DailyKos proudly boasts about an elderly Republican getting a good deal in the heavily subsidized Obamacare exchange

The Daily Kos is incredibly excited because a 61-year-old Republican got a good deal on Obamacare:

The coup de grace however is the stories that are now coming out of Republicans going onto the exchanges and realizing that they had been lied to. This was the case with Republican Butch Matthews, a 61-year-old former small business owner from Little Rock, Arkansas. ThinkProgress reports that,

Butch Matthews is a 61-year-old former small business owner from Little Rock, Arkansas who used to wake up every morning at 4 A.M. to deliver canned beverages to retailers before retiring in 2010. A lifelong Republican, he was heavily skeptical of the Affordable Care Act when it first passed. “I did not think that Obamacare was going to be a good plan, I did not think that it was going to help me at all,” he told ThinkProgress over the phone.

But after doing a little research, Matthews eventually realized how much the law could help him. And on Tuesday, his local Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) provider confirmed that he would be able to buy a far better plan than his current policy while saving at least $13,000 per year through Arkansas’ Obamacare marketplace.  [Source]

Turns out pre-Obamacare, Matthews was paying $1069.per month with a $10,000 deductible. Matthews’ doctor visits went from a co-pay of $150 to $8. Matthews has a simple message to all Americans. He says,

I would tell them to learn more about it before they start talking bad about it,” he noted. “Be more informed, get more information, take your time and study and not just go by just what you hear on one side or the other. Actually check the facts on it. [Source]

In the face of that (willfully?) naive triumphalism, it seems almost indelicate to point out that socialism (i.e., redistribution of wealth) always works in the beginning, when there’s still some wealth to redistribute.  At a certain point, though, to paraphrase Maggie Thatcher, you run out of other people’s money.

You did notice, I hope, that Butch is 61 and retired.  That means that he’s one of the subsidized ones under Obamacare, so he’s necessarily going to get a good deal.  At least, it’s a good deal for now.  James Taranto offers a neat distillation of the fundamental structural problem plaguing Obamacare, one that entices the Butch’s of the world into the program but that guarantees to leave them high and dry in a few years (or months?):

ObamaCare relies on price controls that jack up premiums on the young and healthy in order to keep them low on the old and sickly. If the latter but not the former are signing up in huge numbers–that is, if people are responding rationally to incentives–then the scheme is unsustainable.

Here’s a perfect example of the person paying for Butch’s cheap insurance.

Socialism can temporarily stave off market realities but the problem with pushing cans down the road is that, when you get to the end of the road, those cans have piled up into an impenetrable mass of rusted, sharp, twisted, destructive metal.  (And just to make the metaphor even more juicy, they’re probably populated by botulism too.)  Problems deferred are still problems.  Butch is happy now, and rightfully so.  Will anybody be happy next year?  Doubtful, very doubtful.

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  • shirleyelizabeth

    A Facebook connection posted this:
    “Guess who has two thumbs and is now a believer in the Affordable Healthcare Act! THIS GUY!! I am not too proud to accept healthcare at $0 a month.”
    Swallowing disgust, I simply said, “…and that’s how they get you.”
    And then of course I had to add, “Just be sure to thank the real people giving it to you, and not just the ones funneling it your way.”

  • lee

    The thing that gets me about the Affordable Care Act (heard to say, think or type without vomiting a little) is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to research, and fully vet ANYTHING–a paper, a book, a policy, a LAW–that it that long, that involved, that far reaching in SO SHORT A TIME without it being a total and complete mess. And it clearly is.
    I am also guessin Butch Mathews isn’t married and making a combined income of $62,041. Because then their “Marriage tax” would come to a little north of $11,000. Wow. Of course, let’s check in with Mr. Matthews in a few years when he gets seriously ill. And the IPAB decides that someone at his age shouldn’t get the treatment he needs to live, because that money is better spent on the young. Or let’s see how much Mr. Matthews LOoooooOOOOooves the Abomicare when he needs a hip replacement–and the IPAB decides it’s not worth spening the money because the average life span of an American male is only 77, and because he is not that far from keeling over (this is in a few years), it’s not worth it for him to have one. (The Won expressed that his grandmother shouldn’t have had hip replacement because she was going to die anyway. You gotta figure this attitude will carry through to the IPAB.)
    I am still waiting to find out when we will start getting taxed on our employer contribution as income. Because there is no reason to report the amount on our W-2’s unless that is coming. If all the IRS is REALLY interested in is making sure we have insurance, a simple check box would be sufficient. Suddenly, my “income” is going to go way up…
    Interesting map over at Wikipedia, by the way, on how the votes for the bill shook out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:HR3962_US_House_Voting_Map.png

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The power of the Left knows no bounds.
    I still remember the common crowd telling me Democrats were just like Republicans.
    They’re going to figure out what’s just like hell soon, whether they like it or not.
    Laugh at the Demoncrats all you want and pretend George Soros is some regular voter or harmless rich guy.
    Eventually karma demands the reverse.

  • jj

    This is somewhat off the point, but I just have to say: 61 strikes you (and daily fathead) as elderly?  61 is a fair ways back in my personal rear-view mirror!  I realize I’m descending to fuddy-duddy over here, but I’d hoped it was proceeding a touch more gradually and less noticeably than ‘elderly’ implies!  That’s still me out there on the tractor, and driving the chain saw, and swinging the sledge hammer!  ‘Elderly,” forsooth!

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Sorry, jj.  I’m inching ever closer to 61 myself, and I definitely feel quite elderly in the company of the teens and 20-somethings who populate my world.  I guess I meant “elderly” in the context of insurance demographics and wealth redistribution.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    This reminds me of when farms lead livestock to the pen by having one trained animal calmly go in, in order to placate and calm down the rest of the “herd”.
    Damn old trick still works I see.
     Although I doubt the ones that get worked on can be called “human” any more, if this level of manipulation gets them.

  • http://thatmrgguy.wordpress.com Mike G.

    I’m a carpenter. When times werer good, I was making north of 40 grand a year. The last four years, my income has been in the neighborhood of about 12 to 13 grand. My wife went to the insurance calculator to see what our premium would be. I’m 55 and she’s 60. She input 13,000 as our yearly salary. Our premium would be over 13,000 a year. Reckon I’ll have to look for a second and third job.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Obama’s plan is to redistribute all the wealth from Americans, and put it into his own family’s pocket. It’s very efficient, from his pov.

  • pst314

    “This reminds me of when farms lead livestock to the pen by having one trained animal calmly go in, in order to placate and calm down the rest of the herd.”
    Slaughterhouses too. Commonly known as the “judas goat”.

  • Charles Martel

    One thing leftists can’t quite get a mental grasp on is the fact that conservatives do not belong to the Herd of Independent Minds. If some 61-year-old Republican wants to let himself be used as a Judas goat (nice reference, pst314), it absolutely has no effect on me. Every Republican in the country could go gaga over Obamacare and it wouldn’t move me any closer to accepting it.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Charles, but it would make Republican senators and critters convinced that their constituents would forgive their compromise deal with Dems. Which is most of the point. The GOP in DC holds the power, Democrats do not expect individual Republicans to matter much except on a PR level.
    The LEft’s manipulation methods are well known to me. I have studied and integrated much of humanity’s ancient knowledge on this matter. The Left uses orthodox and tried/true methods, but they have yet to use the Full Power of ancient brainwashing techniques.
    But people here will see, sooner or later, the fruits of their ultimate mind control project. It’s already working in schools as we speak.
    The moment you think when what I speak comes close to what’s going on, is the moment when I up the level of what I think is really happening, to adjust things to current expectations.