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James Buckley’s 2006 Speech on Religion and our Government

The left has been warring on Judaism and Christianity since socialism and the terrorist police state were born in the French Revolution.  America took the opposite tack in the late 18th century, embracing the Western religious tradition undergirding the Enlightenment.  We built our government on those traditions and became a

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History, Holidays & Observances on January 22

Major Events: Battle of Rorke’s Drift, Supreme Court discovers a constitutional right to abortion Notable Events: Battle of Basing, Swiss Guards, CIA, Apple’s Superbowl commercial, Beit Lid Massacre, Evo Morales, Born: Ibn Taymiyyah, Ivan the Great, Walter Raleigh, Francis Bacon, John Donne, William Kidd, Lord Byron, D.W. Griffith, Irving Kristol,

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