“Let’s remember Pearl Harbor!”

Burning ships at Pearl Harbor

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor because of the 2,402 Americans killed there.

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor because it catapulted us into an incredibly bloody war for dominance over the Pacific.

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor because, within a few days, Hitler also declared war on America, so that America found herself a combatant in the biggest war in the world’s history.

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor because America’s participation in the European theater was the main thing that beat back Hitler’s genocidal bid for world domination (Britain had done her best, but couldn’t do it alone).

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor because America’s participation in the Pacific theater was the  main thing that beat back Japan’s genocidal bid for domination over the Pacific.

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor because America, after utterly destroying Germany, Japan, and Italy in World War II, stuck around to build them up again as peaceful, economically successful republican democracies that have been our allies, not our enemies.

Let’s remember Pearl Harbor because, pretty much until Obama quit doing the job, it marked the beginning of America’s role as the world’s policeman, protecting as many people as possible from the “peaceful graveyard” that is communism as well has our efforts to protect as many people as possible from sharia’s murderous hands.

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  • Matt_SE

    Obamacare will be this generation’s Pearl Harbor before it’s done. To which I say, “good.”

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The Japanese commoners were told that the war was to free the Asian realm from tyranny. The Japanese started Westernizing in both economy and culture for quite a bit of time and felt China’s anti Western attitudes were weakening the Asian people. In the process though, this Westernization and industrial revolution required energy and resources, eventually pitting the Japanese Empire against America due to oil embargos. They were also told that war had been honorably declared, the name of the challenger communicated to the challenged as per samurai custom.
    In many senses, the Japanese fighters at the bottom knew about as much about their cause as Americans do today about freedom and liberty. Those under authority and only do and think what they are told to do and think, have no freedom and no ability to spread it to others.
    America is now in that period where previous nations have been.
    I had a chance to read a fictional novel set in post WWII Japan, but with different circumstances leading to the surrender. It was an interesting look from a Japanese point of view, what the psychological effects of defeat and failure were.
    Will historians look back on the chronicles of the Net and discover our words here, the recorded thoughts and impressions of the losing side? What will they think as they read  of what we thought, in a past the historians had never seen?

  • Caped Crusader

    Sang this song many days as a kid who went door to door collecting newspapers, scrap metal. kitchen grease (to make nitroglycerin), rubber, and any other useable material to carry later to school to be collected and recycled. I laugh at today’s effort at recycling, for during the war there was no garbage or trash collected for EVERYTHING was taken to various collection points for recycling. Was at my Grandmother’s where the entire family had gathered for Sunday dinner, and all were stunned at the announcement heard on the radio.
    I was listening to the radio with the family and heard this as it happened: