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    Speaking of Ivory intellectuals and the elites of the written word, here’s an interesting look at the issue about American Betrayal.

    I made the point before that the Left’s highest and truest power is mind control. This has the corollary that IQ makes people easier to control psychologically, the higher the IQ the more susceptible the mark.
    Intelligence and imagination are a sort of opiate for human beings. Unless they go into detox, deconditioning, and resistance training, they have little defense against external influences. That’s my current working theory.
    As for the evidence, that exists not only on the Left in the Ivory TOwers, but also on the “conservative side”. Whatever that means now a days. As reflected in the link and its comments there.
    Mind control is a very misunderstood field of techniques. Most people do not have personal experience using hypnosis or having it used against them. Many people think it only happens in a laboratory or clinical environment.
    Most humans are sheep. By that I mean they are born followers, always looking for a leader to tell them what to do. Part of the drive to find an “electable” conservative for President comes from that, which is something I’ve said negative things about in the past. It’s not just that politics is pointless when civil war is inevitable, but the very cause itself is a waste of time when it merely allocates more power to authorities and experts over individuals. The only way I know of to break out of a mind control program or a mass hallucination type matrix is to learn to think for yourself, by yourself. To have confidence in your own judgment, even if the entire world is against you.

  2. Danny Lemieux says

    I was educated by mostly British teachers, so I always thought the Oxford comma was normal until I came here and was castigated for it.
    Thanks to your post, Book, I feel completed vindicated, now that it has a name, and will now apply it ad lib. Look out, World! 


  1. Thursday morning links

    Why the Oxford comma is a good thing Everyone Is a Criminal: On the Over-policing of America – Try to think of an aspect of everyday life that doesn’t somehow include the police. Harvard Votes To Banish Bottled Water Why not ban bottled beer too?

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