (d) finally, having access to Syria’s chemical weapons, while keeping Russia’s arms market afloat by selling to Syria and Iran.

Put another way, Obama was no Machiavelli. He was one of those dumb dogs playing poker with a master strategist and tactician. As for Sullivan, he’s got his head so far up . . . well, you know, that he’s blinded by the light shining through Obama’s tonsils every time the President opens his mouth to spout another lie or prevarication.

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  1. says

    I would still say Putin’s goals are to keep Syria’s status quo regime afloat to prevent terrorists from invading a Russian ally/puppet.
    Obama’s goal is to topple regimes like Qaddafi and Egypt’s anti Muslim Brotherhood, while keeping Iran’s terrorists afloat.
    So Obama is on the side of the “rebels” whereas Putin tries to negate the rebel’s PR advantage and the rebel’s Batphone conference with the Messiah.

  2. Caped Crusader says

    It’s just as some commentator, whose name I can’t remember, said , “I could tell from the crease in his pants he is a born winner, and is just so smart we cannot understand the depth of his thought and intelligence.” So that’s it in a nutshell (no pun intended). We are flying by the seat of his pants “Ain’t we lucky?” All we need to do in the future is choose our leaders by the crease in their pants. And who dares say that liberal progressives are not the smartest folks in the world?

  3. Charles Martel says

    I genuinely don’t get why anybody pays attention to Sullivan. Every time I see him quoted, it’s only to learn that he has said yet another nonsensical, irrational thing—the latest in a years-long series of idiocies.
    Who reads him or takes him seriously outside of maybe a few thousand people? It’s like when Breitbart or similar websites go off on one of Chris Matthews’ or Rachel Maddow’s latest inanities. Either one of those buffoons can barely muster the attention of one out of every 1,000 Americans. Their audience is miniscule and hopelessly credulous. The Sullivans of the world would probably die on the vine if conservatives quit noting their existence.

  4. Mike Devx says

    You are all being SO UNFAIR to his magnificence, the glorious Obama.  I don’t understand why you are all so negative!  Obama’s entire life has been one stellar accomplishment after another.
    In 1981, OBama published his groundbreaking poem, “Pop”, which inspired Debby Boone to write the huge pop hit “You Light Up My Life” in 1977.
    Noted and famed astrologer and fortune teller Jeanne Dixon recently revealed to The National Star that had Barack Obama not been elected in 2008, nuclear war would have broken out a year later, leaving the entire Earth a smoking, glowing cinder.
    After all the big banks and insurance companies climbed into bed with Obama, it was noted that the sex lives of top executives at big banks and insurance companies improved by 47.3 percent.
    Paul Krugman says that Barack Obama is 100% correct.  Barack Obama says that Paul Krugman is 100% correct. By the axiomatic mathematical Transitory Property, it is therefore proven that both Barack Obama and Paul Krugman are 100% correct.
    When Barack Obama was three, he wrote an editorial to the Hawaiian Post Ledger, and it inspired 104 Senators across all the 52 states to run for office and eventually win.
    Luke Chapter 1 Verse 53: And the Sanhedrin gathered among themselves and muttered and were greatly astonished.  “Yea verily, this child Jesus hath spoken at the age of five with great wisdom.  Never have we heard such profound words from such a young child, and never again shall such words be heard… well, never again for 2000 years, when another child shall arrive, and that child shall speak in such a manner as to cause thrills to runneth up and down the thigh, and that child shall both raiseth and lowereth the waters, and he shall vote present in all things, and by his pant leg crease ye shall know him.”


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