Funny, but I didn’t remember NPR taking this stand when Bush was president

Obama is tanking in the polls, but NPR says not to worry.  While Bush’s tanking in the polls was a sign that he was a lame duck, Obama’s tanking in the polls is meaningless.  The reasons given are insanely stupid:  He’s never been effective with Congress; bad poll numbers are irrelevant (when it’s a Dem polling badly, of course); the map isn’t really that purple; his 15 point drop is a drop in the bucket; and he’s not running for office anymore anyway.  So if I get this right, it doesn’t matter that people are starting to figure Obama out, because he’s always been a useless, ineffective git, and that’s never mattered before to his ability to “fundamentally transform” America, so why worry now.

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  • Gringo

    Funny, but I didn’t remember NPR taking this stand when Bush was president.
    Which reminds me of why I stopped listening to NPR decades ago. During the Reagan years I voted third party. This meant that my attitude towards both the Demos and the Pubs was about the same– not very positive- – but by the same token, I saw no reason to  take sides in a Demo-Pub cat fight.  I was expecting some sort of neutral reporting of a Reagan victory, as I would have expected some sort of neutral reporting of a Demo  victory. There was an unmistakeable sneer in the tone of the NPR announcer as she announced a Reagan victory. That showed  me that National Public Radio was better named Demo Public Radio, and that for objective reporting I should go elsewhere.
    I still listened to a local station which carried NPR because it had some pretty good music. I just turned it off during news time.

  • JKB

    It will be very stressful for the acolytes.  Obama has nothing good to show for his presidency.  Well, as far as the country as a viable entity is concerned, he may be judged very successful in his goal to transform America….into something bad.
    And he’s not a lame duck, he’s a dead duck with 3 long cold years to go.  He won’t be swimming in circles, he’ll be lying there waiting for the retriever to take an interest.  The rest of his flock will squawk a lot but he will still be splashdown.  I expect come January, we’ll start seeing the staff departures…ostensively to work on Dem congressional campaigns.  Plus, by this time next November, them that could will have left Obama behind as old and busted while they are new hotness.  
    Just saw this linked to over at Mark Perry’s blog.  And an PBS station to boot:
    Nashville Public Radio | Obamacare Needs These Healthy Nashvillians, But Do They Need Health Insurance? 
    Obamacare recruiters are on a kind of scavenger hunt in Tennessee. They desperately need young healthy people to sign up for insurance to balance out all the older, sicker people who are more eager to enroll. They’re difficult to find, in some instances, and perhaps even harder to convince they need insurance.
    This worry-free uninsured population has been dubbed the “young invincibles,” which may explain why they’re not so hard to find at a rock gym like Climb Nashville.