It’s not Christmas at the Bookworm Room without Josh Groban’s “O Holy Night”

As is the case every year, I have so much for which I am thankful. When my children ask me what I want for Christmas, I never have an answer, because I already have everything I need or want (although they could empty the dishwasher more often). One of the gifts in my life is all of you, so thank you so much for becoming my friends through this site.

Merry Christmas!

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    • Michael Adams says

      That would be MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I sent another comment, as soon as I saw what Commenting While Sleepy had wrought. Did it get swallowed up, or did Book delete it because she thought the one with the typo was funnier? Either way, I like Christmas, too, and am having a truly merry one.

      • says

        I saw your typo and loved it, since it seemed so fitting for a year defined by the gay marriage debate.  Indeed, I thought that maybe you’d intentionally written it that way so, aside from liking it, I didn’t dare touch it.

        • Michael Adams says

          Nah, I’m not that smart, especially when I’m sleepy, but you know I’m content with whatever you do.
          BTW, did you ever read that Systems of Survival I sent to  your Snail Mal box? You’ll find t very useful in the coming year.  Just ask Hammer.

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