The Democrats’ lawlessness

Charles Krauthammer gets to the heart of the matter:

The violence to constitutional norms here [with the filibuster’s destruction] consisted in how that change was executed. By brute force — a near party-line vote of 52-48. This was a disgraceful violation of more than two centuries of precedent. If a bare majority can change the fundamental rules that govern an institution, then there are no rules. Senate rules today are whatever the majority decides they are that morning.

What distinguishes an institution from a flash mob is that its rules endure. They can be changed, of course. But only by significant supermajorities. That’s why constitutional changes require two-thirds of both houses plus three-quarters of the states. If we could make constitutional changes by majority vote, there would be no Constitution.

As of today, the Senate effectively has no rules. Congratulations, Harry Reid. Finally, something you will be remembered for.

Read it all.  I doubt you’ll find a better exposition of the profound damage the Obama administration is doing to the Constitution and to America.

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  • Robert Arvanitis

    Leftism is a religion, and they acknowledge no law higher than their theology.

  • jj

    Yeah, okay.  So whaddaya gonna do about it?

  • Robert Arvanitis

    There is no single “silver bullet” to fix the damage of the left.
    BUT when the pain gets high enough, we must channel it to constructive ends.  The longer it takes the more it costs, but we fix it in the end.
    [Gloss – We failed to stop Hitler in Czechoslovakia for 50,000 casualties, so we had to stop him at Normandy for 500,00]
    Strategically, good humor always works against the strident self-righteousness of the left. Gentleness  and good-nature are the best way to deliver common-sense:
    ·         “You’re not afraid of the Constitution[1], are you?!

    Term limits — “Surely you don’t want to make a CAREER of politics, do you?!”
    Compact districts — “A man really ought to know his neighbors, don’t you think?”
    Flat tax: “What do you say we each work two months out of the year for our common goals?  That makes it 16% of pay for everyone, right? Sound fair? After all, a day of life is as sweet to a poor man as a rich one.”
    Regulation — “Bills too big to read are too big to pass…”
    Government ineptitude — “You don’t think they pick the BEST fisherman to watch for sharks, eh?”
    Favoritism — “You’re not saying (blank) are inferior and need special favors, are you?”
    Socialized medicine — “You can’t buy insurance once your home is on fire, can you?!”
    If it saves just one child’s life…”  E.g. Five a year die in San Francisco, so ban reusable grocery bags

    And so forth.
    We can discuss program specifics if that’s of interest

    [1] The answer, of course, is “yes.” The political class doesn’t want citizens. It wants subjects.

  • Ymarsakar

    Isn’t the Left’s power amazing?
    Remember when people would call us wing nuts and crazies for believing that Leftists and their propagandists were anti-american, un-American, and even evil?

  • Mike Devx

    I don’t think there’s any need to go into specifics.  That’s for when you actually have the power.
    At this time, any conservative should simply look into the camera with total sincerity, and say, “When we come into power, we will do then exactly what the Democrats are doing now.  Remember, that is a promise.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”   And then give em your best Mona Lisa smile.

  • Matt_SE

    I’m glad “the Democrats” are finally getting more attention. Obama is evil, but don’t forget that he was enabled by his corrupt co-conspirators in the Senate and House. Reid, Pelosi and the rest need to be removed from power.

  • Ymarsakar

    Don’t worry, once treason becomes defunct and people start calling it for what it is, some of us won’t forget to place the responsibility on ALL of them.

  • lee

    I am inclined to think Reid was strong-armed/blackmailed into it. Now, I think he is a weasel with no spine who would sell his mother for a mess of political potage, but I also think he’s smart enough to knowthat this could explode in the dems’ collective faces. But I think the Whitehouse Triumvirate doesn’t give a flying f, uh, you-know-what, and gave him a choice–do this, or kiss your career, and its benefits good-bye. 
    (I also think that John Roberts was threatened over his kids to make him vote the way he did on Obummercare. Whether there/was anything valid  would be irrelevant–he would protect his kids.)

  • Ymarsakar

    Reid is the one that does the blackmailing.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Leftism is a religion, and they acknowledge no law higher than their theology.”
    To support Robert A’s statement, I wrote a comment awhile ago.

    Ymarsakar Says: 17th day 2nd month 2013
    If people were made to be too specific, they may have admitted that Marx and Obama were their God.

    The primary reason members of the Left don’t like religion is because it is not their religion. Religious fanaticism, of the global warming variety and the Leftist death cult sub variety, tends to motivate Leftists to treat other people’s religion as either a plague (to be avoided like Islam) or pests to be eliminated (like Christianity).

    The construction itself, of a church and divine authority… well the LEft actually likes that. Most of the Left’s doctrine is dogma and taken on faith alone. It’s not the tools they dislike. It’s the fact that people believe in religion that they don’t control.