Missing headlines: Obama’s Pentagon kills American troops

On November 7, 2011, the Army sent out a tweet.  It forgot to tell anyone that the Obama ROE's made this tweet a lie.

On November 7, 2011, the Army sent out this tweet. It forgot to tell anyone that the Obama ROE’s made this tweet a lie.

Do you remember how, during the Bush years, Democrats and Progressives wept every night for those poor American troops being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Those tears are dried now that Obama is in the White House, but the troops are still dying — and worse, they are dying in increasing numbers because the Obama Pentagon has put into place rules of engagement that ensure troop deaths:

[I]t is clear that the rules of engagement, which restrain troops from firing in order to spare civilian casualties, cut back on airstrikes and artillery strikes — the types of support that protect troops during raids and ambushes.

“In Afghanistan, the [rules of engagement] that were put in place in 2009 and 2010 have created hesitation and confusion for our war fighters,” said Wayne Simmons, a retired U.S. intelligence officer who worked in NATO headquarters in Kabul as the rules took effect, first under Army Gen. Stanley M. McChrystal, then Army Gen. David H. Petraeus.

“It is no accident nor a coincidence that from January 2009 to August of 2010, coinciding with the Obama/McChrystal radical change of the [rules of engagement], casualties more than doubled,” Mr. Simmons said. “The carnage will certainly continue as the already fragile and ineffective [rules] have been further weakened by the Obama administration as if they were playground rules.”

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I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:  I support the military, but Obama is hell bent on changing it into a military that is hard to support.  It’s becoming a metrosexual death trap, if you will.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Don’t worry, Obama can push a button and drone strike as many villages of children and women as he wants.
    But what he gets the most fun out of, is watching Americans die or be tortured. That puts a big fat Smile on his face.
    Well, whether people believe it or not isn’t important. The Left will convince people, even if I cannot.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    You know, the less Americans that make it back home from Afghanistan, the less absentee votes they will have to “lose” or mark as “Democrat”… right?
    A lot of people can’t seem to muster sufficient “imagination” for the LEft’s evil, so I try my best to help out.

  • 11B40

    One of the more insidious stratagems in the hollowing out of our military in the ascendency of the Judge Advocate General Corps. My understanding is that they are now emplaced all the way down to the battalion level.
    Somehow, after all those years in all those academic institutions, I have a hard time believing that their urge to close with and destroy the enemy isn’t so well controlled as to be none existent.
    To paraphrase Ms. Steinam, an infantryman needs a Jaggie like a fish needs a bicycle. 

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Political commissars.
    Part of the lawyer coalition, which are members of the Leftist alliance.