Israel and the world cannot rely on Obama, a serial liar

The Emergency Committee for Israel reminds the world that you cannot believe a serial liar:

Shakespeare knew Obama: “Reputation, reputation, reputation! Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial. My reputation, Iago, my reputation!”

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  • Mike Devx

    I am thrilled by the juxtaposition in this video.  Brilliant!
    “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances that they got from me.”
    Wife: “I can’t believe it!  You’ve been cheating on me for five YEARS?!?!”
    Husband: “I am sorry that you are finding yourself in this situation based on assurances that you got from me.”
    It would be funny in Israel’s case, too.  If it wasn’t so very deadly serious.  Nuclear bombs on Tel Aviv and Haifa?  And Obama, what, shrugs his shoulders with a pseudo-apology and goes golfing?  His assurances and $1.89 will buy you a cup of coffee.

  • Charles Martel

    I think that Israel is very close to bombing Iran. The news that the Saudis will help them if it comes to that tells me that the United States is now removed from any of the interested parties’ equations. The strutting of the insufferable gigolo John Kerry is now a sideshow entertainment.
    Thank you, Barack Obama, for planting the seeds of a regional nuclear war.

  • Danny Lemieux

    It’s more than that, Hammer. We have to also consider that Russia is becoming the regional power broker in the Middle East. Russia has no interest in keeping fuel prices low, so it will do everything that it can with its newfound Saudi and Egyptian (and Iranian) friends to keep the price of petroleum as high as possible, which will inevitably affect the world economy and, by extension, us.
    People who think that we can shun the Middle East without consequence because we are now net energy exporters are deluding themselves.

  • Ymarsakar

    Obama claimed he was good at killing too.
    So it’s not just serial “liar”, you know.