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We’ve become a profoundly un-serious nation. It’s one thing to be lighthearted; it’s another thing to be lacking in any ballast. The world burns around us, and we pander to GLAAD’s manufactured outrage.

Benefits cut for military

Politically correct outrage

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  • Ymarsakar

    You can say that again.

  • Charles Martel

    Homosexuality is a wedge issue for the left. It is simply a tool to be used to hammer at what’s left of the West. Once in complete power, the left would tell militant homosexuals to tone it down–or else–especially if the left’s Muslim allies were to demand it.
    The proof is that if the left truly cared for homosexuals, it would tell them to knock off the suicidal behaviors. But that would go against the delusional promise that the left holds out for all the gullibles it seduces: You can do what you want, as much as you want—until we say you can’t.

  • Ymarsakar

    People have been pandering the Left for decades, if not centuries. It scares them, this Leftist alliance. It’s bigger than they think. It’s bigger than they can handle, so they deny it. They told the rest of us that were just right wing idiots or crazy wingers or Bush puppet wannabes. They told us that there was no such thing as the Left, Democrats will always be “moderate” because of elections.
    They told us we’re just in a conservative echo chamber, that we’re grouping the Leftists up unfairly, that it’s just us calling them names like liberal or Leftist or socialist or communist. It doesn’t represent their Real Values.
    Well, eventually even illusions die off. That mirage of water in the desert is only good for so long.

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  • Libby

    The Phil Robertson controversy has struck a nerve because, after doing this outrage dance with PC/Lefties so many times before, it’s finally becoming clear to even the most non-political Americans what is really under attack: Free speech – the ability to speak without being targeted for destruction by activists (declared an unperson) & the free exercise of religion – the ability to practice w/out activists declaring which parts are OK vs. which are “hate” / now out of bounds.
    It’s also become clear what the Left’s real agenda is: the destruction of pretty much every traditional value & practice. Along with the vilification of Phil, they are removing crosses from memorials, removing God from pledges, barring chaplains from churches during the govt. shutdown and mainstreaming deviant behavior in schools as early as possible. Heck, they declared all this back in 2006 in this statement:
    So this isn’t really about defending Phil, it’s about waking up to the machine that has been set up to destroy or silence the Phils.

  • Libby

    Mark Steyn pushes back – hard:
    Up north, Ezra and I decided that, if they were going to “de-normalize” us, we’d “de-normalize” them. So we pushed back, and got the entire racket discredited and, eventually, the law repealed. It’s rough stuff, and exhausting, but the alternative is to let the control-freaks shrivel the bounds of public discourse remorselessly so that soon enough you lack even the words to mount an opposing argument.”
    God bless him!

  • Ymarsakar

    Personally, I think they need that 7b to fund Obama’s vacations and expenses, while also making sure ACORN doesn’t get found trafficking in little boys and girls for the sexual appetite of certain American consumers.
    Those NAMBLA slash communist sexual liberty for children people the Regime put into Education positions, must be hungering for some snacks.

  • Ymarsakar

    Some people may have wondered why I hate the Left so, even before the advent of Obama, but didn’t want to ask me about it.
    I suppose, in a way, I hate the Left because I don’t really like them. By that I mean I want them off the face of existence and the face of this planet. They offend me, on a personal level. The fact that they call themselves Americans or humans. I feel shame to be told by the world that I belong to the same nation, the same race, the same species, the same gender as these people.
    So, either i’m moving off this planet or they are. Either I’m going to become non existent or non human, or they are. There is little choice about it in my mind and heart. It has long been concluded. There is no appeal.
    After some odd years of thinking like this, anyone’s mind or heart would change.

  • Ron19

    Be sure to write.

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