And speaking of blasts from the past

Nancy Pelosi, before she drank too deep of the Kook-Aid:

It’s a reminder, of course, that the Democrats don’t have any fixed principles that they routinely apply to all situations.  Their sole, naked goal, is total victory and control.

Hat tip: Sadie

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  • Mike Devx

    For anyone who cares to look, we have a national government that is now completely out of control.
    In the face of unanimous. united and fierce Republican opposition, the only way the Democrats could pass ObamaCare was to deliberately lie to the American People.  And they did:  They lied.  But these were not merely lies.  These lies result in trillions of dollars taken out of the pockets of Americans who were promised it would not happen.  These lies result in massive debt spending and Medicare subsidies that they promised would not happen.
    In short, this is fraud.  If a private company had made these kinds of promises, ***knowing that they were lies***, company executives would be in jail. This is fraud.
    Now, for the third time with ObamaCare, Obama is ignoring the law that was passed by Congress, picking and choosing which parts of that law to ignore, and which parts to enact.  This is flat-out unConstitutional, but for some reason no one with standing will challenge him on it.  But the Executive Branch *cannot* pick and choose which aspects of law to ignore.
    What troubles me is how many of the American People are simply ignoring these two things: massive fraud and massive violation of the law.  This is new territory for us; we are in uncharted waters as a People because of our acceptance of rampant illegality within our government.  I can’t think of anything comparable to this in our history.  This blind acceptance by the people of government illegality bodes terrible things for our future.

  • jj

    Nancy Pelosi started out stupid, she didn’t need to drink too deeply of anything.  Look at her record before Obama came along: stupidity is original equipment.
    The American people aren’t ‘ignoring’ anything, I’m afraid.  The concept ‘ignoring’ implies they know something but choose not to acknowledge it.  On the evidence, I’m reluctant to say that the American people know very much of anything.  Far too many of them only know their names because other people yell it at them all day long.
    The saddest thing about this entire Obama debacle hasn’t been anything about him at all; it’s been what his continued success, (and that of his enablers, the democrat party), has revealed about us.  As a population, allegedly sentient, aware of its surroundings, and dealing with the world as it is, Americans turn out to be the morons of the known universe.  Put us under pressure, we’re pathetic.  The future isn’t looking too bright.

  • Matt_SE

    Pelosi is an example of evolution: without competition, evolution produces creatures of freakish dimensions. You see this on islands, for example. Pelosi’s district is so overwhelmingly blue that she’s never been in danger of a challenger (at least from the right).  She’s been free to wander into delusion because there are never any consequences.
    Needless to say, what Pelosi considers “normal” is very different from what the rest of the country thinks. She doesn’t matter, and it’s best to ignore her as she’s unlikely to ever be voted out.

  • Danny Lemieux

    LOL, Matt_SE. Evolution or devolution?

  • Ymarsakar

    PillowC is an example of a high functioning self deceived operative. Someone who uses the vast majority of their IQ and brain cpu cycles to cover up the things she deceives herself with, forgetting the contradiction after covering it up.
    The fact that she can still serve as the Mistress leading the evil hordes, speaks to her still existing functions.
    I don’t think I could decapitate that much of my self awareness and brain cpu power, and still be functional. Not sure I want to be functional while being a pseudo zombie either.

  • Matt_SE

    Compare/contrast the two party leaders in the House:
    Pelosi: as much of a positional extremist as I’ve ever seen, for the reasons mentioned above.
    Boehner: a mushy compromiser, in bed with the mainstream establishment while balancing the needs/wants of the Tea Party.
    That these people are leaders suggests to me the aspirations of their members. Republicans probably just want to get along with their business…status quo. Note that Boehner’s position has been much less secure recently than Pelosi’s.
    Democrats apparently aspire to be left-wing extremists. Their desires are frustrated by moderate/conservative elements in their districts, and I would guess they resent it.
    Take away all restraint, and the secret aspirations of each group will come to the front.

  • Wolf Howling

    The only truth Nancy Pelosi knows is ‘socialist truth’ – i.e., she claims as fact anything that will further her political agenda.  If those facts actually touch objective reality, it is only a coincidence.  I personally think the woman is a high functioning savant.  

  • lee

    Open Secrets has Nancy Pelosi’s net worth in 2011 as between $7.7MM and $108.5MM with an average of $94.1MM, and the sixth richest member of the House. She and her husband own personal properties in St. Helena and SF worth between $5MM and $25MM each. Open Secret has her commercial properties at between $1MM to $5MM for 45 Belden (SF), $5MM to $25MM for San Anselmo, and another $5MM to $25MM for some other commercial SF property.
    Wikipedia (so it MUST be right) quotes a definition of Socialism as “an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy.”
    So, when will the Nance-ster socialize HER properties? Hmmmmm? She’s so keen on socilaizing MY MONEY. I’m waiting, Ms. D’Alesandro!

  • Matt_SE

    I’ve heard that her husband’s hotels don’t use unionized labor, either. This is forgiven for obvious reasons. Some animals are more equal than others.

  • lee

    All that money, and poor Paulie can’t make payroll:

  • Ymarsakar

    They are aristocrats. Who dares expect their peasant selves be under the same standards as the aristocrats? They were Born to Rule, peasants are born to work the land.