Obama and the attempted slow murder of Israel


I agree with every word in David Solway’s article about Obama’s continued efforts to destroy Israel.  The one word I disagree with occurs in this paragraph:

The speech [that Obama gave in Sderot in 2008, promising his support for Israel’s right to exist and defend herself] was a stirring one for those who had not tracked Obama’s less-than-stellar record to that date, who had not examined his chequered past and problematic mentors and acquaintances, and who wanted desperately to believe in the empty mantra of “hope and change.” As I watched the YouTube* clip of Obama’s address and listened to those familiar sinusoidal cadences, I knew instantly that the man did not mean a word he said, a conclusion that anyone who had done his homework would have reached. Regrettably, it has taken much of the world five more years to realize that Obama is a trained prevaricator of the first water, whether the issue is government transparency, receding oceans, competitive bidding, citizen surveillance, deficit cutting, the closing of Gitmo, unilateral military action, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, and, in the realm of foreign policy, Iran and Israel. Obama’s evasions and hollow assurances on this latter file demonstrably imperil the future of the Middle East and, quite possibly, the safety of the planet. It certainly spells imminent danger for Israel.

The word with which I disagree is the word Solway was kind enough to hyperlink:  “prevaricator.”  While it’s true that “prevaricator” is a word for a liar, it’s mostly understood to mean, “a person who speaks so as to avoid the precise truth; quibbler; equivocator.”  That’s how I read it:  That Obama is a trained quibbler who doesn’t lie outright, but speaks around the truth.

To the extent that the word “prevaricate” implies only a soft lie, I strenuously disagree.  Obama is an out-and-out liar, a man who’s very being has no relationship with the truth.  If he can lie, he will lie, and that’s true whether or not the lie serves a purpose (such as defrauding the American people) or is simply a lie for lying’s sake (such as lying about staying with his illegal alien uncle).

Obama is the living embodiment of Mary McCarthy’s scathing indictment of another communist, Lillian Hellman:  “Every word she writes is a lie, including and and the.”