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The Bookworm Beat 11-18-15 — “the mother of all round-ups” edition and open thread

I have been collecting links for days and will try to share them all with you. Here goes: Only conservatives are paying attention In an attempt to deflect attention of Muslim depredations in Paris, the Left and its foot soldiers (all of whom seem to be my Facebook friends) immediately

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The Bookworm Beat 4-26-15 — the “writer’s block” edition and open thread

I know this is going to surprise those of you used to my usual output of posts, but I’m suffering from writer’s block. The last few weeks have been so chaotic, my opportunities to write so random and infrequent, and the news of the world so overwhelming that, now that

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How do the boots-on-the-ground guys and gals in the American military feel about Israel?

Various news outlets are reporting that the U.S. is dramatically scaling back joint exercises with Israel, something Israel perceives to be a sign of distrust and an effort (again) to create distance between itself and America: Seven months ago, Israel and the United States postponed a massive joint military exercise

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