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There’s so much good stuff out there, I’m just going to spill it all here, a la Instapundit.

Jonathan Tobin doubts that Obama’s upcoming three-week long “Sham-Wow” commercial for ObamaCare will miraculously turn around the public’s perception that the program is a failure and the president a liar.

The success of the president’s snake-oil show is especially doubtful given that the narcissists in the White House are now blaming the public for the website’s manifest failings.

Oh, and Obama junket will also have dubious success because news is leaking out that the Obamacare site is a hacker’s wet dream.

Right now, it looks as if Obama has finally been unable to fool all of the people all of the time, at least when it comes to Obamacare.

After Chief Justice Roberts resuscitated Obamacare, I find it hard to imagine the courts dismantling that monstrosity.  Still, it’s possible.

For people who want to see the inevitable graveyard of Obama’s anti-capitalist, anti-freedom, redistributionist policies, they need look no further than Venezuela, where the country has gone from stable to basket-case in a decade.

If you want to renew your driver’s license in Oregon, you’d better come in prepared with every bit of proof known to man showing that you are who you say you are.  Interestingly, though, you don’t need to show any ID to vote in Oregon.  Just sayin’.

I was reading Glenn Reynold’s article explaining why we should abolish the TSA, and I was nodding so hard in agreement, I looked like one of those bobble-head dolls in someone’s car.

I could dig up the zillions of posts I’ve done about the way in which the welfare state destroyed the black community because it was rational for blacks to put forth less effort.  I won’t though.  Thomas Sowell makes the same point, only he does so brilliantly in his article about test scores.

When you’re George Bush and increase AIDS aid to Africa, you’re reviled; when you’re Hillary Clinton and you decrease AIDS aid to Africa, you get a reward from the AIDS Foundation.  It’s not what you do, it’s whether there’s an “R” or a “D” after your name.

Regarding Iran, here’s the good news:  Obama’s an idiot, but the Iranians aren’t necessarily that smart (although, so far, their madman chess is a lot more successful than Obama’s amateur basketball).

On Passover, Jews the world ask “Why is this night different from all other nights?”  When it comes to Islam, if you still find yourself “Why is this religion different from all other religions?”, you’re not asking that because you’re engaging in a timeless religious ritual.  Instead, if you still have to ask that question you, like our President, are an idiot.  Islam is indeed different from all other religions and that difference lies in the fact that it’s utterly barbaric as written and as practiced.

No, Obama is not Hitler.  (He’s more Neville Chamberlain, with a large dollop of the Hugo Chavez school of economics.)  Nevertheless, the Dems couldn’t have been more tin-eared when they came up with “White House Youth” or WHYouth (to which I either want to answer, Why not? or I want to do an endless bullet-point list explaining why you’re not getting good public policy if you look to young people as your guide).

I’m sure there’s someone in the British government who could be dragged to a microphone to say, “Hey, some of my best friends are Jews.”  Nah!  Not really.  Because there’s no one left in Britain who could say that with a straight face, why Britain was able to ban Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from entering England in part on the ground that they were pro-Israel.

Is it the Onion or is it just an ordinary Progressive news report about businesses in America?

And finally, if you’re a veteran and you can’t get a gun, Dom Raso has some helpful practical advice.

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  • Matt_SE

    “After Chief Justice Roberts resuscitated Obamacare, I find it hard to imagine the courts dismantling that monstrosity.  Still, it’s possible.”
    If you remember, Roberts took a little vacation out of the country for a few weeks after the Obamacare decision. There was also talk about him changing his mind at the last minute, and that he was thinking about his legacy and the reputation of the court when he made his decision.
    If true, he may be re-thinking his decision now. He didn’t win many friends or respect for his decision. He didn’t increase the standing of the court. And the decision itself was internally inconsistent.
    “…Venezuela, where the country has gone from stable to basket-case in a decade”
    Who could’ve hoped that Communist Venezuela would implode so quickly? It has huge oil reserves! It had the support of Cuba!
    Now they can’t produce toilet paper or keep the lights on. I suppose the difference with Cuba is that Venezuela doesn’t have an all-pervasive police state.
    “No, Obama is not Hitler.  (He’s more Neville Chamberlain, with a large dollop of the Hugo Chavez school of economics.)”
    Gotta disagree on this one. I’ve come to the conclusion that Obama is not a Leninist/Stalinist Communist, but a Mussolini/Hitlerian fascist (without the racism…or at least, not as bad).
    Crony capitalism is really fascism, and it’s marginally better than Communism economically. Given a problem, if Capitalism might provide 50 choices to a business owner, and Communism only one (the state’s way), Fascism at least provides a few choices…and the business will choose the least bad option.
    In this way, it is more economically efficient than Communism (though still much worse than Capitalism), and there’s enough money to spread between the elites in the business and government.
    I think Obama realized the need for cash/bribe money a long time ago, or he learned it after being in Chicago. He abandoned the “pure” faith of Communism for the “practical” faith of Fascism…which, let’s be honest, is just another type of statism.