Remind me again why we need the increasingly corrupt bureaucracy that is Obama’s federal government?

Yesterday, I told you about the Obama administration’s unconscionable decision to refuse death benefits to military families.  Republicans are working on it but, in the meantime, private enterprise is stepping in, which leads a friend of mine to ask a good question:  “So private organizations are taking care of the next of kin when the gov’t wont, does that prove the gov’t is less benevolent than actual humans and charity orgs?”

I believe I’ve said before at this blog that government is unfeeling.  It has no heart, no soul, and no morality.  It is concerned only with its own survival.  The constitution is drafted so as to rein in that Borg-like instinct in governing entities, but it works only if the different branches of government jealously guard their little fiefdoms.  When the Democrat party swore fealty to Obama, something they didn’t do for Clinton, and that the fractious Republicans have never done for anybody, they destroyed the tension necessary to keep government honest and non-tyrannical.

We are at a very dangerous time now in our country’s history.  It is to be hoped that the Democrats over-played their hand with the shutdown, revealing to the American people the sharp-toothed monster lying behind all the government handouts.