Remind me again why we need the increasingly corrupt bureaucracy that is Obama’s federal government?

Yesterday, I told you about the Obama administration’s unconscionable decision to refuse death benefits to military families.  Republicans are working on it but, in the meantime, private enterprise is stepping in, which leads a friend of mine to ask a good question:  “So private organizations are taking care of the next of kin when the gov’t wont, does that prove the gov’t is less benevolent than actual humans and charity orgs?”

I believe I’ve said before at this blog that government is unfeeling.  It has no heart, no soul, and no morality.  It is concerned only with its own survival.  The constitution is drafted so as to rein in that Borg-like instinct in governing entities, but it works only if the different branches of government jealously guard their little fiefdoms.  When the Democrat party swore fealty to Obama, something they didn’t do for Clinton, and that the fractious Republicans have never done for anybody, they destroyed the tension necessary to keep government honest and non-tyrannical.

We are at a very dangerous time now in our country’s history.  It is to be hoped that the Democrats over-played their hand with the shutdown, revealing to the American people the sharp-toothed monster lying behind all the government handouts.

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  • Mike Devx

    Remind me again why we need the increasingly corrupt bureaucracy that is Obama’s federal government?
    Remind me again why we want to put this increasingly corrupt, sinister, partisan, punitive bureaucracy in charge of our health care?  What could POSSIBLY go wrong?
    Never mind that the ObamaCare rollout crash-and-burn, after three years of planning and development, shows how ridiculously incompetent they are!  I’m in software, and this kind of performance in the private sector would get ALL OF US fired. Fired.  So…
    Remind me again why want to put this completely incompetent bureacracy, that can’t get anything right, in charge of our health care?  In charge of decisions, some life or death, about the health and pain of our loved ones, in charge of making the right decisions on medications and on treatment.  Remind me again?

  • jj

    Three years – and $634 million dollars.  Don’t forget the $634 million.  Anybody with any brains wold have hired a couple of 19 year olds, kept them supplied with pizza and fritos, and the thing would have rolled out smooth as glass.  It would still be completely f***ed up, of course – but the website would work.

  • bizcor

    jj you forgot the Mountain Dew but otherwise you are entirely correct.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Let’s not overlook that when the GW Bush administration rolled out the pharmaceutical healthcare benefit, they deliberately waaay overestimated the number of people that would access the program on line and tested the system before release. Although I did not agree with the program, it was introduced without a hitch. But, then…they were competent.
    That being said, I have enough personal experience with how Washington works to hazard a guess that the contracts to implement Obamacare were handed out to insider cronies who probably turned it over to their worthless kids (hey, Junior, hows about you get into the IT business) and the money just flowed. That $634m disappeared into somebody’s pockets. Just like the Obama “Green” industries: it wasn’t the end result that mattered, it was how much money the process could burn through that mattered.

  • beefrank

    The ‘spin machine’ is running in overdrive regarding the ‘death benefits’.  In summary, it appears the benefits were in place and legally unaffected by Obama’s shutdown but West Wing operatives thought it would be politically advantageous to withhold the payments due to ‘legal ambiguity’.  It was interesting to note that Carney ( Is that not slang for a carnival barker?) responded to the W.H. press that Obama immediately went to the lawyers once he knew the death benefits were inactive.  Commander-In-Chief, indeed.  I do not recall Washington, Grant, Patton, MacArthur, Schwarzkopf or McChrystal being tailed by a group of lawyers.  Was Bush standing on the Ground Zero rubble surrounded by lawyers?  Is there any doubt the military is just political fodder for Obama?

  • Ymarsakar

    Obama leaked information on SEAL teams hoping to see them get killed on tv. Against that, what’s wrong with the military=political fodder?

  • beefrank

    From what I have read, the entire Geronimo operation was supposed to be top-secret and a JSOC ops without revealing the branch of the team but the Administration, specifically Tom Donilon, just had to crow as proud roosters.  Obama’s end zone dance killed those SEALS.  This guy’s actions fits the definition for impeachment to a tee.

  • Ymarsakar

    While that’s what people know on the surface, I suspect the manpad launchers used to shoot down the helicopter was actually rerouted from Libya.
    Meaning, the weapon used to kill the Spec Ops team and other Americans were very likely sold or resold from the deal Ambassador Stevens was trying to manage in Libya. The Libyan terrorists were getting their legs handed to them by Qaddafi’s air force bombs. To even things up, Obama sold them anti air launchers of some kind, while bombing the hell out of civilians and Qaddafi’s air force.